Haircut with hot scissors - how to do a haircut with hot scissors

  • Haircut with hot scissors - how to do a haircut with hot scissors

    If you do not have too curvy hair, which is still very difficult to lay in a normal hairstyle, you have a way out that is popular today. It is called - cutting with hot scissors. The result after it turns out simply incredible: a fashionable and beautiful hairstyle plus healthy hair.

    What is

    What is a hot scissors cutting

    The concept of cutting hot scissors appeared in 2003, it happened thanks to a German company that created a unique device that can not only cut, but also treat hair.

    Hot scissors - an electronic device, there are a couple of its types: mobile and stationary. The apparatus has a button control system. You can use scissors on all types of hair: thin, normal, thick, colored, natural and others. All that will differ is the temperature setting.

    The difference from the usual haircut from cutting with hot scissors

    The difference from cutting with usual scissors

    The therapeutic effect of this procedure is that the beauty salon master cuts your hair with heated scissors. It kind of seals the hair fibers. They are not injured, and good protection against any negative environmental influences is provided.

    Inside the hair, all the metabolic processes are preserved, the fibers are self-renewing and the volume is increasing. After the first haircut, you can already notice an incredible effect: filling with natural shine, increasing the elasticity of hair and increasing in volume.

    But the most noticeable effect can be observed after the third such haircuts.

    Quite often a haircut with hot scissors is used to protect the ends of hair from the section. This is especially true for girls who are trying their best to grow long and healthy hair.

    There is absolutely no contraindication to the procedure. Quite the contrary: hot haircut is recommended after a chemical wave, and after staining.

    If you compare the "hot" haircut with the usual, the latter will lose very much. After all, with her the tip of the hair remains in the "open" form, many harmful components are able to enter the hair, which are not only in the air, but also in the water.

    All this has an incredible negative effect: the hair loses its elasticity and shine, also it leads to increased fragility of hair and shag hair. To prevent all this, and use the haircut with hot scissors.

    Moreover, this procedure can not be called too expensive. The price, which is appointed, is completely justified, because you get an absolutely harmless haircut that stunningly heals your hair.

    How it happens

    How to shear hot scissors

    Cutting with hot scissors is a procedure carried out with the help of heated blades. The device looks just like a simple scissors, except that the metal is hidden under the plastic. During operation, one temperature level is maintained, chosen depending on what type of hair you have.

    There is also a device like hot shavers. They are used in the case when you need to make a creative haircut on hair of a dry type. A useful effect is provided exactly the same as with hot scissors.

    Begins a haircut with a head wash. Then, on the wet hair, the master attaches the necessary shape to your hair. Next, the hair must be divided into strands, twisted into strands, thereby exposing all the ends visited. It is them that are processed with hot scissors. It should be noted that only the cutting surface itself is exposed to heat, so do not be afraid that the master can burn your neck or scalp. This will not happen.

    Generally, shearing with hot scissors - the work is pretty laborious. After all, the hair must be collected in bundles, processed along the entire length and only then trim the tips themselves. The duration of the procedure is from one and a half to three hours.

    What a haircut to make with hot scissors

    Haircut with a hot scissors

    This season, as you know, a very popular haircut is a bean. Do not want to try a new image? After all, this hairstyle can be called very original, and it's not difficult to pack it.

    A bang is best laid on its side, or( if it reaches a long length) leave a straight line. Remember that if you have a "bob" hairstyle, your bangs should be quite long, so that it reaches the eyes and completely covers your eyebrows. Looks just gorgeous. Do you like shocking? Then make yourself an asymmetrical version of the bangs.

    This season, short haircuts do not exactly lose their former relevance, so feel free to try them on yourself. Particularly remarkable this option will look at the owners of the round face.

    In general, as you understand, cutting with hot scissors can help every woman to grow beautiful and long hair that does not have the ends peeled. Moreover, if you use such a device regularly, your hair will stop falling out, become stronger, shiny and elastic.