How to straighten hair with iron - straightening hair

  • How to straighten hair with iron - straightening hair

    The woman has only one problem: if her hair is straight, then you need to curl it, if on the contrary wavy - then you need to straighten it. Well, seriously, this year, straight long hair took the leading place among the mass of different hairstyles.

    Choosing an iron

    Choosing a hair iron

    In fact, perfectly straight hair from nature is found in quite a small number of female population. They, of course, were lucky, and the rest will help to cope with the problem of ironing for straightening hair.

    Initially, in order not to damage your hair, you need to choose the right device. They differ from each other coated plates, the size of the plates, temperature regime, power.

    Let's start with the coating of the plates:

    1. Metal coating is suitable only for those who have hair straight from the beginning, and need only to give them a smooth and glossy finish. Since the metal coating is the most inexpensive material, then the quality, accordingly, it also leaves much to be desired. Metal does not evenly conduct heat, and it is possible, by carelessness, to burn the hair, which will cause them to break down and be cut off. Therefore, daily irons with metal plates can not be used.
    2. Ceramic coating is medium in terms of cost and quality. Pottery does not damage the structure of the hair and protects the hair from overheating.
    3. Tourmaline coating - this coating is applied over the ceramic and in addition to its straightening properties, it also has caring properties in its arsenal, such as, for example, gluing hair scales, which reduces their fragility.
    4. Gold coating is an innovation in the hairdressing industry. Thanks to the ceramics and gold plates, the iron soothes the cuticle of the hair and, keeping the natural moisture inside the hair, repels the unnecessary moisture from the outside. The cost of this ironing is simply astronomical, but it's worth it.
    Width of the plates

    hair iron Plates must be smooth and smooth, without sharp corners and any cracks, so as not to damage or tear your hair. Also very important is the size of the plates ironing. The longer and thicker your hair, the wider the plate should be, otherwise you can get tired very quickly, straightening your hair with thin strands, and the time will take much longer.

    But here, too, there are nuances, if the iron is bought not only for hair straightening, but also for curling, then the plates should be of medium width or narrow, because the hair can not be wide curled. The ideal size in this case is 2.5 cm. It will be more convenient if the cord rotates on the iron, then you do not have to unravel it by hand.

    Especially important is the temperature regulator on ironing to monitor the heating of the appliance and avoid excessive overheating. By default, all irons without a temperature regulator are exposed to 220 degrees - this is very unfavorable for hair, especially dry or damaged by chemical curling and dyeing compounds. It is better to set the minimum temperature and straighten hair slowly. Time to spend more, but the hair will be more whole. The most optimal temperature is 90-110 degrees.

    Care for ironing hair

    To keep the hair in good condition after straightening, you need to look after the iron. Since the hair at the time of laying there is a thermal protection, on the plates ironing remains a sticky coating, which leads to roughness of the same plates.

    Over time, the sticky coating will be applied layer by layer, the plates will cease to be smooth and will damage the hair with friction. Therefore, after using the straightening iron to straighten his hair, wipe it with a damp cloth or cotton wool soaked in a little soapy water. Never scrape or scratch the ironing plates.


    Straightening Hair

    Right Straightening Secrets:

    1. It is necessary to thoroughly wash and dry hair, preferably in a natural way, so as not to injure hair with a hair dryer. Do not use the iron on wet or wet hair, this will lead to unavoidable damage to the hair. Only a clean hair can be laid with an iron, otherwise all the skin fat under the influence of high temperature will turn into a solid mask on the hair. Dry your hair with a hair dryer, preferably with brashing - it will be easier to straighten the iron.
    2. Then apply to the hair for thermal protection. They come in different types: oils and biphasic oils( Brelil), sprays and biphasic sprays( Gamma, Estel, Schwarzkopf), as well as foams, wax, spray gloss - depending on the result. Without such a means, the hair loses its natural moisture and, as a result, it becomes dry and brittle. But do not get involved, if you go too far with styling, the hair after straightening will look frankly dirty.
    3. Divide the hair with a hair clip or crab into three equal parts: two on the sides and one occipital. To begin to straighten it is necessary with the occipital. Take a small strand and fix it in the iron as close to the roots as possible, carry slowly to the tips. Do not stay long at one site and especially at the tips, this leads to overheating and dry hair. Strand the strand straighten all the hair. If there is a bang, straighten it in the last turn.
    4. Next, you need to comb your hair with a comb with sparse teeth and sprinkle your hair with varnish to fix the hairstyle.