• How to get rid of mold on the walls in the apartment forever

    Mold can bring not only aesthetic dissatisfaction with walls, but it also contains much more problems - unpleasant odor and health problems, so the faster you get rid of black mold, the better.

    There are many tools on the market that will help get rid of mold, but they are all highly toxic. We offer you safe and more natural remedies for getting rid of mildew living in the bathroom and other rooms.

    If a very small area is infected, you can handle this task yourself without attracting professionals. Save money by reading our best recommendations, which are an excellent substitute for expensive tools.

    Plan of the article:

    Reasons for the appearance of mold

    First let's clarify what mold is, why it is black andwhich is the reason for its appearance. Black mold is a collection of small organisms, in particular Strachybotrus Chartarun and Strachybotys Bcmpa, which cause a large number of health problems. It can be found in every corner of your home, including ceiling tiles, wood( impregnated with water), walls, floors and carpets. Small leakage or plumbing problems lead to mold growth, as it only spreads in a humid environment.

    For example, if your carpet is soaked and not completely dry, it can develop mold that will spread around the house.

    If you touch the black mold with your gloved hand, you will feel that it is slimy, like a slug. Usually this mold is black, but there are also greenish-yellow varieties. Black mold has a very distinct smell of "mold".Sometimes it's hard to notice. But if you suddenly started experiencing breathing problems, or if there was an allergic reaction - properly check your home.

    Proven ways to get rid of mold in the apartment

    ATTENTION!Do not scrub the dried mold, since it will get into the air! Wear protective goggles and a mask to protect yourself when removing black mold!

    The first thing you should do is find a pair of latex or rubber gloves and put on protective clothing covering the entire body. Be sure to wear a respirator to protect the lungs. Close the ventilation openings in the room where you are going to work. You can also turn on a small fan and open the window to direct mold spores to the open air.

    Strong surface with a mixture of soap and water, wipe with a hard brush. All materials used at the end of the work place them in the trash bag and tighten it tightly. Now it's time to use the disinfectant purchased in the store( or one of the ones presented below) on the affected surface. Do not forget to process all surfaces. This will help kill the remaining mold spores. Rinse the area with hot water. Allow the surface to dry completely.

    Products to help remove black mold

    • Tea Tree Oil is the most effective tool! This essential oil is safe for humans and animals. It has a sharp smell, but do not worry, it will soon disappear. The oil has excellent antifungal and antibacterial properties and, in addition, it kills all kinds of mold, effectively in the treatment of pediculosis, dandruff and fungal diseases of the nails. So, without hesitation, buy a small bottle and store it at home. Recipe: take 1 tsp.tea tree oil and 1 tsp.water( in a 1: 1 ratio), pour oil and water into a spray gun, shake well and spray on affected areas.

    • Vinegar is the cheapest way! Vinegar is a non-toxic and safe alternative to chemicals. According to the latest research, even a 5% vinegar solution can kill 99% of bacteria and 80% of viruses. Take the atomizer and fill it with 5% vinegar. Keep the bottle in the bathroom and in the kitchen and use at the first signs of mold. If you are afraid of the smell of vinegar - add a few drops of any essential oil. Best for these purposes is the lavender oil that will leave behind a smell that will be pleasing to human perception.

    • Extract from selected grapefruit seeds is an exotic way to remove mold. The main advantage of this method is that the extract from selected grapefruit seeds has no odor. It can be bought at online stores or at health food stores. For the solution, we need: 15-25 drops of extract and 2 glasses of cold water. Combine the fluids in an atomizer and spray onto affected areas.

    Other products that will help get rid of mold. ..
    There are a number of other remedies that you can use to combat mold. However, because of the toxic nature of the experts, Vse-Sekrety.ru do not recommend their use. Some substances can even damage the surface on which mold grows. Use these recipes carefully and only as a last resort.

    • Bleach. 1 cup of bleach per liter of water. Bleach will not completely kill mold in porous materials. Another minus of this remedy is its aggressive chemical reaction. Bleach will spoil the color of your carpet, leaving behind toxic fumes.

    • Bura. The drill does not emit toxic gases, but it does not help you clean the carpet. More suitable for hard surfaces, like tiles.

    • Ammonia. A solution of 50% ammonia and 50% water. Do not mix with bleach, as this will create very toxic fumes. After spraying the product, leave it for 2-3 hours, and then rinse this area.

    • Hydrogen Peroxide. Pour 3% hydrogen peroxide into the spray gun. Spray the affected areas and leave for 10 minutes. Although hydrogen peroxide is a safer alternative to bleach, it can also spoil some of the materials.

    How to remove mold in the apartment forever

    As you understand, removing mold from the walls is very difficult. These methods will help get rid of only small foci, when the cause was a local situation: flood, poor ventilation or cold. If in your apartment there are large molds that did not form in one month: cracks in the wall, substandard slabs that freeze, flooding the wall from the outside - then you need to fight it with more thorough methods.

    To begin with, it is necessary to remove the superficial formations of mold, as mentioned above. Then from the wall you need to completely remove the finishing materials: wallpaper, paint, panels or tiles, in order to assess the scale and determine the cause of the formations. If the mold is on the wall itself, then it must also be carefully cleaned and, in the literal sense, washed the wall.

    But this is the localization of the problem - you need to eliminate the cause of the dampness of the wall or the room itself:

    • If the case as a wall( it freezes or condensation forms on it), then perform external insulation;

    • If the water is drained from the outside, it is necessary to arrange a drain;

    • If the mold is formed due to dampness in the room, then make its full waterproofing and insulation, especially if you live on the first floor, under the basement;

    • Also provide room with good airing and heating.

    Once again, we want to concentrate your attention: to get rid of mold - it is not enough to clean it, you need to eliminate the cause of its appearance, because it will appear again.

    After all the above actions, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the wall with antifungal primer of deep penetration, if necessary 2 times. Do this in such a way as to prevent the primer from getting on the skin and putting on a respirator while ventilating the room. When the wall dries well, it can be insulated from the inside with the help of a styrofoam, which was finished with a cement mixture, or simply by hiding the "bare wall" by applying a layer of plaster on it to hide the places where the mold was.

    Best of luck!