List of the most beautiful actresses in Russia 2014 - the most beautiful Russian actresses of 2014( + photo)

  • List of the most beautiful actresses in Russia 2014 - the most beautiful Russian actresses of 2014( + photo)

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    Every year, numerous magazines and Internet sites with the participation of their readers choose the most attractive women of their country. So who are they, the most beautiful actresses in Russia? Let's try and make up our own small rating. We will not put them on any places, let the reader himself distribute them on his own podium, we just list the list of the most attractive and sexy women of our cinematography in 2014.

    Daria Sagalova

    Dasha - a talented actress and choreographer, became famous for her role as a close daughter of Sveta in the series "Happy Together", which was a success on the channel TNT.After that, she participated in many television projects, for example, the show "Intuition" on the same channel, where she even won a million rubles.

    Please note! In the show "Dancing with the Stars" Daria Sagalova, thanks to her remarkable talent as a dancer, took the first place of victory.

    Now she is engaged in teaching people to dance in her own school.

    Kristina Asmus

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    - Myasnikova. She was born in 1988 in the city of Korolev.

    Please note! Since childhood she was a fan of gymnastics, she was engaged in her professionally enough.

    But even in times of sporting victories, Christina did not leave the dream of becoming an actress. This was inspired by the famous Argentine star Natalia Oreiro. Famous Asmus became due to the role of Vary Chernous in the television series "Interns".After that, she starred in the leading roles in the films "Double", "Cinderella", "Easy at the Moment," and many other famous films. Now the actress brings up her daughter and performs at the theater. Ermolova.

    Polina Maksimova

    Polina played the role of provincial Löhli, who became the mistress of the oligarch, in the television series "Deffchonka".Although she began her career in cinema, while still a student of the Higher Theater School. Shchepkina. She starred in the series "Take Me With You", in the films "Two Love Stories", "Wings of an Angel" and other films.

    Maria Kozhevnikova

    Maria Kozhevnikova is not only a successful actress, but also a public figure and a deputy of the State Duma.

    Please note! As a child Maria was engaged in sports, became the champion of Moscow in the title of master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics.

    Many know Maria as Allochka in the TV series "Univer", however, this girl has appeared in many other films: "Kremlin cadets", "Duhless", "Wedding for exchange", "Newlyweds", "Death Battalion" and other filmsand TV shows.

    Photos of Maria Kozhevnikova are decorated with pages of fashion magazines, imitated by millions of girls all over the country.

    Svetlana Khodchenkova

    Svetlana was born in 1983, first worked as a model, but changed this career to her debut role in the film "Bless the Woman" Stanislav Govorukhin. Her role as a faithful wife, willing to go to any hardships in the name of her love for her husband, made her unusually popular and famous. The film, largely due to the main character and, of course, to the great director, was nominated for the "Nika" award. In the filmography of the actress there are many interesting and memorable roles.

    Please note! Now Svetlana is actively cooperating with Hollywood, she is shooting a lot in different films and commercials.

    Natalia Rudova

    Natalia became popular when the television series "Tatyana's Day" appeared on the screen, where she played the main role. Later with her participation came out other television films: "Gyulchatai", where she played a negative character, interfering with the happiness of the main character;"Univer. New hostel, "where Xenia acted as the headmistress of Michael, one of the main characters of the series;"Terms of the contract," in which Natalia also plays an evil wife, deceiving her husband and many other television series and movies.

    Anna Chipovskaya

    Anna starred in many TV series and films, the most popular of which were "Thaw", "It all began in Harbin", "Yolki 2", "Yolki 3", etc.

    Please note! Anna so brilliantly played her role of Mariana in the series "Thaw", which was even nominated for the "Golden Eagle" award.

    Unfortunately, the cherished statuette went to her rival on the show, which does not detract from the merits of the actress herself. Today she plays in the theater of Tabakov in the play "Three Sisters", where he plays the role of Masha.

    Anna Khilkevich

    This famous actress received the love of the public because of her roles in the series "Barvikha" and "Univer. New hostel. "Then Anna was invited to star in the films "Fir-trees 2", "What Men Do", "Snow Maiden", "The Island of Luck", the TV project "Give Youth".

    Now Anna actively tries herself as a DJ, performs in clubs and on the radio, creating a festive mood for her audience and forcing people to dance to incendiary rhythms.

    This is not a complete list of the famous and beautiful actresses of our time. Our country is famous for its beautiful talented women who shine on the stage of theaters and are shot in movies and television series.

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