• The highest stars are the highest celebrities

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    We all want to know everything about our favorite stars: from where they spent their childhood, to the height and weight of a celebrity. For some reason, growth always excited fans. Looking at their idols, on the covers of magazines and television screens, we all once asked ourselves the question: what is the growth of this or that celebrity? It is especially interesting to learn about those who do not "fit" into the framework of the Hollywood canons, that is, about the high stars. Do you know which of the favorites of the public has little( or many) non-standard growth? Who are they - the highest celebrities? You recognize, and maybe some people shock you.

    The growth of some famous personalities is very far from what we used to call miniature, and it's not about the male field at all. Beautiful and popular representatives of beau monde are in no way inferior to his strong half and even look down on his rather low colleagues a little. Do you want to know who they are - the tallest star girls?

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    Adriana Sklenarikova

    This Slovak model "has grown" as much as 185 centimeters - quite a high growth even for the mannequin. In addition to considerable growth, Adriana also has the longest legs in the world. The length of her legs reaches no less than 124 centimeters. For such outstanding parameters the model was included in the Guinness Book of Records. Long-legged beauty never complained about the lack of male attention, many famous and rich fans have repeatedly tried to win her hand. But the girl was not from simple prey, she has 12 years of a happy marriage with the famous football player Christian Karambe.

    Brigitte Nielsen

    She is one of the highest female celebrities. The growth of this remarkable singer and actress, as well as the model of Sklenarikova, is 185 centimeters. Now Bridget is already under fifty, but she is still majestic and attractive looks. Nielsen was married 5 times and next to each of her chosen ones she looked like a real queen. A noteworthy fact: one of her partners was Sylvester Stallone himself.

    Uma Thurman

    The Muse of Quentin Tarantino can not be called miniature, because its growth is 183 centimeters. The actress is engaged in the education of two children - the eleven-year-old daughter of Maya and the eight-year-old Levon. In the personal life of Uma is also complete order: she once again agreed with her beloved billionaire Arpad Basson and now the couple are planning to get married soon.

    Brook Shields

    Exactly the same growth as Uma Thurman's - 183 centimeters - has the famous model and actress Brooke Shields. The beauty even after 20 years with a laugh recalls how on the set of the "Blue Lagoon" she throughout the whole film went to the grooves, especially for her dug. All this was done to ensure that her partner in the filming of Christopher Atkins is not "lost" while being close to a tall beauty. At the moment, Brooke is married to Chris Henchi. Their union has already lasted nine years.

    Eva Herzigova

    Replenishes the series of 183-centimeter celebrities model Eva Herzigova. This beauty is hard not to notice in the crowd, because with its rather not small growth, she adores wearing high heels. Now Eva is already 37, but despite everything she is also in demand in her profession: photos with the model constantly appear in the pages of fashion magazines, and she herself is a constant participant of advertising campaigns.

    El MacPherson

    A popular supermodel and successful business lady this year celebrated its 46th birthday. But the years in no way affect her attractiveness - she is still as beautiful as at the beginning of her career. Growth Macpherson - 183 centimeters, never interfered with its success. The model educates children and is preparing to release a new collection of underwear.

    Catherine Bigelow

    Not much left from the previous celebrities in the growth and the wife of James Cameron - Catherine Bigelow. Her height is 182 centimeters, and he did not prevent her from making a dizzying career and getting the title of "Best Director" for the picture "The Lord of the Storm".

    Nicole Kidman

    The growth of the red-haired beauty is 180 centimeters. More than a dozen years ago, the actress dispersed with a fairly low Tom Cruise. They say that one of the reasons for the divorce was a significant difference in growth. At the moment, Nicole is married to musician Keith Urban. They have a beautiful Sunday's daughter.

    In addition to Kidman, the height of 180 centimeters can boast: Barack Obama's wife Michelle, the famous actress Sigourney Weaver, country singer Taylor Swift, model Giselle Budhen.

    Our domestic celebrities are not far behind Hollywood. For example, the unrivaled Lolita Milyavskaya is quite high, her height is 181 centimeters. In the near future, the wedding of the singer with athlete Dmitry Ivanov should take place. The future husband of Milyavskaya is as tall as she is, but she is 12 years younger than the singer.

    One of the highest athletes in the world is Maria Sharapova. Her height is 187 centimeters, absolutely does not prevent the beautiful woman from wearing high heels.

    This is the rating of the highest celebrities, who do not worry at all because of their growth. So can we simple women, it is necessary to stop completing because of such trifles?