Madonna. Biography of a popular actress and singer

  • Madonna. Biography of a popular actress and singer

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    Probably, there is no man on earth more popular than Madonna .This name is heard by everyone and everyone. However, not everyone knows how hard they have got all the laurels of this pop diva and what else it has achieved, except for incredible fame in the music arena. Further read the biography, discography and interesting facts from the life of this celebrity.

    Madonna, or, as it is customarily called, the pop queen( pop diva) was born on August 16, 1958 in the city of Bay City, Michigan. The real name of the famous singer, dancer and actress - Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone .

    She was born and grew up in a Catholic family, was the third child of six. Her mother, Madonna Fortin, died of breast cancer at the age of thirty, and the little Madonna remained with her father. Soon he married a maid and a couple of years later the couple got two more children. Madonna studied in various schools and at the same time attended classes in the ballet studio. Even when she finished school, she continued to practice ballet.

    After moving to New York, Madonna began to work as a dancer and began to perform with various popular dance groups. Much later, she created such groups as "Breakfast Club" and "Emmy" with whom she performed in nightclubs. However, Madonna soon developed a solo career, deciding to leave the groups she created. She distributes her songs and chooses "Dunsteria" to help her in her future solo career.

    After getting acquainted with Mark Cainmins, Madonna gives listen to his own audio recordings, which in a few days were accepted by the audience with incredible success. Keynes liked Madonna so much that he tried to find a good producer for a long time. His attempts have been unsuccessful for some time, but at one point he found a man who could listen to her records. They were Rosenblatt. Having concluded the contract, Keyins, Rosenblatt and Madonna began to work hard to publish the first record.

    After releasing the song "Is not No Big Deal", the project was on the verge of failure. And there was no time and opportunity to rewrite. However, the composition "Everybody" began to enjoy success, and soon the songs of Madonna stood at the top of hits of dance music. Struck by the success of the young star, the company wanted to make a video of her performance. Madonna received an insignificant amount for shooting a video clip, and the producers chose Ed Steinberg. The new composition "Everybody" immediately placed on the third place of the electronic dance music charts. After the release of the second single, which, like " Everybody " attracted the audience, Madonna and Rosenblatt were still allowed to begin preparations for the release of the first album.

    In 1984, Madonna performed a women's anthem and uses the popular image of Marilyn Monroe for this. The new album "Like A Virgin", in translation - "Like a Maiden", for fast time rises to the top of the charts and holds there for 6 weeks in a row. Million copies of the album is distributed around the world.

    In the mid-eighties Madonna becomes extremely popular and she is invited to shoot several films. Also around this time, she makes her debut in the production of David Mamet's play "Stir".

    In 1986, a song about teenage relationships with parents was released titled "Papa Do not Preach", which was included in the new third album. This album helped to become a Madonna superstar. She starred in the movie "Who is this girl" and in 1987 goes on a tour, in the course of which he is indignant with the Pope because he organizes boycotts with the help of believers.

    "You Can Dance" remix album is the most successful and best album, thanks to which a four meter statue of Madonna was built in the city of Pacentro. In 1988, the world-famous singer divorced her husband, Sean Penn. The following year, Madonna signed a contract with the company Pepsi, but was soon terminated because of a conflict associated with her new lover - a black priest. Released in the same year, the new track "Like A Prayer", which was the soundtrack to advertising, sold around the world in a five-million circulation, which brought even more success and fame to the already popular singer.

    1992 for the Madonna became very fruitful. At this time, she starred in several films, continues to produce music albums, and also writes books. In 1993, Madonna starred in the thriller "The body as a clue."

    Two years later, she falls into depression and starred in the film "With Despondency on the Face," where he performs the episodic role of a singing postcard.1996 was the year of the rise of the creative abilities of Madonna not in music, but already in the cinema. The popular actress and singer plays the main role in the new successful musical "Evita".In the same year, Madonna becomes a mother. The famous singer gives birth to a daughter, whom she calls Lourdes. The musical "Evita" brings her the Golden Globe Award. However, becoming an amazing singer and actress, she devotes herself to the family and for a while leaves the film world.

    At this time one of her best albums, "Ray Of Light"( 1998), is released, which symbolizes the internal change and the image of the whole Madonna. A year later, she receives three Grammy Awards for the album released in 1998, "Ray Of Light".Madonna again returns to the world of cinema and starred in the famous movie "Best Friend".Soon she marries the director Guy Ritchie. In the life of Madonna there is another child - Rocco. The pop queen moves to London with her family and returns to her audience.

    In 2002 Madonna starred in her husband's "Gone With" movie, where she plays the main role, but this film does not bring success. In the new movie "Die, But Not Now", Madonna is nominated for two prizes: "Golden Raspberry" and "Golden Globe".

    A couple of years later released another album - "American Life", where it makes its dissatisfaction with the Bush administration. Also, Madonna sends a letter against the administration. The tenth album "Confessions On A Dance Floor" is released in 2005, and the song of this album "Hung Up" becomes the number one hit in 40 countries.

    In 2006, Madonna decides to become an adoptive mother and adopts David, who previously lived in Malawi. After that, the world-wide star devotes herself to the family and charitable actions. Two years later, the album "Hard Candy", which sold five million copies.

    To date, Madonna has tried herself in various professions: from actress and singer to writer and fashion designer. And in many it has achieved incredible success.