Why is Putin a crab, Medvedev a bumblebee, and Lenin a mushroom?

  • Why is Putin a crab, Medvedev a bumblebee, and Lenin a mushroom?

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    Word puns are a rather intricate activity. Appearing completely unexpectedly, they quickly become winged and gain the status of folklore. A separate group of such puns are phrases about great figures. Surely many of you have heard phrases like "Putin is a crab" or "Lenin is a mushroom".But what do these puns mean at first glance? Why is Lenin a mushroom, Putin a crab, and Medvedev a bumblebee?

    Why is Putin a crab?

    The phrase "Putin is a crab" is one hundred percent representative of a verbal pun. The thing is that at the press conference on February 14, 2008, dedicated to the 8th anniversary of the presidency of Vladimir Vladimirovich, the President of Russia said the phrase: "Throughout this time, I plowed like a PEA on galley."   

    Some publications - either by mistake, or deliberately interpreted this expression in their own way, and in the press appeared a phrase in the form of "like a crab on the galley."Soon this pun was transformed into a shorter one: "Putin crab".And the question "Why is Putin crab?" Is one of the popular among domestic Internet users.
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    However, all this was not limited to one phrase. The fantasy of the Russian person could not pass by this expression, and the Network was filled with amusing materials on the theme "Putin crab".Pictures, videos, demotivators and even whole sites devoted to the question "Why Putin crab" - all this is available to any Internet user, it is enough just to drive into the search engine the required query.   

    Why is Medvedev a bumblebee?

    We figured out why Putin is a crab, and that's why Medvedev is a bumblebee? This is also quite a popular search query, a phrase, which also has its own background. It happened from a fragment of a newspaper article, in which the facts of Medvedev's youth were mentioned.

    The article said that the classmates of the President, remembering him in those years, did not recall him any leadership qualities. Much more they were struck by the fact that Medvedev at the wedding of a friend changed into a gypsy and sang the song "Shaggy Bumblebee".

    Why is Lenin a mushroom?

    Another popular search query that does not give rest to modern Internet users: "Why Lenin is a fungus?"

    On May 14, 1991, the viewers of the Leningrad TV channel learned that Lenin was a mushroom in the "Fifth Wheel" program from the leading Sergei Sholokhov( journalist) and Sergei Kuryokhin( musician).Kurekhin presented in this broadcast a completely absurd version of the fact that Lenin strongly abused the use of hallucinogenic fungi and eventually turned himself into a fungus. The plausibility of this absurd fact was reinforced by pseudoscientific evidence and distorted documentary facts "submitted" to the viewer gradually, creating the illusion of the absolute logicality of this hypothesis.

    Despite the senselessness of this theory, it was presented so skilfully that many people really believed that Lenin was a fungus, and more than once afterwards the editors of the program overpowered the question "Is it true that Lenin is a mushroom?"

    Now you know,why Putin is a crab, Medvedev is a bumblebee, and Lenin is a mushroom.