Johnny Depp: Interesting facts from the life of Johnny Depp - biography, secrets, secrets and personal life

  • Johnny Depp: Interesting facts from the life of Johnny Depp - biography, secrets, secrets and personal life

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    Johnny Depp was born and raised. .. Stop, but let's look at the life of a great actor from a different angle. The headlines of many publications are full of references to Depp. Very often yellow headings. The paparazzi got off their feet, trying to get unique shots. And the fans do not give a pass. All this does not surprise anyone. So is it worth focusing on this? Probably not worth it. It's much more interesting to look at Johnny with different eyes. To see behind the star charm and gloss of the average person. Who, like everyone else, lives a family life, reads books and listens to music. What is he really like, the pirate Jack Sparrow or Willy Wonka?

    What was in childhood?

    You can not erase words from a song. .. So, whatever one may say, it's necessary to start an actor from childhood. And his childhood was not very bright. Johnny was born in 1963 in the town of Ovensboro, in the state of Kentucky. Most people this name will not say anything. This is not surprising, given that the place is gray and unremarkable. Like the whole society of little Johnny. He grew up in a typical American family. Two sisters and brother, mother - a waitress, father - an engineer. A pastoral picture? Where else. ..

    Johnny could not stand this dull life. Even then he understood that there are many interesting things in the world. And all this splendor awaits him, it is only necessary to reach out. Great influence on the boy had a grandfather - purebred Cherokee Indian. Perhaps, it was he who taught the boy to love life and enjoy it. Depp spent a lot of time with his grandfather. Later, he recalled these days as the brightest moments of his childhood.

    How did the actor's youth go?

    The death of the grandfather negatively affected the psyche of the future actor. In adolescence, he was addicted to alcohol and drugs. Parents were not able to influence the wayward child. Moving the family to Florida, a long stay at the motel with almost no money. All this did not contribute to the establishment of an idyllic family relationship. On one "fine" day, John spat on everything from a high bell tower, or maybe from somewhere else, and fled.

    This event happened when Depp was only 16 years old. A year before, the parents had divorced, and the guy did not have anything in his father's house. The hobby for music by that time has for a long time outgrown in passion. The musical group, in which Johnny played, moved to Los Angeles in search of luck. And as luck would have it, the group also did not get it. In order to attract fans to his work the young musician managed to play in the film "Nightmare on Elm Street".But it did not produce the proper effect, and the group soon disintegrated.

    Johnny Depp is the idol of millions!

    It was from this that Johnny Depp began his career in cinema. It is now considered a genius actor. And then, he had not sweet. Surprisingly, even despite the lack of high fees and great popularity, the actor did not rush to any role. All of his characters were characteristic, special and, of course, somewhat similar to Johnny himself. Acquaintance and friendship with great actors: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, - taught Depp to give creativity to the whole soul and not to waste time on trifles.

    Following this principle, the talented guy played dozens of wonderful roles. Thanks to his genius, the light was seen by great films, such as: "Edward Scissorhands," "Chocolate," "Pirates of the Caribbean" - the list can go on for a very long time. Each of his films plays with new colors, opening up new facets of talent and character.
    Speaking of colors. In addition to the fact that Johnny Depp is a musician and actor, he is also an artist .At one time, he was impressed by the work and biography of Vincent Van Gogh. The artist's life path affected the character as much as his paintings. An interesting fact is that the actor recently bought several paintings by the artist and part-time serial killer Wayne Gacy.

    Dear Dad?

    Throughout his entire career, Johnny Depp remains the idol of millions. And he himself remains true to his civil wife Vanessa Parady .With whom he has two children - a boy and a girl. They live in a suburb of Paris and enjoy a quiet family life. A life that Johnny never had. He himself says that thanks to Vanessa, he now becomes what he is. She pulled him out of the cycle of Hollywood life and made from a completely lost, - in the words of Depp himself, - a man, a beloved dad and a loving husband. And the fact that the marriage of Vanessa and Johnny is not officially registered, they do not interfere at all.

    After a series of stormy novels and loud breaks, Don Juan de Marco finally found his quiet harbor. And it is unlikely to change it for anything else. By the way, in "Pirates of the Caribbean" and other family films, Johnny Depp filmed for their children. So fans of this person owe much to two kids. As in that song: "That's what love does to people!".Incidentally, when the actor was a young man, a strong influence was exerted on him by his uncle, who was a priest in the local church.

    Pastor and acting skills.

    Few people know, but his talent and acting abilities Depp is probably due to his uncle. Every Sunday the whole city gathered for his service. And the service itself passed like a superbly staged theater show. Uncle was a born actor. Listening to his sermons, the people - and among them the little Johnny - fell on their knees in ecstasy and prayed with the spiritual father. It was then that Depp saw and understood what it's like to be a celebrity."Do not make yourself an idol," the Bible says. Saying not about this family.

    At the same time and in the same church, Johnny fell in love with music forever. He was heard by Christian songs and in his soul the decision to become a professional musician slowly began. The dream came true, and today Johnny Depp is not only a famous actor, but also a musician of a successful group " Pi ".The group is far from domestic and often performs with great concerts on serious venues.

    Real fame came to the actor in adulthood. Today he 46 , but the children's enthusiasm and ironic smile do not give rest to fans of all ages.

    Most of the roles Johnny Depp played above all praise. With confidence, we can say that this man deserved not only a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. But also a place among the genius actors of our time.