• What are celebrities afraid of?

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    Phobias and fears are, probably, for every person. Some terribly afraid of heights, others scream at the sight of spiders, the third lose consciousness, finding themselves in a confined space. Different phobias suffer not only mere mortals, but also show business stars and cinema. And, as people are supposed to be talented and unordinary, many celebrities have rather original fears. About the most absurd phobias of stars - in our article.

    It is known that the best way to fight fears is not to avoid them, but to face them face to face. Apparently, this principle is guided by some celebrities. Judge for yourself. Robbie Williams , since childhood, scared of cartoons, took part in the scoring of the animated film "Merry Carousel". Sarah Michelle Gellar , in real life panicking at the sight of tombstones and generally preferring to traverse the cemetery by the tenth road, starred in the series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Jessica Alba played the role of ornithologist in the movie "Good luck, Chuck!" - and in fact, terribly afraid of birds!

    Uma Thurman , whose heroine was buried alive in the coffin in the movie "Kill Bill-2", suffers from claustrophobia - the fear of enclosed space."Spider-Man" Tobey Maguire is afraid of heights. Carmen Electro frightens any water spaces - but this did not prevent her from successfully shooting in the "Rescuers Malibu", where the main action takes place on the shore of the ocean. For a long time Barbara Streisand suffered from social phobia and was afraid of public performances - and only a concert organized in 1994 with her participation put an end to the fears of the star. And Johnny Depp , on the contrary, "owes" to his phobia in the movie, because it was because of filming in the films "Ninth Gate" and "Sleepy Hollow" he began to fear ghosts.

    Zoophobia - fear of one or other of the representatives of the animal world - suffers from a large number of celebrities. And if the fear of the spiders Johnny Depp can still be understood, the fear of Nicole Kidman in front of innocent butterflies, Woody Allen before deer and Orlando Bloom in front of ordinary pigs seems completely absurd. Not far from zoophobes, stars that are afraid of people left: the same Johnny Depp fears clowns, Steven Spielberg panics at the sight of children, and Robert de Niro avoids dentists - God forbid, a dentist will bring him any infection!

    By the way, about infections. How many celebrities are afraid to get infected with anything, reaching the extremes in the pursuit of absolute purity! Scarlet Johanson itself is retracted in her hotel room, apparently not trusting this maid's affair. Beyonce is afraid to visit public toilets and requires their thorough( and reusable!) Cleansing before her "visit." Hilary Daf before going to bed likes to clean up a couple of times in the room. Perhaps, because of fear of picking up some "infection", the door handles are afraid of Cameron Diaz .

    Surprisingly, the stars often find themselves unhappy with their own appearance - and this, too, sometimes transforms into a real phobia. Tom Cruise is afraid of baldness and panics at the sight of each fallen hair. Pamela Anderson hates its own reflection so much that it loses consciousness when seeing a mirror. Against this background, Cher and Madonna , just afraid of age wrinkles, look quite harmless.

    Well, the most absurd, in our opinion, "star" phobias( for many of which also names were not invented - they are so rare) are:

    - fear of old furniture - it suffers Billy Bob Thornton , gasping in a room wherethere is antiques;

    - fear of red light of a traffic light - has distinguished Sean Connery , which from this phenomenon just creeps on the skin begin to run;

    - fear of revolving doors - unfortunate Matthew McConaughey , how does he cope with this fear?

    - TV Fear - Sharon Stone is confident that it will necessarily explode when turned on;

    - fear of disorder - at David Beckham she reached the point of absurdity: all things in his house should be combined with each other in color and size, and their number must necessarily be a multiple of two.

    Here is the hit parade of "star" phobias. We can only guess: are celebrities really so prone to original phobias or is it an elementary PR to attract attention from the public once again.