• How to be fun - how to learn to be fun

    Boredom, lethargy, melancholy, dejection, depression. .. Do you know such words not by hearsay? That just kills fun and fun? Why are there so many people who just wander around in life and do not bring joy at all? What can I do to make your life explode again with bright colors? In general, we must find the answer to this question: how to be cheerful.

    The first step to success

    Positive girl

    The main thing that you need is a desire to change. And if you are on this article, then you really want to do it and improve your life.

    Agree, after all, more than once you have met girls, who seem to have everything fine, but in fact you can only hear nagging and eternal displeasure to everyone and everything. Why are beautiful and successful girls sitting with an absent look and trying to show to everyone that they do not care? Most likely, there will be a very small number of people who will normally feel themselves in the society of such princess-nemeyany.

    At the same time, each of us knows girls who do not have a particularly attractive appearance, perhaps their life is not as successful as the rest, but they always shine with a positive. In their eyes jolly springs, and the face is lit up by a cheerful smile. Men just love these girls! Even other representatives of the fair sex really like to communicate with them. Still would! Who does not like the person from whom he is cheerful and cheerful!

    Would you like to learn how to be such a girl? Then go ahead!

    8 steps to a fun life

    How to become fun?
    1. Smile! Try to have a smile on your face always and everywhere. Even if at the moment you are very lonely and sad. Even alone with your feelings you should always remain cheerful. Perhaps, at first your smile will be a little insincere, strained, but soon you will feel a rush of strength and feel much happier. Smile, just like laughter, can prolong life. And again: there is no such person who would not have a sincere wide smile, she always makes us much more attractive in the eyes of the surrounding people.
    2. Learn Positive Thinking. Do not attach great importance to minor troubles, but it is better not to pay attention to them at all. Remember that from any situation there is a way out, and from any position you can make your own profit, only you know how to find it. A huge number of situations that happen to us are neutral, and we attach a positive or negative color to each of them. Were you sick? It does not matter, but there is some time to relax and enjoy the care of loved ones. Parted from your beloved? So, he was unworthy of you, and you have a meeting with a new beautiful young man ahead of you. And so on. Do not let ordinary turmoil spoil your optimistic mood.
    3. Self-expression Self-expression. Every day you need to start with the fact that you come to the mirror, smile at your reflection and say: "I am the most fun and happy!".Only say it is necessary without irony in the voice, otherwise your subconscious will never believe in this installation. You will notice already in a short time that your life has really become more joyful.
    4. Communicate as much as possible. Do not ever shut yourself up! Communicate as much as possible: with relatives, friends, acquaintances and strangers. In addition, there is the Internet, where you can get to know a lot of interesting personalities. But, of course, never replace a real virtual life. Make new friends, meet with friends who have not been seen for a long time. .. Especially fortunate for those girls who have a girlfriend or friend - a cheerful person in life. Such a person will constantly charge you with his positive energy.
    5. Try to often be outdoors, especially for sunny and warm days. It has long been proven that sunlight has a positive effect on the human body. In the brain, chemicals are produced that lift the mood to heaven.
    6. Sweet for the mood Eat sweet! Yes, this applies even to those girls who are jealous of the harmony of their figure. Chocolate contains endorphins - a hormone of happiness. Therefore, even sitting on a strict diet, you should not deny yourself the pleasure. The products that cheer up are: cheese, bananas, oranges, pasta, turkey, oatmeal, fish and broccoli.
    7. Arrange holidays for yourself. Do not forget from time to time to make yourself a little presents, arrange holidays and so on.
    8. Remember that movement means life. Therefore, you must necessarily go in for sports or at least gymnastics in the morning. The best option is dance classes, preferably oriental. They not only raise the mood and self-esteem, but also perfectly "polish" your figure, removing all unnecessary.

    These were the tips, suggesting how to remain cheerful and cheerful.