How to get rid of anger and irritability - fighting a bad mood

  • How to get rid of anger and irritability - fighting a bad mood

    All of us are far from sinless angels and not insensitive iron robots. Each person has a wide range of feelings and emotions, of which anger, rage, anger and irritability are among the strongest experiences that have a negative impact not only on the surrounding people, but also on the internal organs of our body. However, in certain situations aggressive emotions become vital for us, because they are derived from the protective instinct of self-preservation. For this reason, one should avoid categorical judgments that anger always harms a person.

    Outburst of negative emotions

    The degree of negative impact of a sudden anger is directly related to the duration of negative emotions. There is nothing to worry about if you experience short-term outbursts of anger or irritability. But if you feel that negative emotions "go off scale", begin to dominate your life, then it's time to think how to get rid of anger and irritability. In this case it is not a question of completely getting rid of unpleasant feelings, but rather of observing a reasonable balance between the negative and positive emotions tested.

    Please note! It is important to understand that excessive irritability, hatred, anger and other aggressive manifestations are blocking the normal operation of the brain. In this case, the brain ceases to objectively perceive what is happening, and at the same time only aggravates the problem and harms health.

    Practical advice

    Tips for fighting irritability

    Researchers have long proven that negative emotions lead to premature aging of the body and a reduction in life expectancy. In all experiences, the cardiovascular system takes over the main burden in our body. And if you want to become a record holder among long-livers, then you will first have to deal with your psychological release from the habitual state of aggression, anger or hatred. Of course, for this you will have to summon all your willpower to help. But not always the effort of will helps to get rid of the negative, because it is easily transformed into a spoiled mood, apathy or oppressed psychological state. To help yourself at least somehow distracted, try to take some action, which, in your opinion, will help remove excessive tension in your soul. For example, buy a newspaper, tear it and throw it into the urn. If it does not help, you can release anger by hitting the pillow. In general, "let the steam out" in any accessible way, without causing trouble to others.

    About Forgiveness

    Strength of Forgiveness

    Conflicts that arise between people on various disagreements are not uncommon in our lives. Psychologists are sure that the causes of dislike for a particular person should be sought, first of all, in oneself. Most often, an unpleasant person is a mirror image of the traits of your character, from which you deep down dream of getting rid of. It can not be ruled out that your negative attitude towards a particular person originates in a long-established idea of ​​it. Think sometime at leisure that in our earthly life nothing stands still, everything flows and changes, including the worldview of people. Perhaps your abuser has long been changed for the better, and you still carefully keep in your memory the grievances he has inflicted. Maybe you should try to forget all the unpleasant moments of the past and give him a hand for reconciliation.

    About Tolerance

    Tolerance for each other

    Anger and anger are signs of the weakness of human nature, the presence of internal insoluble problems, and the ability to genuinely forgive people, on the contrary, is a sign of a strong spirit. If possible, try to treat all the events happening philosophically, because it's hard to challenge the fact that there are absolutely no identical people on earth, we are all different. With this fact, it only remains to accept, thereby cultivating in itself a remarkable quality of character, as tolerance to the surrounding .It is tolerance that will help you to communicate without conflict with any person.

    While working on yourself, study people, because each person has only his inherent temperament, manner of communication, an individual worldview. Studying others, we know ourselves better. And when you begin to understand yourself well, then immediately it becomes possible to keep control over your own emotions and feelings. In turn, this will allow you to much easier to cope with the incipient irritation that can quickly grow into anger. Once you understand that you have learned to remain calm in any critical situation, your life will become more comfortable and happy not only for you, but for your environment.


    Finally a few additional tips: