What to give per year Goats 2015 - gifts for the year Goats

  • What to give per year Goats 2015 - gifts for the year Goats

    Every time before the coming of the next New Year, a feverish human running around the shops and souvenir shops is beginning everywhere in search of gifts for relatives, friends and colleagues. The majority of anxious buyers, as a rule, do not know in advance what exactly they want to give and, as usually happens in such a case, they sweep away from the counters everything that is suitable for the price and more or less liked at the time of purchase. In the absence of specific ideas about New Year's gifts, you can use a win-win option - the purchase of small gifts in the style of feng shui with the symbol of the coming year. The coming 2015 according to the ancient Eastern calendar will be held under the symbol of the Green Wooden Goat - an animal of good-natured and cute, but, at the same time, somewhat capricious. Therefore, before you go to the stores, look into the oriental horoscope, so that when choosing New Year's gifts, take into account the preferences and requirements of the mistress of the next year. In this article, we will try to help you figure out what to give in the Year of the Goats 2015 dear to your heart people.because you always want New Year's gifts to become at least a bit magical and bring their owners luck and happiness.

    Presents to colleagues

    Goat from ceramics

    Working in a close-knit team, you obviously want your colleagues to give at least small signs of attention before the New Year. To select gifts for employees, you only need to find time to visit the souvenir department of a store. Colleagues in the New Year can easily give any favorite souvenirs, for example, a small elegant figure of Goat, made of metal with gold and Swarovski crystal or eastern figure-netsuke symbol of the year. For a gift, a business diary with the image of Goat is also suitable. The female half of the team will most certainly like a beautiful decorative New Year's candle, a stand for jewelry in the form of a goat or a small wooden casket.

    Gifts for family and friends

    French perfume

    Choosing gifts to people close to you, make sure that they, besides aesthetic pleasure, also benefit them in everyday life. Suppose a pregnant wife will be pleased to receive a gift, which will be able to raise her spirits and help not to think about the upcoming birth pains. Such useful gifts include:

    • stylish mobile phone,
    • expensive French perfume,
    • books for expectant mothers,
    • big soft toy,
    • beautiful evening dress in delicate blue-blue or light green tones( that corresponds to the symbol of the coming year),
    • CD with the songs of your favorite artists,
    • other romantic pleasures.

    Extremely attentive should be not only to the wife, but also to New Year's expectations of your children. It's true that adults do not always get to find out in time about the kids' dreams about their dreams. On this account, there is one unpretentious method that has been tested for years: somehow in the late November evening, ask your children before going to bed to write a small letter with wishes to the good-hearted grandfather Frost. Promise that you must send letters early in the morning. Thus, you will be informed in advance about all the wishes of the children and will be able to slowly find them New Year's gifts.

    Big soft toy

    To make the New Year even more fun for children, place some gifts under the decorated Christmas tree, and hide some of it in different places of the apartment, which will indicate on the map of "Treasure Hunt" you have drawn. Such a small adventure will add joy and festive mood on New Year's Eve to everyone, without exception - for both children and adults.

    Separately want to say about gifts made by own hands. Such gifts carry a special value, because in addition to the skill, they also put their souls into it. Imagine how pleasant the idea is that a carefully knitted scarf, leggings or socks will warm your dear person during the student's time.

    Gifts to friends

    Folding high chair with a joke

    For the selection of New Year gifts to friends it is best to start from their hobbies and hobbies:

    • fisherman give a folding high chair,
    • for a lover to knit - set of spokes or hooks,
    • addicting girlfriend - beautiful casket with sewing accessories,
    • volleyball or soccer fan - matching ball,
    • for a compass, etc.
    Gift compass

    If your friend does not have special hobbies, then hand him on New Year's Eve a beautiful souvenir with the symbol of the year or something from mouth-watering sweets( gift-decorated sweets, cookies or chocolate), because most of the inhabitants of our planet are sweeties.

    Wooden casket
    Please note! To avoid the hassle of buying gifts, start buying them in advance, as Europeans do, a month or two before the New Year's Eve.
    Buy gifts in advance

    Tip: in advance without haste, think over and make a list of what and whom you want to give in the New Year. Such at first sight pedantic approach will help you save time for buying New Year's gifts. When compiling the list, as often as possible include your imagination, and then your original gifts will definitely not go unnoticed.

    The main thing - choose and give gifts from the heart!