Homemade gifts for the New Year 2015 - making gifts for the New Year 2015 with their own hands

  • Homemade gifts for the New Year 2015 - making gifts for the New Year 2015 with their own hands

    With the approach of the New Year holidays, the majority of Russian citizens begin to slightly fever: what to give to relatives this year? How to make sure that the gift was both original and inexpensive( after all, the number of gifted ones is usually quite large).At the same time, I want every gift to be individual and ideally suited to the one for whom it is intended.

    We will collect a New Year's bouquet

    Flowers from sweets and paper
    Pay attention! Many interesting ideas can be realized with the help of ordinary chocolate sweets.

    What will be needed to make a New Year's surprise for a colleague, mother, younger brother or an old friend? List of "ingredients":

    1. Soft wire( but it should keep the shape well);
    2. Corrugated paper in different colors;
    3. "Gold" or "silver" foil( by the way, you can not specifically buy it, but use the rest of the chocolate);
    4. Tape tape( sold in any type of stores "All for creativity");
    5. Strong scissors and thread;
    6. Bright tinsel, "rain", small Christmas toys from the "bins of the homeland";
    7. Finally - chocolate candy, preferably round or oval shape.

    The simplest thing that can be done and that will suit as a gift to almost anyone: a bouquet of chocolates. The manufacturing process will be as follows:

    Wire cut into pieces of the same length( this will be the length of one flower in the bouquet).


    Each piece of candy is wrapped in foil, attached to pieces of wire with a thread, and then tightly clamped, the resulting design wrapped in a tape tape. It was a flower with a core, but so far without petals. Then from the corrugated paper you need to cut the petals.

    We make the petals

    They are fastened at the base of the flower, too, using a thread and a tape tape. Next, a full-length wire is wound around the tape-a "stalk".Flowers can be any, depending on the preferences of the one they are intended for: roses, chamomiles, gladioli, crocuses - whatever.

    Bouquet of sweets

    The formation of a bouquet: all the flowers( it is desirable that the total number of them was odd) must be collected and beautifully decorated. You can wrap them in a corrugated paper of a different color( contrasting or in the tone of a bouquet), or you can use a beautiful transparent, lacy, colored wrapping paper to decorate to make a real bouquet, as if from a flower shop.

    Basket with flowers from sweets

    Now we need to give the gift a "New Year" look. To do this, add to the composition of tinsel, "rain", you can put a small Christmas tree toy. In addition, good homemade gifts for the New Year 2015 will come if you decorate the chocolate bouquets with the symbol of the year - a fluffy goat or lamb. Of course, a woman will like this gift more.

    Gift for a man

    Christmas tree of sweets

    A man can be presented with a small bottle of cognac or whiskey( now such gift copies are sold in almost every supermarket), and to her to attach a small herringbone or branch made of "golden" or "silver" candy ballswith sweets-cones. The principle of manufacture is the same, only, of course, without petals. In these cases the wire should be used softer, becauseto obtain an entire figure, the candy balls will need to be linked together.

    Herringbone of sweets

    You can make a cone of thick paper and wrap it around the tinsel sticking candy.

    Gift for a child

    Toy from a candy

    If a gift is for a child, you can make a "chocolate" lamb with "wool" made of fluffy tinsel. The brighter the color, the better.

    Please note! This gift can be played first, and then eat.

    You can make a family of sheep or goats: mom-goat and kids. Such gifts are popular with girls.

    Postcard with a surprise


    Another idea of ​​the New Year's gift for the upcoming 2015, which will not be difficult to do even for those who did not like school lessons very much - a postcard with photos and poems. For work you will need:

    1. Beautiful, bright postcard, preferably large, with plenty of free space, not occupied by text or drawings.
    2. A small flat New Year's toy - of course, with the symbol of the year, or a small figured chocolate in the form of a goat.
    3. Good markers.
    4. Adhesive or adhesive tape.
    5. Photos of the lucky person who is destined for the future present. It is worth printing the latest photos still fresh in memory, and get from the old photo album half-forgotten, with funny stories or related to funny memories.
    6. Your fantasy!

    Before you start working on a future masterpiece, you must podnapryach their poetic abilities and compose a small humorous message, addressed directly to whom it is planned to give. Then the New Year's poetic wish is written down with bright markers on the postcard, the selected photos are pasted into vacant spaces.

    Postcards with a pocket for a chocolate

    In the middle of the card, a small pocket with a surprise inside is gently attached with an adhesive tape. This surprise and will be prepared in advance a flat New Year's Christmas tree toy or figured chocolates. To create the effect of even more festivity, you can decorate the card with sparkles, "rain" and tinsel. Mini gift is ready!

    These simple presents can be made for the New Year with their own hands.

    Please note! If you attract a child to work: he will react with delight to this proposal, and it will be doubly pleasant to receive such a gift.

    Do you feel that you do not have enough imagination? Imagine that I would like to receive you for the New Year - and then it will go on its own.