• How fun to spend the New Year 2014

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    New Year is the most favorite holiday, even more long-awaited than the birthday. Traditionally it is considered a family holiday, which is usually celebrated at home in the circle of relatives and friends. However, many are trying to move away from this tradition and are sent to celebrate the New Year abroad. Some do not go far, but prefer to simply reserve a table in the restaurant on New Year's Eve to avoid home gatherings. Nevertheless, we will tell you how fun it is to spend the New Year 2014 with family and friends, as it is not necessary to reduce the celebration of the New Year to a usual feast.

    Preparations for the New Year

    Preparations for the New Year

    First of all, it is necessary to create a festive mood, without it a holiday is not a holiday. Of course, emotions often do not depend on us, but in this case you can positively adjust yourself. This will contribute to the festive decoration of the house: do not hastily decorate the Christmas tree on December 31, it is better to choose the day when the whole family is assembled, for example, a week before the new year, choose the appropriate style of decoration, accompany this action with a delicious lunch.

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    You can give each other small presents to mark the beginning of New Year's holidays. While doing festive decoration, you should not limit yourself to the tree, you can decorate all the rooms in the house to wake up, remember every day that a long-awaited holiday is coming.
    The gift wrapping is also promoted by gift wrapping. Of course, you can arrange presents on gift packages, but in this way, you will deprive yourself of the pleasure of the packaging process, pleasant rustling of beautiful paper and the result - elegantly packed gifts.
    Planning and preparing for the New Year's Eve will also help you tune in to the holiday wave. So, what can you prepare and how to spend a merry New Year? How to diversify family gatherings.

    New Year at home

    The simplest( however very costly) can be the celebration of the New Year not at home, but, for example, in a rented cottage. Even if the weather in the city fails, then outside the city you will get a really winter entourage. Just imagine, white fluffy snow and crackle of logs in the fireplace - this is already enough for a pleasant pastime. Prepare a list of possible dishes, and let each guest bring something of his own. You can not cover the traditional table, and do something between the buffet table and the buffet. The option of holding a new year outside the city is good because it removes a certain amount of formality from this holiday.

    Beautiful New Year's table

    If you still decide to stay at home, you can consider other ways to diversify the traditional celebration. For example, you can organize a themed party. Here you can give vent to fantasies: from very simple directions to guests, for example, to dress in the colors of the coming year to more advanced preparations: pre-distribute cards with specific instructions.
    By the way, the theme party can be modified into a masquerade, for example, dressed in such a way as to represent any country. And you can prepare individual instructions, which include not only instructions on the form of clothing, but also on the role. Of course, the role must be coordinated with the guests, so that everyone can try the role, which he long ago secretly dreamed of.
    If masquerades are not for you, create a theme of the evening with the help of festive dishes and the corresponding design of the living room. Let your family and guests enjoy a juicy burrito, a salad of seafood and tortillas from Latin American cuisine or taste the little-known dishes of the Mediterranean. By the way, this will create a refreshing contrast - the feeling of summer in the middle of winter.
    All together we decorate the Christmas tree

    On New Year's Eve all sorts of contests and games will be appropriate, of course it's better if they are somehow connected with the holiday itself, but you can turn to traditional charades, alphabet game and the like. If the weather permits, then you can think of entertaining on the street. And in the morning you can go to less active games, for example, especially persistent can play board games.
    In addition to the traditional gifts that households and guests exchange on New Year's Eve, it is possible to invite each guest to prepare a postcard with wishes that can be handed to each other during the New Year's Eve. In addition to traditional( or original) wishes, you can include funny tasks for the recipient in this letter.
    Whichever variant of the New Year you choose, the most important thing is a festive mood that you can create in your soul. If you are happy and happy - it is not so important where and how to celebrate the New Year.