How to rest in 2014 - how we will rest in 2014

  • How to rest in 2014 - how we will rest in 2014

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    When we first pick up the calendar for the new year, then pay attention to the holidays. Thus, in our working year there are more days off. This is the time that we can spend with family and friends. Work not only allows us to realize ourselves as a professional and is a means of achieving material wealth. In addition, often work days are also stressful situations, which slowly destroy our psyche. Therefore, our body requires a weekend.

    At the end of the year, each of us asks how we are resting in 2014.On whether the holidays will be weekend or work, the legislation of our country decides. In 2014, all the holidays that were days off in 2013 will remain non-working. But in the new year there may be more days off: suddenly the law will include one more significant date in the list of state celebrations? Let us hope for the best.

    Official days off in 2014

    Red day of the
    1. calendar From January 1st to January 7th all citizens of Russia will have a rest during the New Year holidays.
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    3. Day of Defender of the Fatherland will be celebrated on Saturday.
    4. March 8 traditionally remains free from work.
    5. The Holiday of the First received two additional days, taken away by the legislators at the New Year's holiday.
    6. The Victory Day, without any doubt, remains a day off.
    7. On June 12, on the Day dedicated to our homeland, everyone can relax in peace.
    8. On November 4, on the Day of National Unity, you can plan a country trip or a picnic with the whole family.
    Days off in 2014

    The January holidays have undergone some changes compared to 2013.At work, you need to go out, unfortunately, immediately after the Orthodox Christmas."The taken away" during the January holidays two days off the legislator decided to attach to the May holidays, in order to give people a longer rest. Moreover, in May, it is necessary to begin preparations for garden and garden activities. But not everyone can go to work on January 8.For example, for individuals who engage in entrepreneurial activity, the right to choose has been left: they can afford to themselves and their employees not to go to work. Also, people who work shifts or shifts can stay at home and continue the celebration if they have a day off on that day. For all other categories of workers, the first working day in the year of the Horse will be on January 8.

    Undoubtedly, holidays and weekends are a pleasant time for everyone, but do not forget that our salary depends on the number of working days. Therefore, in order not to expect with the thrill of the upcoming weekend, care should be taken to organize your working day properly. This will not only save you time, but also increase the efficiency of your activities. In addition, a properly organized day will help to avoid many stressful situations. High performance at work and productivity will help keep yourself in good shape and not think about how to relax in the new year.

    The long-awaited output of

    Weekends are, of course, great. The most festive days for all Russians, of course, are the New Year holidays. The whole week is free from work. You can plan a trip outside the city or to a ski resort. Children are waiting for this time, because for them - this is the joy associated with the New Year, magic and gifts. There is nothing more desirable than meeting with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Therefore, many parents in advance plan entertainment and entertainment for their children at this time of year.

    Correctly planned weekends will give a good mood and help with pleasure to return to their work duties.