• New 2014 for pregnant women

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    New Year's Eve is the most magical and wonderful time of all 365 days of the year. Each woman wants the New Year's Eve to be unforgettable, and carefully prepares for it.

    The period of pregnancy for every woman is not without hardships and worries, but this is the happiest months in the life of every woman. Childbearing is recognized as the greatest miracle on earth. In the female body there are changes and not only hormonal. A young mother becomes very beautiful, but also more sensitive. It protects the life growing in her in all possible ways.

    Every year, passing under one or another sign, something promises, something promises to everyone. For a pregnant woman, such a "promise" means a lot. Due to its "interesting" position, a woman becomes more pliable to broadcast astrologers. Therefore, so many young girls, planning a pregnancy next year, are wondering what will be the new 2014 for pregnant women?

    The Year of the Wooden Blue or Green Horse carries no threat, but, on the contrary, promises support to pregnant women in due time. A horse is a strong and healthy animal, therefore a year must pass under the wing of health. Those who are just planning a pregnancy will easily achieve the goal. And women who already wear a child under the heart, without any complications, will give birth next year.

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    Preparing pregnant women for the New Year

    How to prepare for the New Year 2014:

    • Organize a proper celebration. It is necessary to determine the meeting place of the holiday. For pregnant women, it is best, of course, to meet the New Year 2014 in a relaxed family environment, in order to exclude even the smallest probability of any troubles and bad surprises. In addition, to celebrate New Year together, more precisely the three of us - it's so romantic.
    • If you want to get out of town or go on a New Year's cruise, you should consider all possible situations that may arise in the journey. In a big company it will be fun. Such a meeting of the New Year will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time.
    • If you prefer a noisy crowd and foreign cities the comfort and warmth of a home, then you should take care of the festive table. Native and close, no doubt, will agree to help the future mother in the kitchen, and maybe the loved one will also be connected.
    Celebrating the New Year in Pregnancy
    • Attire. Leave all the dark and boring dresses in the closet. Get the green and blue outfits. There are no such? Nothing wrong! It can be gray, purple or blue. But not orange or yellow! Classics of the genre are white. A young mother in a beautiful clean white dress is very soft and feminine. Shoes should be in the tone of the dress. Although, at home you can do without them.
    • Jewelery from wood Jewelery. Given that the year of the Wooden Horse, then jewelry should be wooden. Massive bracelets and heavy wooden beads will not look right on the thin wrists of a young woman. An excellent option - products from cherry or maple. They will harmoniously complement any female image.
    • Take care also of the decorations of the house. The tree is by itself. It is a symbol of the upcoming celebration, and no house can simply do without a New Year tree. If you prefer to put artificial spruce, then in the shops you can find special fir odors that will help give your tree "naturalness", and the house will be dominated by a coniferous aroma. Another variant of the Christmas tree smell is real fir paws. They can cover the base of an artificial tree: it will be beautiful and fragrant.
    • Presents for pregnant women. Most often we know in advance what to give to each member of the family. For adults, it is not a secret that you have to buy gifts, not wait for Santa Claus. After twelve strokes one can bestow one another and immediately unwrap the holiday packages. It will give even more good mood to the magic night.
    • Fireworks. How without noisy multicolored splashes on New Year's Eve? But it's best to buy fireworks from trusted sellers who have a license. A pregnant woman does not need to worry and worry about anything else. Therefore, it is better to buy fireworks a little more expensive, but nothing can overshadow the meeting of the New Year.
    Pregnancy in the New Year

    In any case, the preparation for the New Year pregnant woman should not be carried out alone. All this festive vanity and turmoil can have a negative impact on the female body. Therefore, it is best to go shopping with your loved one, family and friends, friends.

    A pregnant woman, despite the fact that the year of the Horse promises health and a prosperous personal life, should not rely solely on the stars. It's good when they help, but you need to take care of yourself, first of all, yourself. Growing under the heart of a new life will give strength and confidence in the future, and a loved one will become a reliable support for a long life. Tune in to a positive wave, and everything will easily and naturally develop into a wonderful family life.