Manicure for the New Year 2016 - design of the holiday manicure( + photo)

  • Manicure for the New Year 2016 - design of the holiday manicure( + photo)

    Any woman wants to look irresistible, especially on a fabulous New Year's Eve. On the eve of the holiday, we carefully choose the outfit, and on the eve of the celebration, the hairstyle and manicure, which, undoubtedly, must correspond to the created image. Attire, make-up, manicure - everything should look harmonious and, of course, keep up with new trends.

    Every year you want something new, and in such a holiday is also fabulously beautiful. What manicure to do? How to choose the right design and stay at the peak of fashion, opening the doors of the new year.

    In the coming season, preference in choosing a design of manicure give the use of new modern technologies developed in this area in recent years. The new year 2016 also brings its own new trends in color solutions. And the New Year's holiday dictates the choice of ways of decorating when creating a design. We will slightly open the veil and consider several ideas for the design of the New Year's manicure, which will help you create your own unique image.

    Bright fashionista

    Red with gold

    The upcoming 2016 will be the year of the Red Fiery Monkey, and therefore new colors will appear in the trend of the new year's color spectrum, such as red, yellow and orange. An excellent addition to the burning red shade will be drawings and ornaments in the form of gold ornaments. The combination of such rich colors with the image of a flowing fire pattern is a bright choice for your image, which will not leave indifferent the lovers of extravagant style. This spectacular solution fully corresponds to the latest trends of the coming year.

    Snow queen

    New Year's design gradient

    New year is a winter holiday, and therefore the ideas of winter manicure will always be relevant. Cold shades of blue, blue, purple and white will help create a unique design, and snowflake decorations will give the feeling of a winter miracle. Fashionable in this season will be a transition using two or more colors. In the winter version, the manicure is a transition from white to blue, using glimmering sparkles that create the effect of winter radiance. New Year's sparkling manicure is a symbol of the upcoming celebration of the fairy-tale holiday.

    It will approach a gentle or strict alignment, and it will perfectly blend in any way in a snow-and-winter style. With such a manicure you will become the embodiment of the winter festive mood.

    Unique fortune-teller

    Design in red-green

    For lovers of original images, ornaments and drawings, use of bright, contrasting colors will suit. And for "brilliant" ladies there are always sequins and stones in the trend. A bright twinkle in the colorful lights of the garlands on New Year's Eve will not be left without attention.

    A non-standard and bold approach to creating a manicure for confident girls and women looks both feminine and stylish.

    Fairy fairy

    Monochrome manicure decorated with rhinestones

    An excellent idea for manicure remains and all the favorite French manicure. Gentle classic manicure, decorated with sparkles and decorated with drawings of the New Year theme, will look great in the atmosphere of the holiday on New Year's Eve.

    Please note! Every year, manicure masters create new images. Now the well-known French lady gets a completely different form. Decorated with snowflakes, sparkles and stones, as well as decorated with drawings, the classic stylish manicure appears before us in a shimmering, spectacular design.

    New technologies in image creation

    No doubt one of the best achievements in the field of manicure is the coating of gel-lacquer. Manicure with a nail coating gel-varnish is one of the most fashionable and popular options and is very popular. The main reason for this is the durability of this coating. With proper application technology, the gel-lacquer keeps on the nails for up to 20 days. In this case, the coating does not lose its luster, does not crack and does not require correction. For those who do not like the frequent change of images and do not want to waste time on trips to the nail salon, a gel-lacquer coating is suitable. Advantageously, such coatings have bright shiny colors.

    If you choose this method of decoration New Year's manicure, you can use all the original ideas and step in step with both fashion trends and new technologies.

    In the center of attention

    With snowmen

    When choosing a manicure you can experiment with the length and shape of the nails. Lovers of extravagant style will appreciate the design of long sharp claws, which can also be decorated with New Year's patterns and shining stones. Unusual shape and vivid image will undoubtedly attract the attention of your friends and colleagues. On New Year's Eve you will be the personification of the solemnity and the sacrament of the feast. Jewelry made of colored stones will give a shimmering shine. You can be sure that with such a manicure you will be in the spotlight.

    Energy of gold

    With gold

    Stylish business ladies will probably give preference to not long golden or steel colored marigolds. Such color solutions are applied with the advent of new technologies.

    Gold as an ornament for powerful and strong women was valued at all times. Technology gel-lacquer will help create a brilliant manicure of simple design. Stylish and luxurious, he will make an image of a confident and independent lady. This design will look both simple and effective at the same time.

    So, a stylish manicure in the year of the Monkey:

    • assumes shades of red and orange colors;
    • remain in trend variants of winter manicure, using cold tones;
    • classic French manicure never goes out of fashion;
    • is the creation of a design using color contrasts for bold and non-standard solutions.
    Please note! To decorate any of the selected options will help decor elements, such as: sequins, crystals, snowflakes, New Year themes, ornaments and figures.

    Manicure for the new year 2016 can be bright and exciting, delicate and feminine, original and unique, the main thing is that it suits you.


    Elegant red

    Bright New Year's manicure
    Snowflakes on a dark background
    Snowflakes and crystals on a cold background
    A complex pattern on one of the nails
    With sparkles
    Drawing on a white background
    Simple New Year's manicure
    Simple but beautiful
    New Year's patternon a red background
    New Year's French manicure with crystals
    New Year's design
    New-year bears on nails
    Unusual, but uncomplicated manicure
    Manicure with gold and silver
    Moonsfirst manicure on red background Red color
    Red and white
    Combination of lunar and French manicure
    French manicure with a pattern
    Black and white manicure with crystals