• What is the year 2014 for a horoscope?

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    As the Eastern calendar promises, the year of the Blue Wooden Horse will begin its countdown from January 31, 2014.Astrologers also call it the year of the Green or Emerald Horse.

    In China, from the earliest times the horse has always symbolized the imperial origin. For this reason, giving birth to a child in the year of the Horse is the dream of many Chinese people, because they sincerely believe that people born this year are always endowed with good health, happy, fortunate and very often achieve a high position. Until February 18, 2015 our destiny will be managed by the Horse, a very beautiful, graceful, noble, dynamic, impulsive, strong and bold animal. Having carefully studied the character traits of the Horse, a fairly clear picture is formed, which is 2014 on a horoscope. So what do we all expect from the Blue Wooden Horse? First and foremost, it is important to be prepared for all kinds of changes and vicissitudes of life. Everyone without exception has to live an active, eventful time, and luck will turn to the people who have the qualities of a character similar to the horse's horse. By and large, there will be a year of great changes. Some of us they expect in their personal lives, and someone - in a career or business. Lovers of tourism and new experiences can enjoy the upcoming interesting travel. In 2014, the chance to go on tourist or business trips abroad is even among those who have never traveled outside the territory of their country.

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    Finances per year Horses

    In financial terms, 2014 promises to be quite successful. The truth here is a small clarification - successful only for those who are hardworking and responsible, who are not accustomed to go with the flow, but prefer to independently create their own destiny, setting and achieving their goals. Lovers of idle life and lazy luck in 2014 does not shine. If you are a purposeful, creative person, moreover, an optimist by nature, then in the year of the Blue Horse you will not only have material prosperity, but also career prospects. To achieve the desired success, it is very important to be able to combine such qualities as readiness for change, dynamism, assertiveness, practicality, calculus and excitement. In the coming year, you can do a lot, because a quick horse will ask everyone a good pace. But be sure to remember that unreasonably high ambitions, the desire to rise without due knowledge and experience, only on one strength and impudence, will have only a fleeting action with all the ensuing unpleasant consequences.


    Relationship per year Horses

    In the coming year, good relations will develop in those who behave honestly and decently in relation to the surrounding people. It is important to remember that the noble Horse does not accept envy, gossip and intrigue, try to avoid all this by side. In the year of the Blue Wooden Horse, astrologers recommend not only thinking about yourself as a beloved, but also about those who are close to you. Try to treat everyone with respect and remember that every person has advantages and disadvantages. If possible, solve the problems peacefully and try to avoid conflict situations. The eastern horoscope suggests next year to address the restoration and strengthening of the shaken relations with close relatives, if any. Lucky people, who suddenly will be visited by love in 2014, know that you have to experience a passionate, deep and passionate feeling. Home comfort and a friendly family, in which love reigns and warm, sincere relations - all this is highly appreciated by the Horse. So be grateful to her for all the wonderful gifts that she will give you during her entire reign, but do not abuse anything, because otherwise this obstinate horse will throw off the brazen rider, and luck will turn away from you right away.