How to dress up a Christmas tree for 2014 - how to decorate a tree in the year of a horse

  • How to dress up a Christmas tree for 2014 - how to decorate a tree in the year of a horse

    Decorating a Christmas tree for the New Year with the whole family can become a wonderful tradition. To the New Year not only started fun, but also was successful, you need to know how to dress up a Christmas tree so as to achieve the favor of the patron of the year. So, how to decorate a Christmas tree for a year Horse?

    Choosing a Christmas tree

    The first thing you need to know is that a horse does not accept falseness, which means it is necessary to purchase a living tree, and to remove it artificially until another year. In addition, the horse will not appreciate every Christmas tree: a tree that's not likely to please her. A horse is a very clean and neat animal, so the herringbone needs a symmetrical and neat one.

    Selecting the style and color of the

    Next, decide on the style of the Christmas tree. The disorderly hanging of toys is not an option. You can choose a retro style, decorating the fir with old toys, paper serpentine, flags. In this case, the colors on your tree can be very diverse.

    You can decorate the Christmas tree in the now popular vintage style. From the retro-style it is distinguished by the consistency in certain shades, toys and balls under the antiquity, and great system.

    You can decorate a Christmas tree, adhering to two colors: blue and silver, red and gold, yellow and green. Fur-trees, decorated in certain colors, look very stylish and neat.

    Some prefer to decorate the tree according to Feng Shui. In this case, the choice of design depends on the location of the Christmas tree in the room with respect to the sides of the world. For example, if you put a tree in the north, then in the decor it will be appropriate to use shades of blue, blue, and also white. And as soon as it is north, the use of fiery symbols - candles - is unacceptable. Having arranged a New Year's beauty in the south-west, boldly decorate it with yellow and red balls and toys.

    Christmas tree per year Wooden Horse

    Christmas tree per year Wooden horse

    When deciding how to decorate a Christmas tree for 2014, one can be guided by the description of the symbol of this year: this is the year of the Blue Wooden Horse. So, the patroness of the year will favorably accept jewelry made of wood, balls and toys of blue, green or purple flowers( however, the latter may not be very appropriate when decorating a Christmas tree).In addition, you can hang on a Christmas tree figurines of a horse.

    A horse as an animal is highly economic, will appreciate the decor elements made by own hands. And under the tree you can put a symbolic bowl with clean water and a pot of greens for the New Year's guest.

    The order of decorating a Christmas tree

    Regardless of the style you choose, when decorating a Christmas tree, you should act in a certain order. First of all, it is necessary to hang an electric garland, having checked beforehand whether all the lamps are on. By placing the garland, be sure to see how it looks when the lights are on, you immediately notice whether there are asymmetrical areas. Do this before you hang the toys, otherwise, then it will be difficult to adjust anything.

    After the garland, you can hang heavy beads. Then you can start decorating the Christmas tree with balls and toys. Begin with the largest toys and balls, the most beautiful hang in a prominent place, and small toys - fill the "background".Opinions about how much better to hang toys a lot or a little, diverge, so follow your taste.

    Christmas Decorations

    To make the tree happy for you longer, or at least look fresh and beautiful, put it in a special composition. There are many people's recipes, so you need to choose the one that you have at your fingertips:
    • 1 tablet of aspirin, a tablespoon of sugar, a half a teaspoon of salt - everything is dissolved in water.
    • 1 tablet of aspirin and sugar dissolve in water and mix with sand.
    • Pounded chalk and a teaspoonful of citric acid - dissolve in water.
    • 1 teaspoon of gelatin and a teaspoonful of citric acid - dissolve in water.

    And finally. On New Year's Eve, the most important thing is your mood, because, as you know: how you will celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it, which means it is important to ensure a merry holiday in a good company. And if you still get the support of the patron of the year, having pleased him with the festive decoration taking into account the tastes of the Horse, then you will be successful in the new year.