2015 of which animal is the symbol of 2015

  • 2015 of which animal is the symbol of 2015

    No one knows exactly when the eastern calendar appeared. There are several legends that shed light on his appearance. The most common and beautiful is the legend that the twelve beasts, whose names are named each of the months of the eastern horoscope, appeared at the call of the Buddha at the time when he said goodbye to earthly life. According to the second version, twelve animals were once called a rat, performing a secret imperial order. The third legend says that the animals of the oriental horoscope gathered to hold a competition between them on swimming and running.

    No matter how many legends were passed from mouth to mouth, the fact remains that the eastern horoscope exists and twelve mythological animals personify certain cosmic influences on the characters and destinies of people. Every animal that is a symbol of the horoscope, in strict order, replaces its predecessor and, when its time comes, reigns throughout the calendar year.

    To understand the year 2015 of which animal, you should look in the eastern calendar, which symbol of the animal follows the year of the Horse. This time the blue wooden Horse replaces the year of the green wooden Goat.

    The nature of the goat

    The nature of the wooden goat

    The goat is the eighth sign of the eastern calendar, which is associated with fire. From the positive point of view, it symbolizes generosity, sincerity, peacefulness, cheerfulness, kindness, shyness and softness of character. At the same time, the Goat is sometimes spineless, indecisive, unbalanced and capricious. What is meant for us to survive next year in the company of a kind and capricious Goat? At once we will note that nobody will be bored, since the goat is cheerful nature. And since all of us expect fun entertainment, you need to be prepared and to unforeseen expenses. At this frivolous bohemian soul, money, as a rule, does not linger, in spite of the fact that it does not particularly spend it. In many ways, her unpractical way of life is guilty.

    Goat is very demanding and picky to others in terms of attention to yourself - there is no room for any restrictions. It is vital for her to have constant emotional feeding in the form of warm words, compliments and other signs of attention. If Kose is not enough attention, she immediately becomes capricious and touchy. There is another feature of the nature of people born in the year of the Goat - they are very afraid of boredom.

    Influence on family life

    Goat and family life

    A goat is a cute pet. Therefore, it's best to spend a New Year's Eve at a home in a narrow family circle, then the next year will surely be successful and prosperous for family life.

    Please note! The Year of Goats favors the creation of new happy families. And for those couples who want to become parents, the year will be perfect.

    Children born in the year of Goats, in the opinion of the Chinese, despite some unbalanced character, are reasonable and wise. Most likely, a child born in 2015 will have the character traits of a choleric person, and perceive earthly life not as much as most people, but much deeper. At the same time, he will be endowed with inexhaustible optimism, enthusiastic temper, rich imagination. Such a person, even in sad and unpleasant situations, will be able to find something reassuringly bright.

    According to the judgment of astrologers, the year of birth of a person influences the formation of twelve levels of self-realization in him. The goat, despite its carelessness, is considered creative. This means that in the new year it is necessary to strive to show all available talents. There is a chance that they will not only benefit in terms of self-realization, but also improve your financial situation. True, it is possible that the realization of creative ideas will be inhibited to some extent, since the mistress of the year, Koza, has such negative qualities as passivity, pessimism and lack of will. But do not be discouraged if there are any obstacles on your creative path. In this case, you just need to work harder and harder, and then the desired success is exactly guaranteed to you. Be bold and persistent in achieving your goals.

    Elements of the Year


    Since the symbol of the year is a goat, the tree is the element of the year. And, as you know, a tree symbolizes the power of energy and growth. In the new 2015, the tree will be a good talisman for everyone. Within a year it will generously feed us with its life-giving energy, which in turn will be obtained through roots and twigs with green leaves from air, water and sunlight.

    Please note! The luminaries promise that the year of the wooden goat gives a chance to everyone who wants to make a difference in their lives and the opportunity to radically change their way of life.

    We hope that now you understand what kind of animal is the year 2015, and what life events await you in the near future.