How to decorate the office for the New 2015 year - decorating the workplace for the New 2015 year

  • How to decorate the office for the New 2015 year - decorating the workplace for the New 2015 year

    Merry New Year holidays begin with joyful turmoil, buying gifts, decorating houses and apartments, shops, shop windows, offices long before the celebrations. The magic entourage of snowflakes, balls, garlands and beautiful Christmas toys, heroes of children's stories, the scent of pine needles and citrus - all of this deeply within us supports the expectation of a miracle and the hope for an exciting meeting with a fairy tale. In this splendor one must not forget about his workplace. How to decorate the office for the New Year 2015, to please yourself, customers and just surrounding people with a reminder of the holiday that everyone loved.

    About the Oriental Traditions

    Symbol of the Year Goat

    The last decades of the 20th century in our culture were marked by the emerged commitment to celebrate the New Year in the style of a totemic animal according to the exotic calendar of Eastern sages. The ancient Celestial astrologers have revealed a 60-year cycle in which 12 symbols - Rat, Bull, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon Snake, Horse, Sheep( Goat), Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig - control each year under the influence of a certain element: fire, water, metal, wood or earth.

    The future of 2015, according to Chinese astrologers, will take place under the sign of the Blue-Green Wooden Sheep( Goats).Unlike the previous year, its colors will be in the same gamut, but less dark and saturated.

    What you need to take into account

    Stylish office decoration

    Correctly arrange an office for the New 2015 year - the task is not as simple as it seems. Solid companies prefer to shift these worries to the shoulders of qualified designers, so that their premises look consistent with their status. Other firms are inclined to save on quite expensive events and can offer their employees to decorate the office by New 2015 on their own.

    Although there are no official canons in this matter, however, there are several unspoken rules in the design of workplaces and cabinets:

    • The priority in office festive design should be a business style: no homemade artifacts at the level of primary classes!
    • This style should be the same, a combination of no more than three colors is allowed. Well, if they are in harmony with the logo of the company.
    • When decorating an office or accounting, you need to adhere to minimalism. A multi-coat company of Christmas toys, snowmen, goats and lambs will give a frivolous look to the room and can damage the image of the company.
    • Do not forget that you decorate, in the first place, the workplace, so the balance between the holiday, convenience and work attitude should be respected.
    New Year's interior of the reception room

    In the waiting room it is enough to put a small artificial or creative Christmas tree. It will remind visitors about the upcoming holiday. It can be, as factory beauty, and original souvenir( for example, in style hi-tech or avant-garde with USB-connection).

    New Year's composition in a glass vessel

    If a coffee table is provided in the reception room, it can be decorated with one large transparent glass container of round or pyramidal shape filled with beautiful New Year balls or a Christmas tree composition.

    Interior decoration

    Decoration with snowflakes

    On the eve of New Year's celebrations together with colleagues it is pleasant to hang garlands of clips and decorate them with New Year's business cards of the company, to arrange a contest for the most beautiful snowflake. Cut them out from high-quality white or blue( green) paper in the tone of the decoration of the room, a variety of ornaments with bizarre stylish patterns can easily be found on the net.

    Office mailbox

    Recently, an adorned mailbox for New Year greetings has been a special success. It can be styled both in the western style, and have an individual design with the company logo. It is used for congratulations and wishes to employees of the office, but on the corporate or on the last day before the holiday, they give out postcards to the addressees. All this is accompanied by cheerful laughter, excellent mood and better team cohesion.

    Christmas tree of tinsel

    Inside the office, if its area allows, you can put a small Christmas tree.

    Please note! The Christmas tree can not be placed in the aisle or next to the cabinets, making it difficult to access them.

    You can decorate it with balls, a small amount of tinsel, business cards, logos and other company symbols.

    In the working interior of the office, small modern table Christmas trees made of synthetic materials that resemble living needles or in high-tech style will perfectly fit. You can use silvery "twigs" of shiny tinsel - they do not look like a real Christmas tree, but elegantly hint at the approach of the New Year 2015 and perfectly fit into the interior of the workplace. They can be put in a vase or hung in the form of garlands.

    Decoration from snowflakes

    Windows, mirrors, glass doors can be decorated with snowflakes or snowmen. To do this, you need to attach the stencil and use a balloon of frosty frost or aerosol snow to draw a picture. In the future, it is easily washed off with water. Some craftsmen paint patterns with gouache, toothpaste, and the powder is used as hoarfrost.

    Bronze goat figurine
    Please note! To pay tribute to the mistress of the year, you can put small souvenir figurines Goats on the desktop.

    Choosing holiday wallpapers for your desktop on your computer, you can stay on a beautiful winter landscape or a New Year's card.

    New Year's interior of the office
    Please note! Preliminary need to carefully remove the workplace, get rid of unnecessary papers and excess items.

    Then fantasize and make your own original ideas on how to decorate the office for the New 2015 year. The main thing is to preserve these wonderful traditions, so that the festive interior would lift everyone's spirits and bring a friendly disposition and joy to the collective!