Children's New Year's Dresses 2016 - New Year's Dresses 2016 for Girls( + photo)

  • Children's New Year's Dresses 2016 - New Year's Dresses 2016 for Girls( + photo)

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    If you ask your little daughter, in whatever way she wants to appear at the New Year's Eve party 2016 or kindergarten matinee, she will certainly share what she wants to be a magical princess, a snow maiden, a snowflake or a fairy. All these images provide for the selection of a suitable dress for the holiday, which will be decorated with paillettes, rhinestones, lace or bows. Your girl will be happy to flaunt on a holiday, wherever he is - in the center of development of children, kindergarten, school, theater, home, away.

    The main task of the mother to choose together with the child children's New Year's dresses 2016, and, of course, make the New Year for your child the happiest holiday!

    The main secret of choosing a dress

    New children's dresses

    When choosing a dress, it is worth considering some conditions:

    1. The dress should be chosen in accordance with the natural data of the child. If the girl is slender and graceful, she will face a dress with a corset, which will have open shoulders and a lush skirt. Ponenkie babes will look great in an A-line dress with short sleeves, sewn from one fabric and has a vertical decor.
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    2. It is best to choose a dress made of soft and pleasant fabric, this is especially important, because a child needs to feel comfortable in a dress. It is best to buy a dress made of natural material, for example, silk or cotton. Modern fabrics of artificial origin can also be tender, and therefore it is best to pay attention to the seams, so that they do not cause inconvenience and do not rub.
    3. When buying, you must always try on a dress, let the daughter twist in it at the mirror, jump. If she is comfortable, then you find her perfect dress.


    Long festive dresses

    Most festive dresses for girls have a classic style - the waist is cut at the waist, and the skirt is lush, decorated with ruffles and frills. The sleeve is either short or absent altogether. The length is also classic evening - up to the ankles, although you can choose the baby-style dresses, it will be shorter and make the image touchingly puppet.

    Many children's dresses are sewn in A-silhouette. The top can be the most diverse, as a whole-cut smooth, and composed of wrinkles, stripes, ruches.

    Please note! Very solemn looks dress in Empire style. Overstated waist makes these dresses very comfortable, but the festivities in them from this no less.


    The traditional color of the children's festive dress is pink, but this is not the only color in the New Year 2016.Since 2016 will be the year of the Fiery Monkey, it's worthwhile to look narrowly at the dresses of red color - and please the Monkey, and you will please the child, and this color is the same as New Year's. Red can be very successfully combined with white and black. For example, you will not lose if you choose a white dress with a red trim. This combination looks just gorgeous.

    White dress in the floor with red trim

    Still not losing their positions and cool colors - blue, emerald, and especially deep blue. Despite the fact that these colors symbolize the outgoing year, they are also extremely relevant. Not this year, of course, and without a white color. As in the New Year without him!

    If not one of the above options is not suitable, choose a discreet color of sparkling champagne, a muffled beige or a dress with gold trim - they are also very fashionable in this New Year.

    However, as for the coloring, the main requirement for the color of the children's New Year's dress - it should be bright, in principle, there are no restrictions in color, most importantly, do not choose the darkest shades.

    Much depends on the idea of ​​the outfit. If your daughter has the image of the Snow Queen, then it is better to wear a white and blue outfit, fairies - light green, wizards - light blue.


    Numerous ruffles and frills

    The dress of a small beauty should be finished with sequins, beads, lace.

    Please note! All decorative elements for decoration need to be sewn neatly and securely. To check how tightly the decorations are attached to the dress, swipe over them, also note whether there are any sharp burrs on the dress that can scratch the child.


    Of course, you need to worry about the fact that the dresses were chosen jewelry and accessories that emphasize the image. Princess necessarily need a diadem with many rhinestones, gloves and a beautiful necklace. The aristocratic and exquisite lady will emphasize a small handbag.

    Mom will have to take care of also what kind of hair will decorate the head of the future princess. An excellent option will be twisted curls, you can decorate such a hairdress with a crown with bright stones.

    New Year's image with accessories

    If the girl has the image of Malvina, then decorate her head with big bows and ribbons. A sorceress needs a magic wand, and a snowflake can not without beads and bracelets from blue and white beads.

    The New Year's holiday for all of us is fabulous, and even more so for the kids, and so Mom should make a lot of effort to make her girl look like a doll.

    By the way, girls are very fond of imitating mothers. Why not pamper the little beauty in this magical holiday? True, make-up should be as natural as possible. To do this, make up the girl's cheeks with rouge, lightly brushing them with a brush. Cover the lips with a transparent luster. As for the shadows, they should be soft colors, for example, light blue or peach color, but only the upper eyelid should be painted. But mascara is not worth using at all, young girls, as a rule, have their own long and magnificent cilia.

    This mini-make-up will not be too noticeable, but it can please your little princess.

    Of course, choosing the image and outfit for the child, it is worthwhile to worry about how much he likes the baby, otherwise there is a great danger that her holiday will be spoiled.

    Please note! The main thing, in children's dresses is still not the color and fabric - the outfit should be a child by age. The children's dress must remain childish.


    Beige outfit and champagne dress
    Satin dress with peas
    Light blue for toddler
    Blue knee from tulle and satin
    With high waist
    Blue with polka dots
    Blue long dress
    With black top and red skirt
    Pink with corset
    Pink tulle
    "Fluffy" dresses
    Dress to the knees
    Fancy dress, trimmed with red ribbon
    Lacy new-year dress for the smallest
    Red with a belt
    Blue New Year'sdresses
    Children's dress with corset