• Which is the 2014 mark

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    Each year there corresponds its own symbol - a symbol that determines, as the ancient wise men believed, the character of the person born in the given year. What is the sign of 2014?The wooden horse is blue or green. Astrologers for some reason did not come to a common opinion about the color of the Horse, so the main tones of the coming year remain both.

    Blue and green are dynamic colors, and in combination with the character of the animal, they reflect assertiveness, fiery passion and calculating. A special star will accompany all those born this year. The tree, as a symbol of the next year, will impart practicality, sharp mind, immodesty and, unfortunately, quick temper.

    Horse and its character

    A horse is a working animal, therefore it will bring a lot of labor duties to everyone in its year. People born in the year of the Horse are characterized by cheerful light temper, which causes their high popularity among friends and acquaintances. They are clever, but changeable, somewhat down-to-earth and receptive, but very talkative, mobile, and attract the attention of others. In addition, people born in the year of the Horse are distinguished by a flexible perceptive mind and openness to new phenomena. Some stubbornness and distrust are also one of the basic qualities of these people.

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    In the Year of the Horse, success will accompany all those who will lead an active lifestyle and not pass in front of difficulties. The most successful field for winning glory is the political arena. Undoubtedly, all doubts, unrest, scandals and even dismissals associated with climbing the career ladder will be generously rewarded by fate this year. Despite the difficulty of the situation, the seeming lack of exit in the implementation of any action, ultimately persistent and stubborn people will be on top.

    What the Year Bears

    • For the Rats is nothing good. Catastrophic year from all sides. Particular attention should be paid to the financial side, because the Rats are very at risk of being in debt "to the very ears."
    • For the Bull, the year will pass very fruitfully. Accustomed to overcoming difficulties, the stubborn and persistent Bull will be able this year to realize all his desires for climbing the career ladder.
    Tiger per year Horses
    • Tigers need to find a job to their liking and constantly "be in business", otherwise, no good year Horse does not promise.
    • Cats can rest easy. The Horse Year for them will pass with enviable calm. Everything will somehow be arranged by itself and will fit the thought of Kotov.
    • Dragons need to do something to be noticed. Especially it concerns career and labor successes. Stubbornness does not help here. It is necessary to excel at work.
    • For the Horse itself, its year will not be very favorable. Probably, blue and green colors, so not characteristic, for this animal, will leave their mark. Therefore, people born in the year of the Horse must be patient.
    • Goats will not only be entertained enchantingly all year round, but also work fruitfully, although this does not take much time and energy from them. Calmly, but rhythmically, Goats will go through the whole year with their head held high.
    Monkey per year Horses
    • Monkeys can successfully change jobs or climb the career ladder. Labor success will be deserved.
    • Roosters should pay special attention to their personal lives, because it is in the year of the Horse, despite all efforts, troubles at work can destroy family life.
    • Dogs will irritatedly break into the center of everyone's admiration, but they will not be able to fulfill their desires.
    • People born in the year of the Pig will suddenly become more organized and hardworking for everyone. This will achieve many successes at work and establish or strengthen personal relationships.