New 2013 year for pregnant women - what to do pregnant for the New Year

  • New 2013 year for pregnant women - what to do pregnant for the New Year

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    For each person, perhaps, the New Year, the most important holiday of the year. Prepare for it in advance. The new 2013 year for pregnant women is a special milestone, because this is the first holiday your family meets with your baby, let it be just in the tummy. Therefore, this holiday you will have to remember for life. For this we plan everything to the smallest detail: whom to invite or whom to go to visit, what to wear and what to put on the table. Pre-holiday fuss is elated and on top of everything you are in an interesting position. It's worth thinking about how to celebrate the New Year without harming your health and your future child.

    Counting forces

    Preparing meals for the New Year's table, for a future mother can lead to fatigue and not very well and instead of a festive table, she will have to rest somewhere on the sidelines. To prevent this from happening, do not prepare a lot of dishes, or prepare for the festive dishes, let others do it.

    Before the New Year, according to tradition, among the economic hassles, the first place is always the general cleaning. Especially with enthusiasm for her fit future mothers. There was an occasion at last to bring everything in order, especially if we consider that after the appearance of a child in the home to do this for a while, there will simply not be enough time. Pregnant women have a syndrome in which she begins to build her nest. This is especially evident in the third trimester of pregnancy. The future mother begins to wash and clean everything. She has grand plans for redevelopment, repair, rearrangement. Given their position, it is best to take a leadership position in these projects, and the rest of the family should implement these plans, and monitor the level of utility of stress in the future mother.

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    How you want to shine in a dress for two

    New Year's attire for a pregnant woman

    It's been accepted New year to meet in a new festive clothes specially bought for this occasion. The future mother also wants to look beautiful and smart. But it should be borne in mind that the outfit will be necessary not only for her, but for her tummy. Do not be afraid to dress, a beautiful extravagant outfit. Do not worry that the acquired evening dress elegant dress will be worn only once in a lifetime. But this New Year your memory will be stored as something exceptional that has happened in your life. Such memorable moments should be joyful, and the outfit you choose for two should raise your mood on this New Year's Eve.

    New Year's hairdo

    After the purchase of the attire for the New Year are taken for a hairstyle. The hairstyle of the future mother depends on prejudices, whether it is necessary to cut hair or paint, how toxic substances in the dye will reflect on the future child, and whether the result of a beautiful hairstyle will be guaranteed.

    The symbol of the year 2013 for the Eastern calendar is the Black Water Snake, so it is worth trying to join the wisdom of this animal and choose for yourself the best version of the hairstyle, without exposing the baby to the risk, but also not listening to unjustified prejudices. A little entrepreneurial spirit and common sense and you will be able to achieve that your hair style for the New Year 2013 was unmatched!

    How to cope with culinary temptations

    In an interesting position, the future mother adheres to a diet. What products can she afford from the festive table? If you really want something, you can eat a little. Try as little as possible to eat fatty and spicy dishes, salads with mayonnaise and completely abandon carbonated synthetic drinks: cola, sprite, etc. Try to convince yourself that some dishes are just muck. And most importantly, do not overeat. If too much to eat, pull to sleep, and have to leave the holiday, secluded on the couch gaining weight. If the future mother prefers eating for two, she runs the risk of gaining excess weight or the fruit will be too large, which will lead to complications during childbirth.

    Should I meet the New Year with a glass of champagne?

    Is it necessary to meet the New Year with a glass of champagne

    If the approach to pregnancy planning is reasonable and conscious, and all the rules of a healthy lifestyle are observed throughout the pregnancy period, alcohol is completely excluded. We must always remember, because, like the food used by the future mother, so alcohol will be shared with the future baby. Alcohol through the placenta, without much difficulty, falls into an already developing organism, causing spasms. Vessels, placenta, umbilical cord begin to shrink convulsively, causing oxygen starvation of the fetus, mutations and defects in the development of organs and tissues in the fetus. Is it worth the risk of exposing the future of the child to such a risk? And no matter how much the desire of the future mother to drink for the New Year is great, remember, because the future of the child can depend on it.

    Of course, you should not expose the fruit to unjustified risk. But if you drink a glass of champagne for the New Year, do not panic.