How to economically meet the New Year 2014 - economy class

  • How to economically meet the New Year 2014 - economy class

    The New Year is a holiday that is eagerly awaited from childhood. It's such a magical day, when you believe that any conceived desire will come true. New Year - the time of magic and gifts, a time of new expectations and opportunities. Many cases are planned for the New Year.

    Almost every person treats the New Year as a big holiday. And you want to meet the holiday in a special way.

    Like any other holiday, the New Year can be seen at home with family or go for a walk with friends. For someone the best holiday will be a trip to another city or even another country. There are many options for meeting this magical holiday.

    Quite often the question arises, how to economically meet the New Year 2014?Make it so that the holiday is remembered, but this day did not greatly shake the family budget? It is necessary to remember several rules during the preparation for the holidays and try to observe them.

    Create an expenditure plan

    expenditure plan In order to understand how to economically meet the New Year 2014, the first thing to do is to draw up a clear cost plan. In it you need to try to display everything, including small expenses. This includes spending on food, drinks, gifts, Christmas decorations and other small things that remind you of a holiday. It should be understood what the amount of expenses for the holidays will be optimal.

    We must not forget that at this time there are costs and unrelated to the holiday. This is the payment of utilities, food, training, treatment, payments on loans.

    For convenience, costs can be divided into two parts. In the first list, you should specify the costs, without which you can not do, in the second - those that can be postponed for a later time. After all purchases are made from the first part, you can analyze the second list.

    When making a purchase, be sure to leave some of the money that you can spend after the holidays.

    Comparison of prices helps to save

    Comparison of prices for

    goods Many people are used to buying the goods they see in the first store, sometimes without even thinking about how much it is needed. If nevertheless the decision on purchase of this or that thing is made, it will be correct to compare the price for it in several shops. Very often the price tag can differ, and very much. Thus, by spending on finding the necessary things and comparing prices for more time, you can save a lot.

    Learn how to save is not so difficult

    It's easy to save

    Most likely, that on a festive table there will be sweets, canned goods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. These products are stored for a long time, so you can buy them and you need to advance. First, a few days before the New Year, the price for them will rise several times. And secondly, having bought these products in advance, you can avoid standing in the big queues that come before the New Year in almost every store.

    Many stores sell beautiful Christmas toys before the New Year. And they are located in the most accessible area of ​​the trading floor. Sometimes it is very difficult to pass them.

    Before buying Christmas-tree toys, you should look at all the decorations of the house that have remained since last year. It is possible that they can be enough for this one, so you will not have to buy new ones. By the way, many shops after the holidays sell Christmas toys at attractive prices. Buying toys for next year in January, you can save a lot.

    But when you buy a Christmas tree, the price should not become a decisive factor. Bad fir can very quickly turn yellow or crumble, and this can ruin the New Year's mood in the house. An excellent option - to buy an artificial tree home, which will look attractive for several years in a row. The stores offer a huge range of such trees, different in price and quality.

    Year of the Blue Wooden Horse

    Year of the Wooden Horse

    If the question arose about how to economically meet the New Year 2014, plans to visit restaurants on New Year's Eve should be postponed. A trip to rest for the New Year holidays is also not the most budgetary pleasure.

    Meet the New Year sparingly at home or visiting relatives and friends. Going to visit, you can take something with you on the table and souvenirs for all present at the festival. If there are children at the party, you can put on Santa Claus and Snow Maiden costumes - a warm welcome is provided. The guests will remember this appearance for a long time, and the rest of the holiday will really take place in the New Year atmosphere.

    If the friends decided that they themselves will come to visit, it is not necessary to organize a big feast. It will be interesting to celebrate the New Year, if you hold a themed party. Of food, you can limit yourself to light snacks, but arrange an interesting entertainment program.

    Another interesting way to celebrate the New Year is to celebrate a holiday in the central square of the city near the main tree. On New Year's Eve there is always a lot of people, fireworks are launched, fun performances are held. This day will be remembered for a long time!

    The most important thing is to celebrate the New Year in a good mood - then all next year you will be accompanied by luck and luck!