How to spend the New Year in another country - New Year's Eve in other countries

  • How to spend the New Year in another country - New Year's Eve in other countries

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    New Year holidays abroad - an idea, of course, wonderful. But, in addition to the desire and a sufficient amount of cash, you still need to know the most elementary things: the customs of the chosen country, the rules for issuing visas and passports, booking rules and even laws in force in this country."After the sleeves" should not apply to the choice of the tour operator.

    Let's try to decide together. And we will start, perhaps, with the basis of the fundamentals - the choice of the country.


    New Year in Finland

    Country of fairy tales. She was always considered the birthplace of our Russian Santa Claus( or "Finnish" Santa Claus).In recent years, the service here has risen significantly. The proposed tours( for three days, for a week) include not only staying in chic rooms, but also excursions, a visit to the water park, snowmobiling and skiing, visiting Lapland and even socializing with Santa Claus. Even adults get infected here! Tours in the majority - bus( or air flights), with departure from St.-Petersburg. Some tour operators additionally take delivery to Peter( you need to specify).The minimum cost of the tour at that time is $ 200( visa is not included in the payment), a cottage for the whole family( up to 6 people) will cost about $ 1400( maximum for 8 people, for a week).

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    Prague New Year

    This city literally beckons with its softness and romanticism. The main criteria of choice are inexpensive service and velvet lulling beauty of the city. Unlike the relatively quiet Finland, Prague literally bubbles in the New Year holidays. On the streets, many tourists and local residents noisily celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Here are opened and entertainment centers, and chic restaurants, and cozy bars. Fun reigns in these days literally everywhere. Boredom, even if you want, just will not work. The cost of tours will depend on the type of transport, which will fall your choice and the "star" of the hotel. Price categories vary significantly. On average, the trip will cost $ 1000 per person( for 7 days).This price includes a flight, a banquet and excursions.


    New Year in warm Egypt

    Country of the Sun, pyramids and golden sand. In exchange for $ 500 - $ 800( per week) you will get the warm sand of the beach, the sea and a real bronze tan. A truly beneficial exchange for those who would like to escape from Russian frosts. In most cases, the New Year's Eve dinner is not included in the tour, so an additional $ 25 - $ 120 is already paid on the spot. Some companies offer a round-up bonus - 10 days with discounts( about the same price).This proposal can be especially interesting for those who are going to go on a New Year's holiday with children.


    New Year in Israel

    Another Middle Eastern country worthy of attention. Favorite city of those who visited Israel in the winter - Eilat( the southernmost of the cities).The beautiful, almost fantastic and promising name of the city fully justifies itself. Hospitable Israel knows how to welcome guests. A vivid example is the five-star "Princess Eilat".In the fashionable hotel, even New Year's Eve guests aspire to New Year's Eve. A bright show program with fireworks, a concert program and a luxurious banquet table can satisfy requests of customers of any level. The cost of the tour varies from requests( $ 700 - $ 4,500).Essentially affects the total amount of the category of the selected number. Actually, if in the plans - a relatively modest rest, then you will be enough for a week and $ 1000.


    New Year in Thailand

    Country of luxury beaches, Buddhist temples, jewelry factories, floating markets and crocodile farms. There really is something to see and where to go for a walk. The cost of tours, of course, also varies considerably, but on average you can expect 2000 $.Rest under the very palm trees, where the bars of the "Bounty" are torn off, costs such money! In the program - beach vacation, a trip to the Seychelles, Mauritius, the Maldives, sightseeing and, of course - a New Year's Eve dinner.

    New York

    New Year in New York

    City of light, a city of cinema and music. Always noisy and cheerful, on holidays it becomes especially lively( even at night).New Year sales, fairs, fireworks and be sure to drop the "crystal" huge ball from the roof on the main street of Times Square. This moment in New York expect with the same enthusiasm, as we have - the battle of the chimes. The cost of the tour is $ 1800( minimum), but the maximum, of course, is not limited.

    The choice is endlessly wide and depends in many respects on the solidity of your bank accounts and of course your desire.

    Tips for

    What you need to know for traveling abroad

    First of all, it should be noted that not only did you decide to refuse to meet New Year's Eve at home. Do not start looking for permits and agencies on the eve of the holiday. Standard queues( terms) for obtaining passports and visas at this time are noticeably prolonged, because thousands of tourists go to the city of dreams. In addition, you run the risk of encountering the purchase of tickets even "third class".You can get holiday tours only in advance( at least for a month, or even earlier).Only such measures will insure you from refusal in settlement in hotels, absence of places in trains and airplanes and will not leave with already issued and paid package of documents in Russia. Do not rely on the omnipotence of travel agencies( which if they agree to help, then for an additional and decent amount) and listen to our Russian saying: "God cares for the birch!"

    And finally I would like to remind you that you are going to a foreign country, on the otherculture and other laws. Before paying for the tour( of course, in an agency that has earned the trust), read these laws. At least superficially. Take care of acquiring the map of the city in which you will be, because the Russian-speaking guide will not accompany you all the time, and get lost in a foreign country, as you might guess, is easier than an easy one. In advance, specify where your consulate is located( just in case) and on the same "every" occasion take with you an extra fan of green bills. Have a nice rest!