• How to have a rest in 2013

    In order for you to plan your time as successfully as possible, you need to know the content of the Government Decree on weekends and holidays in 2013, which determines how we are resting in the new 2013 year. So if you want to spend every New Year's Day smartly, study this article in advance and you will find out when you are going to have a rest.

    Festive calendar

    In the 112th article of the Labor Code of Russia it is said that official non-working days in the next year will be provided in normal quantity for a proper rest. New Year holidays will last throughout the first days of January. Then there are such holidays - March 8 and February 23, and the next - on May 1 and 9.Next, we celebrate the day of Russia, which is celebrated on June 12.In the autumn there will be a lull until the celebration of the Day of National Unity.

    And now your attention seems to be a little change. The New Year and its holidays will take a slightly different course, as in 2012, on April 12, amendments were made to the Labor Code, and this means that now two New Year's holidays will take place on the spring weekend.in May we will rest a lot, we will have to work only 6.7 and 8 May. With the exception of these days, we rest from May 1 to May 12.From now on, the New Year holidays will last from January 1 to 8.But the government itself will decide which holidays to add the remaining two days off. Isaev A., head of the Duma session on labor, veterans' affairs and social policy, noted that it is possible that these days off will be carried out by 1 or 9 May, and the decision will be based on what date it will be to create at least a small vacation.

    You can already prepare to go to work on January 9 on Wednesday, just after the Christmas celebrations. It is not entirely clear how people will react to this transfer of holidays. But, it is quite probable, 8 days will be quite enough to have a wonderful holiday and even go to relatives in another city. But there will be a great opportunity to work in the garden or dacha in May, after all, it is usually so hard to deal with the garden after hard working days. Therefore, thanks to this innovation, you can give enough time to rest( or work) at the cottage.

    Reflections in the government of

    Before the holidays of the New Year 2013 were changed so much, Gerce Yu, the head of the Federal Service for Labor and Employment, has already tried to make an offer for a one-day small movement of holidays. It is very likely that from the beginning of next year we will begin our vacation from December 30, and not from 31, as it was before. But then it turns out in any case that the New Year holidays will not be less lengthy, and this means that nothing will change, since as we rested earlier, so we will rest now. At the moment it is impossible to say exactly, confirm and accept the final decision at the expense of this shift. But still closer to November authorities promised to consider this issue and make a verdict on whether to extend the holidays( weekend) at the expense of the last days of December or not.

    A little bit about the symbolism of

    A bit about the symbolism of

    The New Year will be held under the sign of the Serpent. This means that, judging by the Eastern calendar, you need to prepare a feast and dishes so that you deserve the favor of this symbol of the year. The Year of the Serpent can be dynamic and intense. The snake is wisdom, latent slowness, patience and endurance, so the main task for you will be to focus on skills development, education or creativity.
    As for the color scheme, in this Serpent this year the prevailing black, blue-green and blue color. The real( current) date for the celebration of the New Year in 2013, referring to the Eastern calendar - February 10 next year. The year of the Serpent will last until January 31, 2014.