As a family to celebrate New Year 2014 - we celebrate New Year with family

  • As a family to celebrate New Year 2014 - we celebrate New Year with family

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    On the topic "How to meet the New Year with the family" was already given a great many all kinds of advice, including predictions of astrologers and magicians, clothing, table design and even detailed scenarios of the party. Perhaps, we will not be too original, but, nevertheless, we will make our contribution to the general collection of recommendations. We offer you several "raw" options. These are only the so-called "bumps", which you already diversify and embellish. You can choose a couple of ideas, and you can twist and put it all together.

    Tips for

    How to celebrate the New Year with the
    • family Prepare the New Year attributes. Indeed, the New Year is simply unthinkable without garlands, New Year costumes and masks, crackers, confetti and Bengal lights. In such an exciting turmoil involuntarily everyone is involved - both your children and yourself. For everyday troubles, we do not always have time to give such precious grains of attention and warmth, so spend together at least holidays. After all, the charm of the New Year is not in the New Year's Eve, but in its expectation, in preparations, in a general gay bustle. Do not deny this joy to neither children nor yourself.
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    • Family video. If before recording home video was really rare, then today a good record can be made even with most mobile phones. So check the camera( or phone) in advance and free up space for shooting. Memorizing pleasant memories is worth a lot, it's a part of your life, into which you can return at any second by clicking only the "view" button.
    Chocolate fondue
    • New recipes. Actually, the usual "Olivier", cheese sliced, caviar, tangerines and other "sovdepovskie delicacies" you, of course, can leave. This is, so to speak, a matter of habit. But why not untie your hands and cook only one dish that everyone will enjoy in your family? For example, cheese, or chocolate fondue. At us it is still an innovation, which, however, spreads incredibly quickly. The whole world fell in love with this Swiss dish. And no wonder - delicious, and interesting. The essence of cooking lies in the heating of the cheese( melted) or chocolate. Here you can fantasize and choose: you can leave cheese in the same composition, or you can add your favorite spices, some greens( coriander, dill, garlic), nutmeg, etc. Caramel and whipped cream are more suitable for chocolate. Pieces of bread( ham, meat) are dipped in cheese and eaten in such a way. For chocolate it is better to pick fruits( both dry and sun dried, or even fresh).The main thing is that the melted mass is constantly in a hot state. Eating such delicacies can be turned into a real fun: for example, the one who fell a piece, should tell an anecdote, or draw a miniature( the others guess), or kiss the person sitting next to it. There are many options. In addition, if you do not have a fondue kit, you can easily use a small saucepan and forks. Pajamas Party. A real family holiday, invented, probably, by the Americans. Walking on shopping on the eve of New Year's Eve, pay attention to the disks with children's films. Pick up a couple of these discs, and let the children choose sweets. In the evening scatter all the pillows, blankets and feather beds on the floor - arrange a family New Year's camp. Arrange the plates with treats and glasses with drinks right on the floor and enjoy your childhood with the children. This evening, allow yourself to plunge into spontaneity and forget about everything except your own family. The reward will be the happy smiles of your household.
    • Farewell to Failures. This rite came to us from Colombia and the places of South America. In its homeland, it is called "Ano Nuevo".Make a dummy of any shape( for example, in the form of a ball) made of paper. On a separate sheet, let each list the failures and mistakes that occurred in the outgoing year. Collect the leaves and place them in this dummy. And at midnight you will go out into the street and burn the personification of the negative. Let him go after the past year!
    Pie with a coin
    • Cake for good luck. This tradition is Greek. The day before the celebration, the hostess bakes a cake, putting a coin into the kneaded dough. Anyone who finds this coin in his piece of pie can count on luck next year. In cooking, let the children participate. Try to notice the place where the coin is invested and give a piece to the child. By the way, if you have more than one child, you can put( secretly, of course) the right amount of coins, and later, when each of the children finds a cherished talisman in their piece, picture the surprise: after all, the coin was one!. .

    We hope thatour advice will give you a reason to think. Of course, this is not a guide, but just an outline of a plan for action, which you can infinitely edit. But one axiom will remain unchanged and anyone who asks: "How to meet the New Year with your family?" We will answer: with sincerity, with warmth, with love, with tenderness, with concern for each other.