Champagne for the new year - which champagne to choose for the new year

  • Champagne for the new year - which champagne to choose for the new year

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    In connection with the approaching celebration of the New Year 2012, which is known to be the year of the Dragon, it is necessary to pay attention to the obligatory attribute of this year's main holiday - New Year's champagne. Of course, it is not a secret for anyone that this drink will stand on every festive New Year's table. Champagne for the New Year can be in the form of an ordinary bottle from the store, or it can cause your guests and loved ones complete admiration and admiration. Such a reaction always comes at the table when a beautiful and elegant bottle appears on it, made entirely in the author's design with the help of manual work in the technique of decoupage. It will be a real decoration of the holiday, and can also serve as a wonderful gift for someone from the surrounding. In addition, the next year's meeting of the Golden Dragon should be surrounded by as much luxury and beautiful things as possible, and the more showy wealth and chic will be during the celebration of the New Year, the better and more successful the whole coming 2012 will be.

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    Decoupage of New Year's Champagne

    Decoupage technique provides an unlimited opportunity to create own works without any artistic preparation. The very word decoupage means a special cutting technique, usually applicable in the form of various applications. Professionals under this term imply imitation on some subject and its surface of art painting. Naturally, the more unobtrusively all the work is done and, in particular, the application itself, the higher the level of the decorator.

    Decoupage techniques are often accompanied by various additional decorations and effects. For example, including in the decor elements of the author's drawing or screen painting, the effect of patching or krake. Even if you do not know how to draw, to master this simple technique, it will not be difficult for you. The main thing is to put a little imagination and skill.

    To make a smart champagne bottle with the theme of the New Year holiday, you can attract the whole family, and make a few bottles. For example, on a festive table make a beautiful applique in style, in which the whole interior of the house will be decorated. If you have blue and silver colors on the tree and garlands, then the bottle for champagne should be decorated in the same tones. The main, so to speak, the main bottle can also be decorated with decorative rhinestones, artificial pearls or vice versa, executed in the style of Russian creativity and decorated with fragments, slices of cones and nuts. The field for fantasy here is huge. You can also make children's themes, and separately for boys and girls. And imagine how happy your guests will be if each of them will be presented with a colorful bottle made for him in the form of a New Year's gift, with emphasized features or a written name. Agree, such vivid fragments of pleasure and attention will be remembered for life.

    Which champagne to choose for the New Year

    You can not find any person today who could imagine a New Year's table without champagne. The charming sounds of the departing cork with the simultaneous battle of the chimes give a sense of celebration and celebration, create a truly festive and cheerful mood.

    It is with a glass of this drink in our hands that it is customary for us to celebrate the New Year, to make a coveted wish, at the moment when the clock beats twelve beats. The new upcoming 2012 and champagne are inalienable concepts. Throughout the night, champagne will pour into the river, flirt with guests, distract them all from the worries and bustle that must remain in the past year.

    Everyone knows the usual New Year champagne, which is actually called the wine "Soviet".On the holiday, many drink "Russian champagne", the price of which is available to most. But of course, the usual champagne sold in stores and supermarkets can not be compared to branded champagne brut, which is made from quality grapes harvested on one plantation and processed with the help of special technology. Long-standing aging in special cellars significantly improves the aroma and taste of champagne brut wine, for which this elite brand is valued. Today, champagne wines are made in Russia, and in Europe, and in the US and other countries. However, classical champagne is usually considered only produced in his homeland - in France. The production of champagne there has long been considered an art.

    Technologists of the Soviet Union came very close to the original in their time, and at many exhibitions for decades "Soviet Champagne" received well-deserved prizes. So we can also buy a quality product, the main purchase is done in trusted stores and supermarkets, and not on random trays, and then you can safely celebrate the New Year with this sparkling, cheerful and invigorating drink.


    Ideas how you can beautifully decorate champagne for the New Year:

    Original champagne bottles in decoupage technique
    Original champagne bottles in decoupage technique
    Original champagne bottles in decoupage technique
    New Year champagne "Winter fairy tale"
    Christmas champagne "Winter fairy tale"
    New Year's Champagne "Winter's Tale"
    New Year's Champagne "Winter's Tale"
    Christmas Champagne "Winter's Tale"
    Champagne decoration with winter decoupage and bows
    Decoration of champagne with winter decoupage and bows
    Decoration with a decoupage, contour, crystals and beads
    Decoration with a decoupage, contour, crystals and beads
    Decoration with a decoupage, contour, crystals and beads
    Bottle in the direct decoupage technique
    New Year attire for a bottle of champagne
    Decoupage of bottles with mural elements
    Winter decoupage of bottles and candles
    Homemade decor of bottles in a New Year's style
    3D decor of bottles with wax drops nand the neck
    The volumetric decor of the new bottles
    New-Year bottles of champagne for the employees
    New-Year bottles of champagne for the employees
    Vintage decoupage of the new bottles with application of the crackle