• How does Christmas in Germany

    Like the rest of the world, Germans love to celebrate Christmas. This beautiful ancient tradition is of great importance for a believer. In different countries, a bright Christmas holiday is celebrated in its own way, each nation brings its national features to its celebration. And it is very important to know how Christmas is held in Germany, if you decided to spend Christmas holidays in this country.

    Christmas Eve Holiday

    Christmas Eve in Germany

    Preparing for Christmas in Germany begins long before nightfall from 24 to 25 December. In towns and villages, the first preparations for the holiday are already beginning at the end of October, but the main preparation is for the month of December. The holy evening of Heiligabend is celebrated on December 24th.

    Advent time

    Advent time

    Adventszeit time is a period of Christmas Eve waiting and preparation for the Christmas celebration.

    In total, there are four "Advent", that is, the four December Sundays that precede Christmas. The word "Advent" means "Waiting" or "Arrival".It is from the first "Advent" that the Catholic church year begins. Previously, during the "Advent" was observed fasting, but modern Germans no longer adhere to this long tradition. Days of "Advent" - a happy time for all who sincerely believe in the wonderful history of Christmas.

    Advent wreath

    In commemoration of the beginning of "Advent" in most families of Germany handcrafted Adventskranz is made - "Advent Wreath" made from twigs of evergreen trees. This wreath with love is decorated with elegant red and green ribbons collected in the woods with pine cones, and most importantly - the four candles, which are symbols of each week of the "Advent".When preparing for Christmas, any part plays an important role. For example, candles on a wreath should be of certain colors: three purple colors( they are lit during the first, second and fourth "Advent") and one pink color( intended only for the third "Advent").Every Sunday in December, in German families, under Christmas hymns and hymns, one candle on a wreath is traditionally lit.

    Advent Calendar

    German kids just love the time of the Advent. These days in each family, the parents are given Adventskalender children( a special "Advent Calendar") - a colorful cardboard box that looks like a rather large book with 24 slots-doors( according to the number of days from December 1 to December 24).Behind the doors of the calendar, in the indentations are delicious sweets, as a rule, it is delicate milk chocolate, which is so adored by all children. During the 24 December days, every German child opens his next numbered door with a sinking heart and takes out the desired treat. And in some calendars to the delight of the kids next to the chocolate are small toys.

    Christmas tree

    Christmas tree in Germany

    The mention of Tannenbaum was first recorded in 1605 in Strasbourg, it stated that people install Christmas trees in their homes. Christmas ornaments were made of colored paper roses, foil, wafers, apples and even sugar. Since then, the Christmas tree Tannenbaum has become traditional. In some areas of Germany there is an unusual Christmas custom: December 26 it is customary to visit friends to praise their beautifully decorated Christmas trees. This tradition is called Christbaumloben, which in translation means "Praise the Christmas tree".The owner of a hospitable home is always happy to pour a glass of brandy to a friend who praises his Christmas tree.

    Christmas in Germany is a beautiful family holiday. It is on December 25 that most Germans gather at a friendly family table. Many take a vacation during the Christmas holidays to visit their parents or relatives. This is a good old tradition, when people let briefly, but forget about the disagreements that have arisen in everyday life, forgiving each other's resentment and sincerely rejoicing that they can at last have a peaceful time in a cozy family circle.