• How to get rid of vascular asterisks on the face

    Fortunately, such a disease, as a spider, is not common. Most often occurs in women aged 30-40 years and gives a lot of trouble.

    Appears as a group of blood vessels under the skin and resembles a spiderweb or sprockets. Such manifestations on the skin have a reddish or purple hue, appearing on the face, legs or thighs. The cosmetic problem is especially noticeable on the face - in the region of the nose or cheeks.

    Vascular sprocket disease( another name - telangiectasia) is not associated with other symptoms and is a sign of insufficient functioning of the venous system. Capillaries of vascular asterisks intertwine with larger veins, the main cause of their appearance is the so-called venous reflux.

    The diagnosis is made by the doctor during a physical examination. Sometimes a more detailed examination of the body is required, then ultrasound of the veins and internal organs, blood and urine tests are prescribed. All these analyzes detail the clinical picture, thereby helping to get rid of the spider veins on the face
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    Types of vascular asterisks, the site of the manifestation

    By origin, the disease has a different nature. Types of vascular asterisks:

    • arterial;
    • capillary;
    • venous.
    In appearance, the vascular asterisks are divided into the following categories:

    • linear;
    • arachnids;
    • point;
    • tree.
    All types of vascular asterisks, regardless of origin or appearance, are treated in the same way. The peculiarity of the treatment is the relative painlessness and efficiency of the process.

    The disease is often manifested in critical days in women, as it is directly related to hormonal changes in the body. In this period, there are vascular asterisks on the face - cheeks or nose.

    There may also be vascular disorders on the legs or thighs. The most problematic are the asterisks on the face, as they worsen the appearance and cause discomfort.

    Causes of

    The main causes of the appearance of vascular asterisks are predisposition or genetic heredity. Often there is a disease as a result of hard work and heavy physical labor.

    Professions associated with the need to stand or sit for a long time often lead to the appearance of vascular asterisks. More to the causes of the disease include hormonal changes, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, obesity, pregnancy.

    In rare cases, the vascular asterisks appear at the site of the injury many years later. People with fair skin are prone to vascular disorders, in particular to vascular asterisks, when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

    Removal of Vascular Sprockets

    Vascular asterisks are a signal about the possibility of a varicose veins course. How are they manifested? The dilated capillary loses its tone, and the blood vessels inside the skin can stretch.

    To maintain your health, in this case it is necessary to consult a phlebologist. If the ultrasound of the veins and other studies have shown that the veins are normal, then you can contact the beauty salon to remove the asterisks.

    If varicose veins are larger, feeding a capillary grid of asterisks, then treatment in the complex is necessary. Usually, non-invasive methods of treatment are used or are invasive in minimal manifestation.

    How to remove vascular asterisks on the face of

    Basically, for the treatment of vascular asterisks, such cosmetic procedures as:

    • sclerotherapy are used.
    • coagulation.
    Sclerotherapy involves the removal of a damaged diseased vessel with sclerosant - a special drug. The session is almost painless and lasts only a few minutes, in rare cases up to half an hour. Advantages of this procedure are absolute safety, minimal injuries and high efficiency. An experienced doctor seals the varicose vein, and it never shows up in the future. Side effects occur extremely rarely in the form of phlebitis, wounds or bruising. Redness quickly passes and does not cause discomfort.

    Neodymium laser is used in the treatment of small lesions of the vascular asterisk. Technology allows you to selectively coagulate the affected vessels, while healthy areas remain unscathed. Small vessels can be completely removed, and hemangiomas diminish in size and pale. Intensive light or laser affects the skin, as a result, connect the walls of varicose veins. Since the laser can be directed very accurately, healthy tissues are not affected and not damaged. The procedure is painless, the patient only feels a slight burning sensation. It is recommended to conduct 2-5 sessions of laser therapy in order to get a good result. The procedure is effective, does not cause pain and injury.

    Modern methods and technologies to combat vascular asterisks can get rid of the ailment forever. The patient's feedback after the passage of laser therapy is positive. Redness goes through a few days, and the effect is very high. The skin looks healthy and beautiful.

    Prognosis of treatment

    Because the vascular asterisks cause a hormonal failure, you should pay attention to the previous illnesses. Perhaps after an abortion or pregnancy hormonal changes occurred and vascular disorders appeared.

    In addition, endocrine diseases can lead to a vascular asterisk. In any case, a consultation of a gynecologist and an endocrinologist is necessary in order to normalize the hormonal background in the body.

    In addition to hormonal failure and endocrine disorders, the cause of the vascular asterisk may be increased stress. Professional athletes often suffer from varicose veins and use special protective bandages and bandages for prevention. Sometimes dancing, gymnastics provokes the development of varicose veins and the appearance of a vascular asterisk. Doctors recommend not to overload the body, to observe the correct regime of the day and nutrition.

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    Preventive measures

    For prevention of venous diseases it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, as smoking and alcohol have a negative effect on the state of the vessels.

    Power is also important. If the blood contains high cholesterol, then the blood vessels sooner or later are destroyed. To normalize the level of cholesterol, it is enough to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, olive and flaxseed oil, fish, seafood, lean meat, nuts, greens, legumes, melons( see how to lower cholesterol).

    It's better to give up fatty and fried foods, refined foods, vegetable fats, sweet drinks. Easily assimilated products promote good metabolism, prevent obesity and vascular diseases.

    Treatment of a vascular asterisk, first of all, begins with the diagnosis. If the body has problems with the functioning of internal organs, then these problems are eliminated. Further, ultrasound examination of veins and vessels is performed, and depending on their condition, treatment is prescribed. Today, medicine has gone far ahead, and can offer many modern treatments. The most effective is laser therapy.

    New medical centers to combat cosmetic problems include advanced equipment and highly qualified specialists that will help eliminate spider veins in a short time.

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