• Diet 5 tablespoons

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    • The essence and rules of losing weight on a diet 5 spoons
    • Diet 5 tablespoons: 7 days menu
    • Results, reviews of thin and doctors about diet 5 spoons

    5 spoonful diet helps to lose weight, tame appetite and significantly reduce stomach volume

    The diet of 5 tablespoons is a popular and highly effective technique that allows you to win over excess weight and tame an uncontrollable appetite.

    The main trophies at the end of the slimming program 5 spoonfuls will be significantly reduced weight and a slim figure.

    The essence and rules of losing weight on a diet of 5 spoons ^

    The essence of the dietary method of 5 spoons is a balanced diet and strict control of servings.

    The process of losing weight is triggered by the use of easily digestible, non-nutritive and healthy food, taken in strictly limited quantities( 5 tablespoons in size).

    A 5-spoon diet is based on four mandatory rules:

    1. Eating should be done every three hours;
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    3. The volume of a single serving is equal to five tablespoons or 150 grams;
    4. Separate use of any liquid( tea, cocoa, compotes, fruit drinks, etc.) from the main meal;
    5. Strict ban on sweet carbonated juices and drinks containing sugar.

    Advantages of the method of losing weight "5 tablespoons" are quite significant:

    • Overweight begins to decline rapidly;
    • The volume of the stomach gradually decreases in size, which in the future allows the slimming to not overeat;
    • No permanent calorie count is required;
    • The process of digestion is considerably normalized;
    • The body is saturated with the necessary nutrients, minerals, enzymes and vitamins;
    • Dietary program 5 tablespoons does not cause a stressful condition, because in its menu it is sometimes allowed to enter and sweet products;
    • There are no contraindications;
    • The dropped kilograms do not return again;
    • The results of weight loss will be noticeable in the first days.

    The only drawback of the technique is 5 tablespoons-it is rather difficult to tolerate in the first 3 -4 days. However, in order to avoid this shortcoming, you need to enter the slimming program gradually. For this, in the first week, you must adhere to a single volume of dishes to 10 spoonfuls, and in the second week to 8 spoonfuls.

    The most suitable products for a diet of 5 tablespoons are:

    • Fruit, berries;
    • Steamed, steamed, boiled, fresh vegetables;
    • Legumes and cereals;
    • Mushrooms, chicken and beef meat, fish and seafood;
    • Milk, sour-milk products, yoghurts, cottage cheese, cheeses;
    • Greens, spices, sauces, condiments, olive oil;
    • Juices, fruit drinks, compotes, decoctions, tea, cocoa without sugar.

    In addition to the above products, it is allowed to include high-quality smoked products( sausage, cheese), macaroni dishes, black bread, sweets in the diet.

    Diet 5 tablespoons: 7 days menu ^

    A sample menu for the dietary method "5 tablespoons" recommends the following:


    • 8.00.porridge on water from oatmeal with slices of apples, cocoa;
    • 11.00.bananas - 150 g;
    • 14.00.salad of kiwi, apple and banana, dressed with yogurt without additives;
    • 17.00.stew of carrots, potatoes, cabbage, onions and peppers with sour cream;
    • yoghurt with dried apricots;
    • At night a glass of fresh orange juice.


    • 8.00.millet - rice porridge "Friendship", cooked on low-fat milk with butter, kefir;
    • 11.00.milk and muesli - 150 ml;
    • 14.00.spaghetti, steamed beef cutlet, tea;
    • 17.00.carrot salad with cheese;
    • 20.00.fruit salad, broth from prunes;
    • At night a glass of grapefruit juice.


    • 8.00.omelettes( eggs, milk, tomatoes, cheese), yogurt;
    • 11.00.a couple of sandwiches with smoked sausage, a tomato, a thin plastic of cheese, decorated with a sprig of parsley;
    • 14.00.fish soup;
    • 17.00.seaweed, a piece of black bread( the general norm is up to 200 grams);
    • 20.00.Baked pollock with potatoes in sour cream;
    • At night, a glass of carrot juice. Thursday
      • 8.00.buckwheat with ground beef, tea;
      • 11.00.cabbage - apple salad;
      • 14.00.Bulgarian pepper stuffed with minced beef with spices;
      • 17.00.kefir, nuts and dried fruits;
      • 20.00.steam dishes from pieces of beef, vegetables and soy sauce;
      • At night a glass of pomegranate juice.


      • 8.00.apple pancakes with oatmeal;
      • 11.00.any salad( pomegranate bracelet, Caesar, Olivier, etc.);
      • 14.00.chicken soup with broccoli;
      • 17.00.banana - milkshake;
      • 20.00.a piece of boiled chicken, potato mashed potatoes with milk on milk;
      • At night, a glass of apricot juice.


      • 8.00.chocolate piece of cake or marmalade, milk or tea( preferably herbal);
      • 11.00.kefirchik and apple puree 50/50;
      • 14.00.pumpkin casserole;
      • 17.00.berry jelly;
      • 20.00.salad from canned pineapple, kiwi and pomegranate;
      • At night, a glass of berry drink.


      • 8.00.cereal from semolina with a teaspoon of any jam;
      • 11.00.banana and berry cocktail;
      • 14.00.pasta with vegetables and shrimps;
      • 17.00.an average tomato stuffed with eggs, crab sticks and cheese;
      • 20.00.sea ‚Äč‚Äčkale or boiled squid;
      • At night, a glass of compote.

      You can also include any other dishes on the menu. However, if the dietary diet will be in large quantities fast food, fried, sweet and other harmful high-calorie food, weight reduction will occur very slowly.

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      Results, testimonials of those who lose weight and doctors about a diet of 5 spoons ^

      The results of a diet of 5 tablespoons - weight reduction of up to 5 kg per week or up to 16 - 20 kg per month. If you take advantage of the gradual entrance to the diet, then it will be very easy to carry over in the future. You can stick to it for a week, or a month or more, until the desired weight loss is achieved. After the achieved level of weight loss, there is no need to worry about the rapid return of the departed kilograms, since a decrease in the stomach will restrain excessive consumption of food.

      Correct exit from the diet of 5 tablespoons provides only a slight increase in the norms of one serving. It must also be remembered that physical activities and proper nutrition without overeating and late suppers are capable of providing a beautiful and harmonious body for a long time.

      Numerous reviews on the diet of 5 tablespoons are only positive and are expressed as follows:

      • The weight falls off perfectly during the first few days;
      • There is no need to give up the usual food;
      • The work of the digestive system is greatly improved.

      Dieticians consider a diet of 5 spoonfuls of one of the most easily tolerated, useful and balanced dietary techniques. Its use does not cause psychological discomfort, since it does not limit the use of your favorite food.

      In addition, reducing the volume of the stomach in the future helps to effectively quench unbridled outbreaks of hunger. Nutritionists are also advised between a three-hour break to drink a cup of green tea in small sips, and 40 minutes before eating, eat 1 tablespoon of bran, drinking it with a glass of water.

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