How to make perfect make-up - make make-up perfect( + photo)

  • How to make perfect make-up - make make-up perfect( + photo)

    Only in very extreme cases and only very happy women have the opportunity to spend daily on applying makeup an hour or more. In the main, no one can afford this. At the same time, absolutely every girl and woman wants to look at the whole thing, which means it's time to figure out how to make the perfect make-up without spending a lot of time.

    What you need for make-up

    Everything you need for a perfect make-up

    In order to make the perfect make-up you will need at least close to the ideal makeup and tools for its application. Believe me, very rarely, using only low-quality products, you can make a beautiful make-up that will keep in perfect condition at least during the working day.

    Today there is such a huge variety of brushes for make-up and cosmetics, that to choose something that is most suitable for both quality and price is not difficult. In this case, do not think that you need exceptionally expensive brands with a sonorous name. All wrong. Quite enough:

    • good shadows palette;
    • blush of one or two colors( pink and warm peach);
    • corrector for small rashes and eye area;
    • powder of suitable shade;
    • tonal basis, ideally fusing with your skin tone;
    • black eyeliner and natural for lips;
    • mascara;
    • lipstick, the shade of which looks good on you, and shine.

    Such a necessary minimum "arsenal" of funds for an ideal make-up. Believe, using what is listed here, you can create a lot of completely different images.

    Perfect skin tone

    Any make-up, perfect including with face preparation, begins. This includes washing, cleaning with a tonic, applying a corrector and tonal basis. You can go even further and get yourself a special foundation, the so-called "primer".With his help, your make-up will not disappear anywhere during the day and will be as beautiful and fresh as if you had just done it.

    Never apply a new make-up until the previous one has been removed. Even if you are in a hurry. First you need to remove the remnants of past make-up and only then proceed to a new one.

    By the way, as your foundation for tonal cream can act your habitual day cream. Just make sure that it does not make the skin even greasy than it really is.

    Next, the corrector. It is applied only pointwise to places where there are any shortcomings. You can carry out this procedure with both your fingers and a special brush. Fingers even will be a little better, because thanks to their warmth, the remedy will be much easier to distribute over the skin. Remember, the correctors never rub, they are driven with light movements.

    Now that you have hidden all the skin imperfections, you can start applying the tonal remedy. It is very important that it is by no means darker than your natural face. Believe me, it looks awful. If it is very difficult for you to pick up the tone, take one that is a bit lighter. When you use powder and blush, the color will not seem so light. When applying, pay attention to the fact that there are no lines and boundaries between the dyed skin and clean.

    Perfect eye make-up

    So you've prepared your face, so it's worth starting to make-up your eyes. Do not forget about their main frame - eyebrows. They need to be corrected with a pencil of suitable color or matte shadows. The latter is even preferable, because the effect is much more natural.

    To make your eyes look beautiful, you'll have to "wow" a little with them. There are many techniques for applying shadows, but we will discuss the most common rules:

    1. In the middle of the mobile age, it is superfluous to apply a little nacre. This will give the eyes extra volume and depth.
    2. Always draw a line of growth of the upper lashes. Just do not make the line too thick, it's only suitable for thematic make-up. A thin, clear line above the eyelashes will make them visually more dense.
    3. Be sure to ensure that the boundaries of different shades of shadows are well-blended. Remember, there should never be a color border.
    4. To make the eyes more visually, draw the mucosa of the lower eyelid with a white pencil.

    Ideal Lip

    Lipstick or shine should only be applied to pre-cleaned and softened lips. That is, before you start making makeup, apply a little scrub to your face and rub your lips. After this procedure, always apply balm and do not wash until the time comes to add lipstick.

    For a more saturated and long-lasting color of lipstick, you need not only to trail the lip contour, but also completely fill the entire surface with a pencil.

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