How to keep a tan for a long time - preserving the tan

  • How to keep a tan for a long time - preserving the tan

    Going to rest on the sea, every woman wants to get a smooth and beautiful tan. But after returning home from vacation, tanning begins to go away, and the skin becomes pale. How to keep a tan for a long time, so that you can surprise and delight your surrounding people with your swarthy skin for a long time?

    First you need to understand where and under what circumstances the tan was obtained. There are southern tan and local. It is believed that the first is more short-lived than the tan, purchased, for example, in the country. This is due to the fact that our skin is not adapted to the effects of the scorching southern sun. This adversely affects the skin in the form of burns. Even if you sunbathe in the morning or in the evening, there is a chance that the skin will burn. After a sunburn, the burnt skin begins to regenerate. It happens this way: those skin cells that burned, peeled and refreshed, and the tan in the meantime descends.


    Tan properly

    In order for the acquired tan to last a long time, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

    1. Sunbathing in the shade. In order not to harm the skin, it is necessary to sunbathe in the shade, that is, under the indirect rays of the sun. But in this case it will take more time to get a tan.
    2. Take into account the individual characteristics of your skin. On a swarthy skin tan falls more quickly and lasts longer, so a white woman needs to first prepare the skin for sunburn. Start the process of preparation with the adoption of water procedures: baths, saunas, home baths with the addition of sea salt. In this case, the skin will be steamed, and the exfoliating agents will remove all contaminants and keratinized particles. This procedure helps to get a faster and more even tan.
    3. Use of special cosmetics. After the sun bathing, it is necessary to take care of the hydration of the skin. As already mentioned above, sun exposure to the skin leads to exfoliation of the upper layers of the epidermis. Applying moisturizers to the skin helps slow down this process. To preserve the tan after the sea, you need to have cosmetics that you should use before and after sunbathing.
    4. Abstain from bleaching agents. In the composition of some masks, creams for the skin, decorative cosmetics, there are components that contribute to whitening and exfoliating the skin. It is better to refuse such means for a while, so that they do not spoil the sunburn. This applies to sour-milk products, cucumber, lemon, which also have a whitening effect.

    Saving with home remedies

    Carrot mask

    Learn how to keep tan after the sea with vegetable products for a longer time. There are several ways to preserve sunburn folk remedies:

    1. Rubbing the skin. You can use cocoa, coffee, tea to wipe the skin. This will maintain a golden hue of the skin. In addition, tea helps to tighten the pores, as well as moisturizing the epidermis. To wipe your face, you can use an infusion made of chamomile and string.
    2. Carrot mask. A finely grated carrot mixes with a tablespoon of olive oil and is applied face to face. After 20 minutes, the mask is washed off with water. It is not recommended to use such a mask on light skin, since it is likely that it will turn yellow.
    3. Coffee scrub. It is made from freshly brewed coffee. After that, the liquid merges, and the rest of the dense part is superimposed on the face in the form of a mask.
    4. Tomato mask. This mask is designed to temporarily maintain a swarthy skin. It is made from tomatoes, which must be kneaded, then add a little olive oil and fatty cottage cheese. The tomato mask is applied to the body for 20 minutes. At the end of time, it is washed off with water.

    Power rules

    Power is important

    Proper nutrition is also able to preserve tan for a long time. First of all, during the holiday you need to drink more water. To feed the skin any water: purified, mineral, carbonated, non-carbonated. It is also useful to eat foods that contain fat: salmon, sardine, tuna, and vegetable oils. These products contain the amino acid tyrosine, which helps maintain the dark pigment of the skin.

    The consumption of vitamins A, C, E also contributes to the preservation of sunburn. Vitamin A, or beta-carotene, when ingested, helps stimulate the production of melanin. Melanin is the activator and fixer of sunburn. A lot of it is contained in carrots, as well as spinach, peach, apricot.


    Vitamin C is found in vegetables, fruits, tomatoes, black currants, peppers, strawberries, citrus fruits. They are eaten raw, or they make juice from them.

    Milk, spinach, egg yolk, carrots, beef liver, tomatoes, cheeses contain vitamin A, the assimilation of which occurs together with fats.

    Fresh vegetables, almonds, vegetable oils - such as corn, sunflower - contain vitamin E.

    With the help of a tanning salon and autosunburn

    Sunburn in the

    solarium. Swarthy, tanned skin can be maintained with an autosunburn and visits to the solarium using special creams. The means by which the skin acquires a tanned appearance must be expensive and of high quality to avoid the appearance of spots on the skin and uneven sunburn.

    Please note! It is very important before visiting the solarium to make sure that there are no medical contraindications to visit. To maintain a golden hue of the skin, the solarium is enough to visit once a week.

    But then there is another problem, how to keep a tan after a tanning salon? In this case, you need to use cosmetics - prolongators or fixers. They are used after visiting the solarium to secure the tan.

    These drugs are moisturizing complexes that tone and restore the epidermis, provide a rejuvenating effect, and also give the skin a shine.

    Choose a cream for a certain type of skin, which will retain a tan after visiting the solarium, a specialist in the beauty salon will help, in which the solarium sessions will take place.

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