• Pityriasis: photos, symptoms and treatment, causes

    Otryvidnym deprive called fungal lesions of the skin, which is characterized by a prolonged chronic course.

    In everyday life it is also called a sun fungus or a multicolored lichen. The development of the disease provokes a special kind of fungus.

    Usually manifested by the presence of characteristic spots of different sizes on the surface of the skin. The skin changes its texture. Lishai gives a person a lot of inconvenience and can lead to complications, so the disease requires timely treatment and prevention.

    Causes of pity lichen

    This disease belongs to the class of infectious diseases. In humans, it causes a special kind of yeast-like fungus, known under the Latin name Pityrosporum orbiculare, which lives in the stratum corneum of the epidermis. In an insignificant amount this fungus is a typical inhabitant of the microflora of human skin.

    However, under any favorable circumstances, the fungus multiplies excessively, provoking rashes. Most often people who live in a hot and humid climate are sick. Also, studies show that people suffering from excessive sweating are prone to this disease. This is due to the special chemical composition of the sweat of individual people, which contributes to the multiplication of fungus spores.

    Pityriasis is a disease that affects mainly young women and men. The provoking factors are endocrine disorders, oncology, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance. Very rarely it occurs in small children under the age of 7 years.

    An exception is diabetes or tuberculosis, which in some cases can provoke a similar complication. This disease is considered to be non-contagious. However, in very rare cases, it is possible to transmit the fungus through everyday conditions, the use of common hygiene items.

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    Symptoms of Pityriasis

    Pityriasis shows itself characteristic symptoms, namely the presence of spots of different size on the human body. Most often they are localized in the upper zone of the trunk, as well as on the neck, stomach, and underarms. The arrangement of the spots is asymmetrical, the shape is irregular or round. At the very beginning of the disease, they are small in size with clearly defined edges.

    If the disease progresses, the symptoms are also worsening - stains can merge, forming quite large foci.

    The color of the spots varies from yellowish to pinkish-red. The skin in these places changes its usual structure. On it small petriform scurfs appear. Itching and other unpleasant sensations occur very rarely. The disease is characterized by a chronic course. Spots can last for months, sometimes they disappear even without the necessary treatment in these cases.

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    Diagnosis of the disease in a person is carried out during a full-time examination with an experienced dermatologist. Several special methods are used to confirm the diagnosis. The most popular is the sample with iodine( Balzor test).

    For its conduct on the stains, apply 2% iodine solution. If a person is sick with pityriasis, then the spots in this case will acquire a brownish-brown color. Also a popular method of diagnosis is the use of the ultraviolet lamp Wood. Under its fluorescent glow, spots on the skin acquire a pink or brown hue.

    If necessary, also conduct laboratory tests. In this case, the epidermis tissues are tested for the identification of individual fungi. When diagnosing it is important to differentiate the ailment from other similar dermatological pathologies. In particular, it is a question of vitiligo, pink deprivation of Gilbert, secondary syphilis, various kinds of dermatoses.

    Pityriasis - treatment

    Treatment of pityriasis is carried out in outpatient settings, using special medications. In the vast majority of cases, the prognosis for cure is very good. If the lesion is not strong, use only external means. Otherwise, complex treatment is necessary.

    First of all, in case of pityriasis, antifungal agents are prescribed. Most often - a variety of creams and ointments. Active substances can be different: ketoconazole, bifonozole, sertaconazole and many others. In severe cases, antimycotics are prescribed for internal use.

    Also at this type of depriving apply exfoliating agents that help to get rid of stains and flakes faster. For this purpose, the skin is recommended to be wiped with a weak solution of salicylic acid or rubbed into the skin of the Wilkins ointment. The so-called method of Demjanovich became widespread in the treatment of pityriasis.

    Its essence is to subsequently lubricate the affected skin first with a 60% aqueous solution of thiosulphate and then with a 6% solution of hydrochloric acid.

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    Preventive measures

    Since physicians note an increased predisposition to dermatological diseases in certain individuals, it is recommended that prophylaxis of pityriasis in humans be performed. This is especially true for those who have already at least once had a disease with this disease.

    People who have excessive sweating, are advised to wipe the body with cool, slightly acidified vinegar or lemon juice, water. Also these recommendations should be applied during the hot season. Doctors advise to abandon clothes that can cause irritation: synthetics, wool. In the period of recovery, all clothing that comes into contact with the body must be boiled, since it may be the causative agent of the disease.

    Important for prevention is vitamin therapy. Also doctors strongly recommend to establish the correct mode of life, to diversify their diet with useful food. Very important is the psychological health of a person. Many studies prove that people who have stressful situations in their lives are more likely to be exposed to dermatological problems.

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