What to do if the neck hurts - pain in the neck

  • What to do if the neck hurts - pain in the neck

    The person's neck is involved in the execution of a huge number of important functions. Perhaps because of this, it so often becomes a vulnerable place.

    Painful sensations in the neck - pain in the zone of the cervical spine, which often becomes a signal about the mechanical problems that have arisen in this place.

    In very rare cases, neck pain indicates a systematic illness. Yes, it can be very strong, but most often the soreness disappears after a week or two. In some cases, pain can be given in the hand.

    Diseases that cause neck pain

    The main causes of the pain can be called:

    • pain in the neck - the main complaint of the patient. It can appear in a person of any age, sex and state of health. The main reasons for the appearance are osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis of the spine. Another common cause is damaged ligaments or muscles of the spine. Most often, it is the intervertebral discs and joints or the back muscles themselves;
    • as it was written earlier, the main causes of pain in the neck - osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis. The prevalence of the first disease is increasing every year. The main focus of pain - damaged intervertebral joints. Changes in them become the main cause of acute torticollis and myofascial pain;
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    • pain in the neck can be caused by osteochondrosis. The causes of the appearance of a painful condition: the consequences of cervical spine injuries, spine and spinal cord tumors, craniospinal anomalies;
    • very often the pain in the neck arises from overstrain of muscles, hypothermia( for example, due to a long stay in a draft), too sick physical exertion, sleep in a not very comfortable position.

    The pain in the neck usually goes away after a while. But if this did not happen or the pain becomes stronger with time, you need to visit the chiropractor.

    What to do with neck pain

    There are enough ways to remove pain in the neck. In addition to special exercises they include medicines, folk remedies, complex procedures and massages. You can choose one for yourself only if you understand well why your pain has arisen. And for this you need to know the causes of the appearance of a painful syndrome.


    The easiest way to get rid of neck pain is to take any analgesic, preferably having an anti-inflammatory effect. These drugs include: diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen and voltaren. The listed means can be found in the form of ointments, tablets, suppositories and gels. Use them in small amounts and only to relieve soreness.

    Very interesting point, which should be taken into account when taking medication - it is desirable to stay away from taking drugs with hypnotic effect. Of course, they do not bring harm to the neck, but when a person falls asleep artificially, he often takes absolutely unnatural poses. Having woken up in the morning, it is possible with unpleasant surprise to notice that the pain from the neck not only did not go away, but also spread to the lower back, back and limbs.

    Tip : Sleep best on your back on hard surfaces.


    Exercises for the neck

    A very large number of people and do not know that there are many contraindications for painful sensations in the neck. For example, in any case, do not go out into the street without fastening the collar before it. After all, cold air is a common reason for the numbness of the neck muscles.

    In addition, it is better to try not to sit in the same place, immobility aggravates morbidity. The best pose is the hips and legs at right angles, a flat back, a look in front of you.

    When you work in front of your computer, make sure that the monitor is standing right in front of your eyes. Otherwise you will turn from side to side head, tilt and tilt it. You do not need to watch TV or read texts less than one meter away.

    From time to time, you need to take breaks, during which to go around the room, do a couple of very simple exercises. It is advisable to make such breaks every half hour, this provides the least strain on the muscles of the neck.

    Accustom yourself in the morning doing exercises for the muscles of the neck:

    • make a few nods;
    • with your head( only slowly);
    • output the alphabet in the air. It is very important not to make sudden movements and try to use all muscle groups;
    • stand up, move up and down shoulders;
    • pick up something heavy and pull them to your chest;
    • if you have access to the bar, you can just hang on it a minute a day. This greatly helps to relieve soreness.

    Of course, do not expect that the pain will be instantaneous, you will have to suffer for a while. But such gymnastics is a wonderful way to prevent the appearance of soreness in the future.


    The appearance of pain in the neck behind - a very common phenomenon. But do not know what to do about it. If such a nuisance has happened to you, know that the most effective way to remove pain is to do this massage. At what a little unusual.

    The essence of it is to put the patient on his back and turn his head in different directions. It is also very important to stretch the muscles of the neck, massaging them with slow movements.

    In this procedure, the muscles of the occipital part of the head will be used besides the neck. Consider that it is very important to massage each vertebra apart from others. Therefore, to myself to make such a massage is almost impossible, it is necessary to ask someone from relatives or friends.

    If no one is around, you can just lie on a hard surface, remove the pillow, and relax. Under the neck is to put a special roller or a massager. On the roller in general it is best to accustom yourself to sleep. Yes, from the very beginning it will seem very hard to you, but then a good sleep will return and the pain in the neck will disappear.

    Now you know the effective ways to get rid of the pain. But remember, always the best variant of struggle - visiting of the doctor. Only it will help to cope with soreness, without hurting you.