How to treat barley on the eye - treatment for barley on the eye

  • How to treat barley on the eye - treatment for barley on the eye

    Barley is an acute, purulent, painful inflammation in the eyelid at the location of the sebaceous gland or the ciliary hair follicle. Externally, barley looks like a limited swelling at the edge of the eyelid, which prevents you from looking and blinking. And although approximately on the third day a yellow-white dot usually appears on its apex( through which purulent filling of barley is shown through), and then the abscess can open itself and the pus to flow out, it is still necessary to be aware of how to treat barley on the eye. In fact sometimes( including at attempt to squeeze out pus) barley can become the reason of complications: occurrence of a phlegmon( a purulent inflammation) eye socket, meningitis and even a thrombosis of a cavernous sinus.

    Appearance of barley

    The main causes of barley on the eye are infection by pyogenic microbes against a background of a number of diseases and a decrease in immunity. Dangers of infection are affected by people with diabetes, blepharitis( inflammation of the eyelids), conjunctivitis. In the last two cases, treatment of the underlying disease is required at the same time as taking measures to get rid of barley.

    Treatment of barley on the eye

    All medical measures are aimed at the destruction of microbes that have fallen into the eyelids. And the sooner they are started, the less likely the occurrence of complications. However, barley on the eye symptoms are bright and clear does not cause. Most likely, you suddenly realize that too often rubbing eyes, while experiencing a slight burning or pain. This is the so-called initial stage of the disease, requiring the application of dry heat, UHF, instillation of disinfectant solutions( 20 percent sulfacyl sodium, gentamicin or furatsilina).

    If barley was found, for example, in the morning, in the already purulent state, it is worth waiting for it to burst( but always consult a doctor and clarify the treatment process).Most likely, ointment with sulfonamides or antibiotics for eyelids will be required.

    Unfortunately, barley can go into a relapsing form( with improperly selected or prescribed treatment, as well as with reduced resistance of the body to infections).In this case, you need to increase immunity, undergo a course of autohemotherapy( treatment with your own venous blood) or blood transfusion( blood transfusion).

    Folk methods

    Folk methods of barley treatment

    Let's start with the old Russian conspiracies and take. In the old days, people, discovering the first signs of barley, showed him just. .. fig. To do this, fold the fingers of your hand in the right way and point your thumb directly at the affected eyelid. Repeat this movement several times, lingering in this position for 2-3 minutes. Previously, such a gesture was considered "protective", that is, banishing harm. For reliability and protection from the evil eye, you can mentally read the prayer "Our Father. .."( if you believe in God), repeating it in the evenings when bathing your baby( and watering it with warm water).

    There is also a separate plot from barley. Moisten your index finger with saliva, anoint them with a sore eye, while saying three times the words of the conspiracy:

    "Lord, bless! The sun to the west, the day to the end, the twig on the eye to the conclusion - it will disappear, as the brow turns black. The key and the lock are mine. "

    More "mundane" folk methods of barley treatment are based on the use of disinfectant herbs:

    • juice or infusion of fresh plantain to use for washing and lotions: 3 st.lozhki grass to insist in a glass of boiling water( apply 4 to 6 times a day);
    • dry flowers of calendula( popularly this plant is called "nails") pour boiling water at the rate of one tablespoon of grass to a glass of water;insist for about half an hour in a warm place;then soak a cotton swab and apply it on the eye;
    • cut one leaf aloe( the plant should be an adult, that is, over three years old).Squeeze out the juice from it, dilute it in a 1:10 ratio and three times a day apply the cotton wool soaked in a solution;
    • in the same proportion as calendula, you can brew a string, washing the eye and making a lotion from the solution.

    Folk treatment of barley on the eye also recommends several more effective ways to either accelerate its maturation or help it to resolve( all depends on the stage of its development, in which treatment was started):

    • chicken egg - it must be boiled, cleaned from the shell and warm applied to barley( you can through a clean thin cotton cloth, if later plan to eat it);if the eggs are not removed from the eggshell, then it must be wrapped in a dense tissue and applied gently to the eye( cool the "medicine" into the boiling water, and then repeat the procedure);
    • onions - cut a thick circle( about 1 centimeter), place it on a hot frying pan, in which before poured a high-quality vegetable oil;as soon as the onion began to slightly smoke, and the oil hiss, transfer it to a piece of cloth and put it to barley( do not burn, let it cool down slightly);onions can also be reheated periodically.

    Reasons for the appearance of

    Causes of the appearance of barley

    Like any disease, barley is harder to treat when it has already appeared, so you should know the reasons for its appearance and try to avoid them.

    Firstly, it is damage to the hair lash of the eyelash due to its removal( accidental or intentional).Some girls mistakenly believe that having pulled out eyelashes, they will then become owners of more fluffy and numerous "thickets".In practice, they usually acquire barley and a number of other eye diseases.

    Secondly, these are dirty hands that rub your eyes. Suffer it mostly children forgetting about water and soap. Here, children will have to follow their actions after the actions, giving a personal example of love for washing and obligatory washing of hands after walking and before eating. If the child rubs his eyes constantly( and not only when he wants to sleep), it is worth asking for an advice to the oculist.

    Thirdly, substandard( or fake) cosmetics containing harmful substances. Since our skin very readily absorbs everything we put on it, mascara, and shadows, and a pencil for eyes can become "culprits" of barley. If you are sure that the appearance of barley was the result of the use of decorative cosmetics, quickly get rid of it and for some time stay "natural".

    Fourth, barley can "accompany" an allergic reaction, expressed as swelling of the upper or lower eyelid. In this case, the cause can be not only decorative cosmetics applied directly to the eyes, but also creams, cosmetic masks, various foods and even animal hair. In the swollen eyelids, the natural circulation of blood is disturbed and, as a result, a favorable environment is created for the development of the infection that has got through external damage. Remove allergic edema can be taken with antihistamines, but in this case, categorically contraindicated use for the treatment of barley of any lotions.

    Since curing barley on the eye completely and forever is very difficult at times, doctors recommend first of all to increase the body's immunity. To do this, you can join the hardening procedures, increase the amount of vitamins consumed, enroll in recreational fitness programs, and also relax and be less nervous.