• Treatment of male infertility folk remedies

    Each man has his own, individual sexual abilities, given to him by nature. All options can be conditionally divided into a weak, medium and strong constitution. In fact, there are 9 of them - from "extremely weak" to "extremely strong".

    Strong sexual constitution is characterized by the highest rates and indicates a high need for sexual intercourse, a low probability of sexual breakdown( weakening of erection, premature ejaculation), maintaining a long, to a very old age, sexual activity, the ability to have an intense sexual life( daily and even severalonce a day) in the most unsuitable conditions for this and practically with any partners.

    For a strong sexual constitution is characterized by an earlier awakening of sexual desire( 11-12 years and earlier), the first ejaculation occurs earlier than in peers( 12-13 years and earlier).About the potential sexual capabilities of men can speak the ratio of growth to foot length( TI), as it indirectly indicates the age of onset of puberty. Numerous studies indicate that a relatively smaller length of legs is characteristic of more sexually active men. Shortness in this case is an indicator of their "strength."The next sign of a strong sexual constitution is the characteristic "rhomboid" hair cellulose pubis and the tendency to hairiness of other parts of the body.

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    The final parameters of the sexual constitution is the maximum number of ejaculations within one day that a man had during his life. Accordingly, the more, the more likely the presence of a strong constitution. Optimum for any mature person is a regular sex life, which corresponds to its capabilities. A conditional average statistical rule is considered to be 2-3 sexual acts a week with a permanent partner( wife) - UFR.The age at which a man comes to precisely this intensity of contacts is also included in the list of criteria that determine the physiological possibilities of the sexual sphere. The regular gradual decrease in the frequency of sexual acts manifests itself in the fact that under a strong constitution, this "optimum" usually comes after 40 years or after 10 years of marriage. And with a weak sexual constitution, it is observed only during the "honeymoon" period or is never achieved, that is, the frequency of contacts is less frequent.

    The sexual constitution is a biological makings, the potential possibilities of the human sexual sphere, which are mediated by psychological factors and personal values, and therefore can be realized during life to the full and even strengthened in the process of "training" or can only be used in part. ..

    To determine the sexual constitution, an index is determined for each indicator( from 1 to 9), the original indices are summed up and the amount obtained is divided by the total number of counted indicators.

    Men suffer from diseases of the genitourinary system at least as often as women. In my practice, I know that men tend to endure signs of the disease until they become unbearable. Appeal to a doctor, for some reason, they consider something shameful and "non-personal".It's hard to find a more ridiculous delusion! On the contrary, a visit to a doctor requires a certain boldness and determination, and also indicates a readiness to declare war on disease and win by expelling the ailment from the body forever.

    One of the most common male diseases is prostatitis.

    The diseases of the male sexual sphere include prostate adenoma, sexual weakness( impotence), hypolepia( poor-quality seed in men), infertility.

    Mud treatment is of great help in chronic diseases of the genitals, with some forms of infertility. When inflammation of the appendages of the uterus make mud applications on the "panty zone"( temperature 39-41 ° C).The duration of the procedures is from 10 to 20 minutes, the number of them is determined by the indications.