• What can not be done with diabetes?

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    Sugar, chocolate, sweets, confectionery, jam containing sugar, and other sweets should be completely excluded from the patient's diet. According to the doctor's permission, confectionery products with sugar substitutes are permissible, but it must be remembered that the caloricity of xylitol and sorbitol is equal to sugar, and this should be taken into account when calculating the daily ration. In addition, these sugar substitutes are not shown to everyone.

    From vegetables and fruits, it is necessary to limit potatoes, completely eliminate grapes, bananas, raisins, figs, dates. It is inadmissible to drink drinks that contain sugar, including carbonated drinks. Sometimes you can choose a fruit or milk ice cream. It is forbidden semolina. Admission to the food of rice and pasta is allowed, it is important only that it is taken into account in a daily dose of carbohydrates.

    In order not to harm your health, do not use dead food and drink invented by modern civilization. List of products to avoid:

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    Refined sugar and products containing: jam, jelly, marmalade, ice cream, sherbet, cakes, muffins, cakes, chewing gum, lemonade, pies, biscuits, fruit juices with sugar, candied fruit, compotes.

    SEASONING - ketchup, mustard, meat and fish sauces, marinades, green olives.

    SALT and products containing it, salted nuts, salted bread and biscuits, sour cabbage. Look at the labels of cooked foods, and if salt is added in them, they are not for you.


    DRY CEREALS - for example, corn flakes. They are completely cleaned, that is, devoid of vitality and almost always prepared with the addition of salt and sugar.

    FATHERED FOOD PRODUCTS are enemies of the heart. If the label says "Vegetable oil", find out first whether it is hydrogenated.

    COTTON OIL as an integral part of any products.

    MARGARINE - should not be used for food if it has been hydrogenated.

    PEANUT OIL, containing hydrogenated oils.

    COFFEE, including coffee, cleared of caffeine. This is one of the worst enemies of our nerves. Coffee is always a stimulant. Do not drink even weak coffee. Do not get your nerves caffeinated.

    TEA contains caffeine, tein, tannin. All these products are powerful stimulants of the nervous system.

    ALCOHOLIC DRINKS are a deadly poison for the nervous system. When you want to drink, it means that there is not enough vitamin B complex, calcium and other nutrients. Do not get caught in a network of public drinking. Tell the person offering to drink that you are allergic to alcohol.

    SMOKED FISH and other similar products.

    TOBACCO is a poison from the family of belladonna. Do not let him kill you.

    FRESH PORK and products from it. Ham - ham, bacon, sausages.

    STRAWBERRY MEAT - it includes sausages, corned beef, products containing nitrates or sodium nitride. Do not eat jerky or dried meat if chemicals are added to it for preservation.

    DRIED FRUITS containing strong chemicals.

    CHICKENS, which are sold in the store. Usually they are fed with food containing strong medicines.

    CANNED SOUPS - avoid products containing salt, sugar, preservatives, starch, white or wheat flour.

    REFINED WHITE FLOUR AND PRODUCTS FROM IT.In this flour there is no complex of vitamins of group B, and also vitamin E. Do not eat rye bread, to which wheaten or white flour is added.