• Hyperhidrosis treatment with folk remedies

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    The most famous, effective and, of course, simpler and more accessible methods of treating hyperhidrosis are some decoctions of medicinal herbs, a mixture of different natural products and ointments. Since ancient times, talcum, boric acid or zinc oxide have been used to eliminate sweating. Many people now also resort to these methods in the old-fashioned way, and many people help these tools.

    There are still some infusions, serving for wiping hands. These include toilet vinegar, that is, a mixture of vinegar and water, salicylic alcohol, mint infusion, sodium chloride solution. All this can easily be prepared very quickly at home. Currently, many infusions can also be purchased in specialized pharmacies already ready-made. It is enough only to buy, dilute ready-made dry mixtures of herbs with boiled water, and liquid infusions are ready for use.

    Hyperhidrosis is a disease of the nervous system caused by increased excitability of the nervous system. In these cases, usually as a sedative, use the infusion of valerian. Hence - this is also another tool that can save you from sweating. Also, to reduce the excitability of the nervous system, you can use infusion or decoction of the motherwort, which is taken 3 times a day for 1 tablespoon. The course of taking the drug should be between three and four weeks. In general, all the broths and infusions should be taken during this time.

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    To wipe the skin, infusions of St. John's wort, lime-colored;with sweaty armpits, clean skin needs to be wiped with boron lotion, then you must always apply a powder for children, so that there is no irritation. With increased hyperhidrosis, hot baths with decoctions of pine needles or oak bark are very helpful.

    When sweating feet it is good to try the baths with hot and cold water alternately;with increased sweating - a bath with decoctions of oak bark, chamomile and plantain. And the hot bath - it means not warm, but really hot, about 37 degrees. If the sweating is not very strong, then it will be enough to use rubbing with boric acid, known to our parents, grandparents.

    With sweating minor hands, boric acid or powder may also be used. All means must be applied at night and necessarily all means are applied necessarily on washed with soap, clean skin. Some of all these drugs can dry the skin and very much, then it is better to give up the chosen remedy, give the skin a rest period and try to apply another treatment option.

    Currently, there are a lot of popular recipes, however, do not overdo it, otherwise severe skin irritation may occur.