• Treating convulsions with folk remedies and methods

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    Seizures are involuntary contractions of the musculature, divided into tonic and clonic. In the first case, there is a persistent prolonged muscle spasm;in the second - a series of separate, quickly following one after another contractions of muscles. Seizures can be caused by hysteria or lesions of a particular department of the nervous system.

    What's going on? Seizures may occur in hysterical or epileptic seizures, as well as in severe trauma, poisoning or high fever. Especially often, high temperature causes seizures in children.

    Convulsive attacks can be not only in patients, but also in healthy people. Most often this is due to muscle overstrain. Few are unaware of leg cramps, for example, when swimming.

    What should I do? If the cramp caught you in the water in a deep place, you need to severely prick the muscle contracted by a pin. On land, it's enough just to take a big toe and pull hard on yourself.

    Treatment of leg and hand cramps with folk remedies and methods

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    Folk medicine recommends as a cure for seizures mustard, violet and chamomile oil.

    1. Lemon. In the morning and evening, with the fresh lemon juice, lubricate the soles of the feet. Do not wipe. Wear socks and shoes only after the juice dries on the soles. The course of treatment is not more than 2 weeks.

    Used for leg cramps.

    2. Cork from wine. Corks from wine bottles thread on threads.
    Wear such a necklace of cork in caviar or a muscle stitched cramp. The cramp after a while passes. Sometimes it's even enough to rub a place for a while, crammed with a spasm, and it stops.

    3. Mustard oil. When reducing the spasms of the hands or feet, you must rub the sore spots with mustard oil.

    4. Wax, iron. Whoever has a cramp in his hand, we need to take a wax stick in this hand, and a cramp after a while passes. Sometimes it helps if you pick up a piece of iron.

    5. When leg muscle cramps press on the following points:

    point 6-7 cm below the lower edge of the patella;

    is the point in the center of the subgloidal fold - 2-3 times per point.

    6. In leg cramps, rub feet and shins with mustard powder.

    7. Take a bath of Valerian root decoction. For this you need 10 tbsp.spoons of crushed root valerian. Root the valerian pour 5 liters of boiling water, boil over a small fire for 20 minutes.

    Then insist under the lid for half an hour, strain. Pour into the tub, add warm water to the rest. The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes.

    8. Seizures stop when inhaled odor rue.

    9. Inside with 1 teaspoon of honey or jam 9 drops of one of the following oils: laurel, mint, lavender, rosemary, cloves.

    10. Tear the muscle with pure mint oil or rosemary. On calf muscles put a cold compress with essential oils of pine, lemon or bergamot.