• Advice on diabetes mellitus

    What should not be taken for food with diabetes, everyone knows, but not everyone knows how and how to treat this disease. Many folk healers believe that it is best to use traditional medicine. There are a lot of herbs that are very effective in treating this ailment. Methods of physical impact, various natural substances can also be of great help in the treatment of diabetes due to the fact that they contribute to the partial recovery of pancreatic cells that produce insulin.

    When treating diet and medicinal plants, it is necessary to constantly monitor blood sugar levels. Based on the nature of the disease, it follows from the following tools to choose the most affordable.

    1. Millet, buckwheat and corn very well reduce blood sugar. It is necessary to grind the groats and pour in 1 tbsp.l.flour of any of these cultures with a glass of water or kefir. Insist the night, and in the morning drink. The constant use of such a solution normalizes sugar in the rabbit. Only flour must be made from raw, not fried cereals.

    2. Legumes help reduce blood sugar. Traditional medicine knows many cases of their use for this purpose. One diabetic, for example, every morning swallowed an empty small black bean on an empty stomach, the second soaked at night two white beans, and in the morning they chewed them and ate them. In both cases, the result was positive. The third to maintain the sugar in the norm it was necessary to consume six beans.

    Traditional medicine has a large arsenal of medicinal plants that reduce the level of sugar in the blood. These plants include: orange, small periwinkle, black elder, table beet, alder, mustard seeds, Indian yogi fungus, birch and aspen tar, leaves and birch buds, watermelon, golden mustache, potatoes, beans, cinnamon, nettle,dandelion, bay leaf, quinoa, burdock, Chinese magnolia vine, flax seeds, mummy, aspen, quail eggs, parsley, rhodiola rosea, cloves( spices), wild strawberries, onions, chicory, blueberries, sage, mulberry, etc. Each patient mustseek his own medicine, he must choose the dose himself. Of great importance here is the psychological factor.

    Peanuts have good hypoglycemic properties. Traditional medicine recommends pour 0.5 cup of raw peanuts with vinegar, insist for a week and eat 1 nut in the morning and evening, regardless of food. In some cases, sugar was reduced from 13 to 5.5 units, that is, to the ideal rate. If you use instead of 1 peanut nut 10, then you can normalize the pressure in hypertension. Peanuts for treatment should be taken raw, with an intact film, in no case packed in cellophane.

    Jerusalem artichoke has good hypoglycemic properties, its action is soft and resistant. Use Jerusalem artichoke, adding to salads its young leaves and tubers. In autumn and spring they are eaten fresh, and in winter - dried.

    Baths with Jerusalem artichoke: 1,5 kg of crushed mixture of leaves, leaves, flowers, fresh or dried tubers, pour a bucket of boiling water, bring to a boil and boil for 10-15 minutes. Remove from heat, insist 20 minutes, pour into a bath with not very hot water and steam for 15 minutes. Carry out the procedure every other day. In total it is necessary to take 15-40 such baths, depending on the result achieved. Helps such treatment for hypertension, diabetes and salt deposition.

    Good results in reducing sugar in diabetes mellitus gives an application in the treatment of flax.

    2 tbsp.l.seeds of the plant need to grind into flour, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and boil 5 minutes in enameled dishes. Cool without removing the lid. Drink the broth warm, at a time, for 20-30 minutes before eating. The thicket can be thrown away, but if you have constipation, it is better to eat the decoction together with the thick. In a month you will feel lightness in the abdomen, pain in the pancreas will pass, the complexion will improve. The broth should be drunk fresh.

    You can take infusions and decoctions of herbs.

    Eat parsley( parsley juice has the ability to strengthen blood vessels, especially capillaries, which is important in diabetes mellitus, the herbs and parsley root also have a sugar-reducing effect).

    To introduce in your diet salads: 100 g of parsley root, grate apple, 2 g of fruit sugar( xylitol or sorbitol), juice of 1 lemon, add parsley to taste.

    Collect 60 g of blueberries in May-June, pour 500 ml of boiling water, insist 20 minutes, cool, strain. Take 0.5 glasses 3-4 times a day. It is useful to eat blueberries, because the microelements contained in the leaves help reduce the sugar content in the blood.

    Young leaves of dandelion to consume in the form of salads( in young leaves of dandelion contains insulin).Leaves to soak for 30 minutes in water, dry the oily to cut, add greens( parsley, dill, radish or young turnip leaves, etc.), egg yolk, season with mayonnaise, sour cream or vegetable oil.

    Take ready( sold at a pharmacy) extract of Eleutherococcus prickly in 20 drops two or three times a day before meals.

    Ready tincture of Schisandra Chinese take 20-25 drops 1-3 times a day before meals.

    Infusion of dog rose: 1 glass of boiling water for 10 pcs.crushed rose hips. Fruit pour boiling water and hold on a low heat for 3-5 minutes, insist 5-6 hours, drain. Drink 0.5 glasses 3-4 times a day.

    Daily take 1 tsp.powder of Jerusalem artichoke( earthen pear).Dug nodules Jerusalem artichoke wash, dried, finely chopped, dried and pounded into powder.

    The use of Jerusalem artichoke treats almost all vascular and metabolic diseases.

    50 g of nettle leaves( preferably fresh), pour 500 ml of boiling water in enameled pots, insist. After 2 hours strain. Drink 1 tsp.3 times a day before meals. Recommended for use in food and nettles. Leaves and shoots of young nettles are best harvested for the winter, drying or fermenting them. And all winter to use infusions, soups, teas with leaves of nettle. The same can be done with a dream. Leaves of nettle and whiskey are a storehouse of microelements.

    Horsetail field in the form of salad and infusions;pour a glass of boiling water 30 g of horsetail, boil for 5-7 minutes, insist 2-3 hours, strain. Take 2-3 tbsp.l.3-4 times a day before meals.

    Collection for the treatment of diabetes: 20 grams of bilberry shoots, bean leaves;15 grams of horsetail, hips;on 10 g of the root of the aralia of the Manchurian, the herb of St. John's wort, the flowers of chamomile. Mix everything, place 10 grams of collection in enamelware, pour 2 glasses of hot water, heat in a water bath for 15 minutes, cool to room temperature, drain. Take infusion of 0.3 cup 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals for 20-30 days. After 10-15 days, repeat the course. During the year, you can repeat these courses every 3 months.

    Pour 1 tbsp.l.chopped walnut leaves with boiled water, boil on low heat for 20-30 minutes, insist, drain, take during the day.

    Fresh juices of carrots, cabbage or raw potatoes drink 0.25 cups of each juice 4 times a day.

    To treat diabetes, up to 150 medicinal plants are used. So, some insecticides have infusions and decoctions obtained from the roots and shoots of rice, wheat, barley. Apply infusions of stems and leaves of mulberries, seeds of buttercup, caraway, garlic, lemon crusts, hops, tea from infusions of sage peel and beans, decoctions of blueberry leaves, tincture of zamaniha.

    The prescription for the treatment of diabetes mellitus with an oat diet is widespread: 100 g of seeds pour 3 glasses of water, boil 1 hour, leave overnight, strain and take half a glass 3-4 times daily before meals.

    It has been proved that plants contain substances that in their structure approximate the derivatives of guanidine, they have hypoglycemic properties.

    The following fees also have a good effect on diabetes:

    1. Bilberry leaves - 20 g, St. John's wort - 20 g, bean pods - 20 g.

    All mixed. Pour the mixture 1 liter of boiling water, boil the contents for 1-2 minutes with the lid closed, push 8-12 hours in a dark place. Take 0.3 cup 3 times daily before meals.

    2. Herb medicinal herb - 20 g, bean pods - 20 g, blueberry leaf - 20 g, rose hips - 20 g.

    Preparation as in the previous recipe. Take 0.5 cup 3 times daily before meals.

    3. St. John's wort flowers - 25 grams, leaves of dandelion - 10 g, grass of gallelia - 20 g of leaves, nettle leaves - 15 g.

    Preparation as in the previous recipe. Take 0.3-0.5 cup 4 times daily before meals.

    4. Bilberry leaf - 25 g, bean pods - 20 g, dandelion leaf - 15 g.

    Preparation, as in previous recipes. Take 0.3 glasses 3-4 times a day before meals.

    5. Bilberry leaf - 25 g, St. John's Wort - 20 g, bean pods - 20 g, herbal galer herb - 25 g.

    Preparation and consumption as in previous recipes.

    6. St. John's wort flowers - 25 g, black elderberry flowers - 20 g, nettle nettle leaf - 15 g, walnut leaf - 20 g, strawberry leaf - 15 g.

    Preparation and use, as in previous recipes.

    7. Fresh blueberry berries - 30 g, herbal galer herbs - 20 g, cranberries fresh - 30 g, St. John's wort - 20 g, strawberry leaf - 15 g, bearberry leaf - 10 g

    Preparation and consumption as in previous recipes.

    8. Horsetail field - 20 g, black elder leaf - 10 g, root of elecampane - 5 g, St. John's wort - 10 g, nettle leaf -5 g.

    Preparation and application as in previous recipes.

    9. Root of zamaniha - 5 g, root of dandelion medicinal - 5 g, root of chicory - 10 g, seeds of flax - 5 g, St. John's wort - 10 g, lime flower - 10 g, root of chicory - 5 g.

    All mixed. Boil on low heat for 30 minutes in 1 liter of water. Infuse in a warm place 3-4 hours Strain. Take 3 tbsp.l.3-4 times a day for 20 minutes before meals.

    In pharmacies, you can buy the next collection( arfaze-tine) for the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

    Blueberry shoots - 20 g, bean leaves - 20 g, roots of Manchu aralia - 10 g, horsetail field - 15 g, rose hips - 15 g, St. John's wort - 10 g, chamomile flowers - 10 g. Collect in enameled dishes,pour 2 cups of boiling water( 400 ml), heat on a water bath for 15 minutes, cool at room temperature for at least 45 minutes, strain, and remove the remaining raw materials. The volume of the resulting infusion is added to boiled water to 400 ml. Take 30 minutes before meals( preferably in a warm form) for 0,3-0,5 cup 2-3 times a day for 20-30 days. After 2 weeks, repeat the course. In a year to spend 3-4 courses.

    The following medicines are very popular with diabetes:

    1. NARY RICE OF SIRENI: 20 g of kidneys pour 200 md of boiling water and insist 1 hour. Take 1 tbsp.l.three times a day before meals.

    2. Dry leaves of blueberries insist and drink like tea 3-4 times a day for 0.5 cups.

    3. Tail pumpkin chop, cut into small pieces of 15 cm of elderly trunk thick with finger, shells from 20 pods of beans and 30 g of corn stigmas. All pour 1 liter of boiling water and insist for 8 hours in a closed container and a warm place. Strain. Take 100 ml 3-4 times a day.

    4. Fresh potato juice is very useful. Take it for 0,5 glasses for half an hour before meals.

    5. If inside take mustard seeds for 1 tsp.three times a day, the blood sugar level decreases.

    6. Infusion of flowers of clover meadow red: 1 tbsp.l.raw brew 200 ml of boiling water, to insist 1 hour. Drink 1 tbsp.l.three times a day.

    7. Bilberry leaves - 1 part

    Dry leaf bean leaves - 1 part

    Flax seeds - 1 part

    Oat straw - 1 part

    3 tbsp.l.mix the mixture in 3 cups of water for 10 minutes. Insist in the oven for 2 hours. Take 0.3 glasses 6-8 times a day.