• Health and a long life through breathing

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    Bhastrika Pranayama

    This exercise is a natural breathing, but the slow and are deep, extracting a hissing sound through the nose. The anterior wall of the abdomen then moves back and forth.

    When exhaled, the stomach is retracted, and becomes inflated when it inhales. To begin the exercise is best with an exhalation.

    It is necessary to start with 3 - 4 breaths and exhalations produced at a moderate speed. You can not do this quickly, you must avoid fatigue, as this weakens the brain, causes dizziness and can even lead to illness. When inhaling, the chest should protrude as much as possible, and shoulders remain immobile.

    Each week, increase the duration of the exercise for 1 - 2 inspiration - exhalation and in 6 months bring their number to 108. Thus, you will perform 324 inspiration - exhalation, completing 3 exercises. After each exercise, a significant rest is required. More than 324 breaths - it is impossible to perform an exhalation for 3 attempts.

    Such breathing can give perfect health and a long life. It has a beneficial effect on the brain, lungs, stomach, sharpens memory. This exercise is an invaluable tool that stimulates the brain. It alone cures polyps, tonsillitis, ear and lazy diseases, asthma, runny nose, cough, heart disease. However, people with a weak heart should carefully start this exercise, gradually increase the load.

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    Exercise cures indigestion and constipation, hernia and appendicitis. Hair loss and graying completely cease. Wrinkles disappear, the skin becomes smooth and supple. This is the extraordinary effect of the bhastrika of pranayama.

    It is necessary to practice it daily in the morning and in the evening or once a day in a well-ventilated room, or on the bank of the river, the sea, facing the wind. After 4 - 6 months, amazing results appear even in chronic patients.


    You are full of the desire to benefit all the people. For this, try to be healthy. A heartfelt request to you: take some advice from me to strengthen your health.

    1. Twice a day bathe in cold natural water, so that you feel good. Bathe in what you can: in the

    lake, river, bathroom, shower or shine, these are your conditions. Hot bathing finished cold.

    2. Before swimming or after it, and if possible, then together with it, go out into nature, stand with your bare feet to the ground, and in winter on snow, at least for one or two minutes. Breathe in the mouth several times the air and mentally ask yourself and wish all people health.

    3. Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke.

    4. Try at least once a week to completely dispense with food and water, from Friday 18 - 20 hours to Sunday 12 noon. This is your merit and peace. If it's hard for you, then keep at least a day.

    5. At 12 o'clock in the afternoon of Sunday, go out into the country barefoot and take a few breaths and think, as written above. It's a feast of your body. After that you can eat everything that you like.

    6. Love the surrounding nature. Do not spit around and spit out anything. Get used to it - it's your health.

    7. Say hello to everyone everywhere, especially older people. You want to have health - say hello to everyone.

    8. Help people, than you can, especially the poor, the sick, the offended, the needy. Do it with joy. Respond to his need with your soul and heart. You will acquire a friend in him and help the cause of peace.

    9. Win in yourself greed, laziness, complacency, money-grubbing, fear, hypocrisy, pride. Trust people and love them. Do not talk about them unfairly and do not take to heart unkind opinions about them.

    10. Free your head from thoughts of illnesses, ailments, death. This is your victory.

    11. Thought is not separate from the case. Read - well, but most importantly - do it!

    12. Tell and share the experience of this matter, but do not boast and do not exalt yourself in it. Be modest.

    I ask, I implore all people: become and take your place in nature. It is not occupied by anyone and is not bought for any money, but only by own deeds and labor in nature for yourself, so that it will be easy for you.

    I wish you happiness, good health.