• Cleaning the body for Walker - Malakhov

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    Cleansing begins with the large intestine.

    In two liters of warm boiled water add a tablespoon of lemon juice. If there is no lemon, then you can replace it with 4-6% apple cider vinegar. Pour all this into the mug of Esmarch. Hang to a height of 1.5 meters. Tip off the tube to remove, dip it into vegetable oil. Take the position knee-elbow, the pelvis is above the shoulders. Insert the tube into the large intestine as deeply as possible to 25-50 cm. But, as a rule, at first, 5-10 cm is enough. Breathe in the mouth, the stomach is relaxed. The procedure is desirable to hold after the act of defecation or in the evening after work, before going to bed. Carry out cleaning: 1st week - daily, second - every other day, 3rd - two days later, 4th - three days later, 5th - once a week. In the future, this cycle should be conducted preferably once a year.

    Cleansing the liver according to Andreev

    Take 300 g of olive oil and 300 g of lemon juice.

    The first day( evening) is a cleansing enema, a better war.

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    The second day( morning) is a cleansing enema and during the day to eat apple juice, not bought, not canned, but squeezed out of fresh apples. All day only fresh juice!

    The third day is the same. In the morning, enema and apple juice. And so 3 days and on the 4th day only apple juice. The fourth day is the same: in the morning an enema and in the daytime - apple juice, until 19 hours. This is the moment when the channels of the liver open through all the ancient inscriptions. To do this, you need to prepare a hot water bottle with hot water or a heating pad. Tie this heating pad to the liver. Before this, prepare a glass, on which 3 tablespoons of olive oil mark with lines. Olive oil can be heated to 30 - 35 ° С.And then exactly at 19 o'clock you lie on the couch with a hot water bottle and take the first portion of olive oil - 3 tablespoons and wash down with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. After 15 minutes, without abnormalities, drink the next dose. Then the next, and so on, until you drink all the butter and all the lemon juice.

    After that you are looking forward to what will happen to you. Prepare the pot in advance so as not to go to the toilet, and see what comes out of you. And then the liver ducts begin to unfold, and she begins to pluck out all the rubbish that has accumulated in her.

    All this you can happen in half an hour, via

    hour, but will happen. After that, before bedtime, you will take one enema to help the internal organs cleanse. In the morning you will once again take the same enema and be amazed at what else will come of you. After that, go to light porridges, and then enter into ordinary life.

    At first, this should be done once a quarter or six months. And then every year. Everything that exists there, is firmly held and the most serious purification, in our experience, occurs somewhere for the fourth to fifth time.