• Elixirs of Immortality

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    Dreams of eternal life( in the physical sense) are tormented by people from time immemorial

    .The invention of the elixir of immortality involved scientists of antiquity and alchemists of the Middle Ages, physicians and healers, kings and commoners. Sometimes attempts to rejuvenate led to the opposite result.

    There is evidence( albeit varying degrees of reliability) of the achievement of the ancient successful results in the extension of life. An ancient legend says that the Greek priest and poet Epenenides managed to extend his life to 300 years. Pliny the Elder writes about a certain Illyrian who managed to live up to 500 years. According to the chronicles, Bishop Allen de Lisle, being a deep old man, accepted in 1218 a mysterious potion and extended his life to 60 years. They say that 254 years, the Chinese were consumed by Li Tsunyun, who survived 23 wives during this time. The twenty-fourth became his widow. In Azerbaijan, Shirali Muslimov lived 168 years.

    According to most gerontologists, now the limit of the duration of human life is 120 years. The longest documented life in 120 years and 137 days lived Japanese Izumi. He died of pneumonia in 1986.

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    The highest concentration of centenarians( people over 100 years old) in the small mountain village of Bama in southern China. They are engaged in peasant labor and in their own years feel very cheerful. So, Luo Masen in 1990 turned 130 years old, but she is going to, she said, live up to 200. The last 61 years she smokes and twice a day she drinks a glass of strong rice wine. This wine is considered by some to be the elixir of longevity. The composition of the wine is very complex, because it includes about forty different herbs and plants, dried snakes and lizards, and dried - squint your eyes!- canine and deer genitalia( penises).However, in the village of Bama there are long-livers, who have never tried this drink in their lives.

    The problem of longevity is currently being taken up by whole institutions. But there are also single enthusiasts. Biologist Suren Arakelyan is convinced, for example, that rejuvenation of the body is an achievable task for today and it is now possible to plan the achievement of a 120-year boundary for most people. In the future, the figure 300-500 years seems plausible to him. On what does he build his conclusions? On the theory of physiologically useful starvation( FIG).His experiments he

    began with the old Japanese chickens, appointing them a seven-day fasting with the simultaneous introduction of an anti-stress drug. The old, out-of-date chickens were transformed: they had new feathers, a comb disappeared, voices became almost chicken, activity increased sharply. Then Arakelyan carried out experiments on cows and pigs. The result - the life expectancy at a month's rest of the cow once a year with the use of FPG increases by 3 times!

    With physiologically useful starvation the body as it becomes for major repairs. From the cells sodium is removed, and in its place from the intercellular space gets potassium. It is only the replacement of one chemical element with another, and similar. But the sodium salts - remember the process of salting - contribute to the conservation of organic substances. With the usual nutrition in the cells, as if all the products of vital activity are preserved. Including slag - the main reason for aging. .. Remove slag - to prevent aging. That is why regular physiologically useful fasting is a reasonable prevention of a "live car".

    Arakelyan has tried his method since 1965.He had previously suffered from chronic gastritis and a stomach ulcer, but now he has not only healed, but he does not even have a slight cold. Arakelyan starves first, second and third of every month, one week - once every three months, two weeks - every six months and a month - once a year. At the same time, he drinks water with the addition of an anti-stress drug and carries out some purification procedures. For daily nutrition, a scientist recommends a two-day( daily) meal consisting of 50 g of raisins or two raw carrots, or one orange, an apple, or 100 g of fresh cabbage, or 50 g of peas, beans, lentils, or 100 g of raw wheat grains, buckwheat( pearl barley) cereals.

    The special diet and the use of certain vitamins are offered for the extension of life and the Nobel Prize laureate Linus Pauling.

    Gerontologists TL Nadjarian and VB Mamaev assert that the frequency of the disease, for example, the circulatory system in humans, roughly corresponds to the level of their mortality. And leading diseases, especially cardiovascular, oncological, are just diseases of aging. That is, old age is realized through

    disease. People die not from old age, but from diseases: from myocardial infarction, stroke, cancer. And it is diseases in the aggregate that make up the pathology of aging.

    The lifespan, according to Najarian, can be prolonged with the help of antioxidants - "substances that interfere with harmful oxidative processes in the body. .." And from them special attention was attracted to specialists by dibunol, doctors began to notice that dibunol positively affects the circulatory system, increases elasticityblood vessels, myocardial resistance to stress, has antitumor effect.

    Swiss doctor P. Nigans for rejuvenating the body suggested introducing serum from the tissues of newborn deer. Scientists from the 2 nd Moscow Medical Institute were able to prolong the life of experimental mice by means of royal jelly bees. American Robert A. Wilson, working on the problem of youth in women, proposed a technique that combines a special diet with injections of female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. Swedes are trying to do the same with the help of the thymosin hormone. There are attempts to prolong life by lowering body temperature. The decrease in temperature by only two degrees will allow us to expand the boundaries of the species lifespan to two centuries. A decrease of four degrees will give a fantastic result - 700 years of life! In this case, the quality of life, the sensations will remain the same.

    Moscow biochemist N. Isaev created an eternal tree. He planted a maple in a tub. When the buds grew a little, but not yet ripe, he plucked them, all to one. Thus, the plant did not tolerate the yellowing of the leaves. Deceived in this way the tree began all over again - the kidneys again appeared. In twenty days - again their removal. And so on without end. .. Similar experiences continued abroad over a hundred years.

    Isaev argues that there is a complete analogy between plants and animals in this respect. It is necessary to artificially suppress in the body those products that "include" the next age phase. These products are known to biochemists. There are three.

    It is known that in China and Japan many long-livers used cauterizations with the help of wormwood cigars, beating all records of average life expectancy.

    Probably, overcoming physical death in the future is possible. Having managed to change the genetic program, it is possible to achieve an eternal renewal of the cellular substance( including the brain), while preserving the information field( soul) in it.

    From the point of view of physics, for immortality, it is required to create a system that gives no more energy to the external environment than it receives.

    The speed of mastering the energy at the present time is such that in 300-400 years we will colonize the planets of the solar system, and after a thousand years we will populate the nearby star systems. Naturally, such power will solve the problem of the physical immortality of man.

    According to A. Lavrin's book The Chronicles of Charon.