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    The Bible says that Methuselah lived about a thousand years. Could this be?

    As you know, the food of Methuselah was apricots and wild honey. Honey supplies microelements and simple sugars for the needs of biosynthesis, plus all the necessary enzymes and vitamins, which facilitates their assimilation. Apricots give easily digestible sugars and water, they supply biogenic elements, especially potassium and sodium, and in such a proportion that it stimulates moderate life processes and shifts them towards low oxygen consumption. Such nutrition stimulates the mechanism for producing high-grade proteins from carbon dioxide and nitrogen, and also forces a mechanism for producing carbohydrates of animal starch and fat.

    If a person eats as usual, that is eats starches( bread, potatoes), proteins( meat, cottage cheese, eggs),

    fats( fat, butter, fat), sweets( sugar, jam, jam), then at the cellular levelthe following processes occur. First, the natural mechanism of biosynthesis is curtailed, based on the transformation from water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen of complex proteins, which provides the cell with everything necessary. Why should it be used if already prepared sugars, fats, proteins and so on come from the surrounding environment? It is very difficult to restart this internal mechanism of biosynthesis.

    Once folded as unnecessary, the genes go into an inactive state and no longer control the process of enzyme production. These enzymes are no longer in the cage. Now life in the cell is completely dependent on the continuous intake of substances from outside. If, for some reason, the cell has not received enough of the substances it needs, it can not independently develop it and begins to suffer from it. Such an organism falls into complete dependence on the external environment, from a full-fledged diet, which must be saturated with vitamins, amino acids, balanced in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In this case, the body spends a tremendous amount of energy for processing food. If a person often eats, then he spends more energy for processing food. And it turns out that a person works mainly to provide energy cells of the gastrointestinal tract to digest all new and new foods.

    Methuselah acted very wisely, he did not "extinguish" natural biosynthesis;he was eating easily digestible food, he had no intoxication arising from ordinary mixed nutrition, enzymatic systems worked only on synthesis - from simple substances to complex ones, there was no cumbersome mechanism for splitting complex substances into simple constituents. These are the factors that allowed him to significantly prolong life.

    This explains the longevity of G. Malakhov. And then he makes a very simplistic conclusion: the phenomenon is based on a simple physiology, observing which one can significantly improve the quality and life expectancy.

    Great Saints( Sergius of Radonezh, Serafim of Sarov) and others, G. Malakhov writes, revived their original

    biosynthesis and consumed a tiny amount of simple food. As a result, the sensitivity of a person increases in the strongest way and supernormal abilities arise.

    He then gives an example of a successful transition to natural biosynthesis. This example is the life of Porfiry Korneevich Ivanov. The transition to such a diet, he began spontaneously, without really going into the processes that are taking place. First he starved a week a day. Occasionally for several days in a row. Regularly ran, poured cold water. In nutrition, he for a long time did not adhere to any norms. Then he began to starve 4 days a week, and in the very last period of his life( on the ninth decade) he switched to food only once a week - on Sundays. During this period he tried to eat only fruits( raisins).Forty years he was eating like everyone else, then he used only milk and vegetarian food, and only then - fruit. The transition to natural biosynthesis was stretched out for him for 50 years. But if you want, you can significantly reduce it.

    He makes this conclusion: we burn out from the inside due to the excessively rapid division of the cells of the gastrointestinal tract. We need to change the food, switch to other foods and reduce their number, as well as the frequency of food intake. Include natural biosynthesis from carbon dioxide and nitrogen. This will allow us to dramatically improve the quality of life and its duration.

    Fresh vegetative food, rich in bioplasm, natural structures, correctly used, correctly combined, simplified and individually tailored depending on the seasons of the year and its own Dosh( localization in the body of the Wind, Bile and Slime) - allows you to maintain all processes in the body at the highestlevel. With the help of proper nutrition, we can find excellent health and a long, creative life.

    G. Malakhov makes several basic vyvrd-dov while maintaining health at a high level: the first - to maintain the skin and mucous membranes in cleanliness, elasticity and warmth;the second - to take care of the liquid environment of the body, to maintain the purity of the ratio of salts and organic substances;the third - constantly during the day to energize yourself with energy( charging, running, swimming, and exercising), never make two distinctive cases;constantly working to improve the biosynthesis in the cells of the body.

    Means and methods that enhance the body's bioenergetics and biosynthesis: movement( walking, running, exercise), prevention and treatment of the spinal column( from the spine, mostly all diseases), special exercises for the spine;care for abdominal organs( "pumping" the abdominal press), the strength of the muscles of the abdominal press determines health;hidden massages of internal organs( special exercises).