• Treatment of cellulite with folk remedies at home

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    Cellulite is not a skin defect, as is often mistakenly thought. It is a disease of an unbalanced organism.

    Symptoms: the effect of the "orange peel" that appears on the inside of the hands, on the chest, thighs and buttocks.

    What's going on? Cellulite manifests itself as "accumulation" of subcutaneous fat, which sags under the influence of its own gravity and is dimpled. With age, it is formed almost in all women, primarily in those who suffer from being overweight, but not only. Fastest, naturally, these dimples, turning the skin into a kind of rough orange peel, decrease in the case when the excess fat comes off. The causes of cellulite are a wrong, mostly sedentary, lifestyle and an unbalanced, unbalanced diet. Cellulite is somewhat similar to wrinkles, because it does not form instantly and does not suddenly strike the eye for a time. It leads to languid and inert circulation, weakening of the capillary network, lack of muscle tone, age-related loss of strength and elasticity of connective tissue and stress.

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    If we talk about malnutrition, the reasons for not only cellulite, but also many other our health problems are the choice in favor of semi-finished products, inadequate intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Also, as semi-finished products and canned food, concentrated juices and sweet fizzy drinks act on us. Much more useful for our body is simple water.

    What should I do? Cellulite does not need any special medical treatment and will not disappear due to the use of "miraculous" expensive creams. It is enough to change the way of life, to improve it, how cellulite will recede. Try to ensure at least an hour of walking outdoors a day( half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening).And dedicate not less than half an hour of morning time to charging. Well, if you at least 2 times a week doing sports. It can be just jogging, and playing badminton or tennis, including table tennis, and gymnastics. Perfectly strengthens muscles, drives away excess fat and makes the skin elastic and elastic such a purely feminine sport, like callanetics. No worse than dancing, or just dancing na on the mood for half an hour a day in front of the mirror for their own entertainment and pleasure. A good addition to all of the above is massage or self-massage with a brush. Very good sports to combat cellulite: aqua aerobics, walking, cycling, swimming, skiing and( or) skating, stretching.

    The most actual means for fighting cellulite is diet. It is not necessary to starve yourself and refuse your favorite dishes. It is simple enough to organize a balanced diet, eat less fatty and sweet, and most importantly, observe the diet. For breakfast, good porridge with a little oil and salt. A full plate of oatmeal, or rice, or millet for breakfast at 7, 8 or 9 am guarantees you no hunger until 14 hours. At this time, you should eat lunch. Necessarily a liquid dish, that is, soup for the first. It's good to start lunch with beet salad or vinaigrette. Suitable and salad of sauerkraut or fresh cabbage, and fresh grated carrots with radishes, and cucumbers with tomatoes. The second best is a piece of boiled beef or veal. You can add a harmless and nutritious side dish such as buckwheat porridge or mashed potatoes. From drinks suitable compote, jelly, fruit juice or juice. In the 17-18 hours you can eat fruits, and at 19-20 eat yogurt or fruit curd with muesli and drink kefir or drinking yogurt. Never, under any circumstances, can not eat tight after 18 hours, especially eat after 20.

    The prevention of cellulite can be called a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, adequate outdoor activities, exercise and skin care starting from the age of 20.