• Physiotherapy with diabetes

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    These are types of non-drug treatment aimed at improving the functions of the insular apparatus and enhancing the sugar-reducing effect of insulin, sulfonamides, biguanides, and mainly on the treatment of complications of diabetes mellitus.

    In diabetes mellitus, the oxygen-transport function of blood decreases, which leads to oxygen deficiency of tissues. Elimination of these phenomena helps improve the absorption of glucose by tissues. HBO also contributes to the restoration of normal blood gas composition, normalization of acid-base balance, increased sensitivity of receptors to insulin, activation of glycolysis, etc. It is recommended to conduct 10-15 sessions of HBO for a course of treatment with a duration of the session of 40-60 minutes. Sessions are held daily. HBO is especially well appointed for decompensation of diabetes mellitus, with diabetic angiopathy of the lower limbs, even with gangrene phenomena, as well as with diabetic polyneuropathy.

    Improving the metabolism is facilitated by the use of oxygen foam inside. This procedure also helps to reduce body weight with its excess, reduces dyspeptic phenomena, since the foam stretches the stomach and gives a feeling of satiety, which allows you to reduce the amount of food you take, and oxygen has a positive effect on redox processes.

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    For the preparation of oxygen foam, use infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants, for example, rose hips or oats. To them add whipped egg white egg( 2 l take protein 1 egg).The ready-mixed mixture is foamed, passing oxygen through it with the aid of the apparatus "Health".

    Oxygen foam patients take 2-3 times a day for 1 hour before meals in a volume that causes a feeling of saturation. The course of treatment is 3-6 months under medical and laboratory control.

    The use of oxygen foam is contraindicated in acute gastrointestinal bleeding, attacks of pancreatitis, adhesions, frequent attacks of angina pectoris.

    The influence on the area of ​​the pancreas projection of microwave therapy of the decimeter range is also used. The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes, the course of treatment is 10 procedures. Microwave therapy improves metabolic processes in the gland tissue, improves blood flow in it, stimulates insulin production.

    is performed daily for 5 minutes, for a course of 10 procedures.

    This method of exposure stimulates the production of insulin.

    The effect of an alternating magnetic field improves microcirculation and is used for neuropathy.

    Acupuncture, or acupuncture, is used in neuropathy and consists in the introduction of special needles in biologically active points. Assign 2-3 courses of treatment for 10 sessions each. As a result, the general condition of the patients is improved, the pain and sensitivity of the lower limbs are reduced, the blood glucose and urine are temporarily reduced, which may require correction of the insulin dose.

    Electro- and laser acupuncture, acupressure, exposure to a permanent magnetic field, microwaves with a human biofield frequency are also used.

    Laser acupuncture can be used according to the prescription of the attending physician.

    In diabetes mellitus, such treatment methods as hemosorption, enterosorption, plasmapheresis can be used.

    Hemosorption is often used in diabetes mellitus complicated by diabetic nephropathy. The duration of the session is 60-90 min. At the same time, the parameters of carbohydrate metabolism improve.

    Enterosorption - sorbent intake inside. In 50% of patients, it is possible to reduce the dose of insulin and other hypoglycemic agents, improve lipid metabolism, and reduce manifestations of polyneuropathy.

    Plasmapheresis - removal of the patient's plasma and replacing it with plasma substitutes. The method is used for septic complications and for renal failure.

    Ultraviolet blood irradiation is a method used in complex therapy in the combination of pyoinflammatory and allergic diseases.