• Complex exercises for complete

    Fat people generally have fat deposits on their hips, buttocks, stomach and shoulders. Want to get rid of them? You are welcome. This complex will help you become much slimmer. Provided that you will perform it at least every other day( preferably daily), with full load, "to failure."

    So, do a warm-up: 5-10 minutes - running in place, jumping, aerobic elements - and you can start classes.

    For chest

    1. Sitting on the lap, the back is straight. Lift up the straight hands and stretch, lowering, hold in the

    burn up the arm, the palm up. This exercise can be performed with dumbbells 10 times.

    2. Standing or sitting "in Turkish", legs are shoulder-width apart, back is straight. Hold the palms in front of you with your fingers up, elbows bent at the chest level. Palms with all their strength, press against each other. Repeat the procedure 10 times.

    3. Sitting on your knees or standing, feet shoulder width apart, back straight, arms( straight) at shoulder level. Hands spread apart as far as possible behind your back, springingly shake them. This exercise can be done with dumbbells 10 times.

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    When varicose veins 1 and 3 exercises do standing up.

    For the waist of the

    1. Standing, feet shoulder-width apart. Tilt left, right hand up, tilt to the right, left hand up. Repeat 10 times.

    2. Feet on the width of the shoulders, feet are parallel, hands on the back of the head, elbows as far back as possible. Lean forward, strongly turn the trunk and touch the left knee with your right elbow. It's the other way round. Repeat 10 times.

    3. Sitting on the floor, the palms are folded behind the head. Lean forward, try to touch the elbows of your knees. Spriggly rock in this pose 15 times.

    4. Standing, feet shoulder-width apart, hands clasped over the head. Slow turns to failure in one, then in the other direction. Circular motion of the body to repeat 15 times.

    For the abdomen

    1. Lying on the back. Raise straight legs at right angles and slowly lower them to the floor. Then, bending them in the knees, pull them to the stomach as much as possible. Pull up straight legs and slowly lower to the floor. Repeat as often as possible 10 times without resting.

    2. Lying, hands on the back of the head. Raise the trunk 10 times. These exercises are best performed on an incline bench. In the 1st exercise, the trunk is upstairs, the legs are lower, in the 2 nd - the legs at the top are fixed.

    3. Lying on his stomach, his arms clasp his ankles. Raising the upper part of the trunk, tilt your head back, shake 15 times.

    4. Sitting, legs stretched. Between the feet, the ball is clamped. Behind the emphasis on the hands. Without moving apart your knees, raise your legs as high as possible 20 times.

    For the hips

    Sitting, the left leg is bent with gripping hands. Straight leg right up 8-10 times. The same with the other leg,

    2. Lying on the back, legs bent. Raise the pelvis 10 times.

    3. Lying on the back, legs bent, hip of the left leg on the floor, right knee inward. Raise the hip and lower the hip to the right. The same in the other direction. Repeat 10 times.

    4. Sitting on his knees. Sit on the floor alternately to the right and left, taking your hands in the opposite direction - 15 times.

    5. Sitting on the floor, behind the support on the hands. Raise your straight legs. While holding your legs at an angle, spread

    them in different directions as wide as possible, connect and lower them 10 times.

    6. Standing on your knees, legs apart. Lean backward with your right body 10 times.

    For buttocks

    1. Standing, feet shoulder width apart, hands on waist. Circular movements of the hips 10 times.

    2. Lying on the abdomen with support on the forearm. Raise your legs 10 times.

    3. Standing, raise as high as possible the knee. Supporting the leg on the weight, take it to the side. Do this exercise, do not bend - 10 times with each foot.

    4. Standing on all fours, mahi back legs, alternately, throwing back his head - 10 times.

    5. Standing on the right knee, the left bent leg to be pulled back, from the front rest on the hands. Raise and lower your left leg. Repeat to obvious fatigue. The same with the other leg.

    6. Lying on the abdomen, with support on the forearm. Raise your legs 10 times.

    There is an opinion that special water-repellent suits contribute to weight loss. It's a delusion. They help not to reduce body fat, but to lose water. But, having drunk water, you immediately make up for the loss of weight that you managed to achieve. Exercising in such a suit can lead to serious dehydration of the body and even cause a heart attack, because the body does not have enough water for normal thermoregulation.