• Treatment spurs folk remedies at home

    " Spur" refers to the sprouting of a bone in the form of a spine on the heel bone, which occurs as a result of inflammation of the plantar fascia, a ligament between the anterior part of the calcaneus and the base of the toes.

    More details on plantar fasciitis look here.

    P The appearance of "spur" causes severe pain in the calcaneal part of the foot, so you have to invent new ways of walking so as not to tread on the heel, or use a stick, and in especially severe cases - with crutches.

    What's going on? The cause of this proliferation is flat feet, as well as constant long traumatization of the foot, which happens in athletes athletes and professional dancers. Provocators of the "spur" can also serve as obesity, in which there is a rapid weight gain, diseases of the body, for example, gout. Sedentary lifestyle, in turn, also contributes to the emergence and development of the "spur".

    What does do? Treatment of "spurs" is lengthy and requires the supervision of a doctor. You can alleviate the condition by using a foam rubber gasket with a hole in the place of the "spur", which is placed under the heel, or a special orthopedic insole.

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    Recipes. Traditional medicine with the appearance of "spur" recommends:

    • drink an infusion of room temperature from the leaves of cranberries in unlimited quantities;

    • to get rid of pain, you need to heat some copper object( dish, basin, mortar) on the stove, put a thick cloth on it and put his heels on it;

    • for 5 days in a row in the evenings, pour 5% iodine into the plastic cover and lower the heel there until the heel absorbs iodine;

    • do compress for 5 days on the heel at night. For the compress, mix 50 g of iodine, 80 g of honey and a teaspoon of Extra salt, apply on cotton wool and attach to the heel. To resemble a quarter of an hour and go to bed. In 2 weeks the pain should pass.

    Common lilac. Tincture of colors used for rheumatism, deposition of salts in the joints, with calcaneal spurs( dried flowers pour 40-degree alcohol in the ratio 1:10, infuse 10 days in a tightly closed container.) Take 30 drops 2-3 times a day and simultaneously rub ormake compresses from the same tincture on the affected areas).

    The method of treatment based on the use of ammonia, can be implemented only if the skin on the heel is at least slightly coarsened - otherwise you can get a chemical burn.

    Treatment consists in applying at night lotions of ammonia. Such procedures are performed daily or a day before the pain syndrome disappears, but not more than 30 days. If the pain has not disappeared during the treatment, then the second treatment course is carried out in two weeks. To provide a curative effect, a small piece of gauze is moistened in ammonia, squeezed and applied to a sore spot. Over the gauze layer of waxed paper is applied, then - a layer of cotton wool, and to keep the lotion on the heels the sock is best suited.